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Friday, September 2, 2016

The Naturally Plus Business

I admit that on some mornings I wake up feeling vapid like a stick in the mud, with a feeling of not wanting to do anything.  Not even to exercise. Not even to wake my girls up for school. And especially not wanting to work. On these mornings, all I want to do is to sleep in, then wake up and do what I love best - retail therapy and enjoy a nice brunch in a nice cafe! But without the wherewithal, nothing can be done.  You may disagree with me but till today I still think that money can and does buy happiness. Money can be the root of all evil but without money, all evil exists too.

So what motivates me to work though all I want to do is to sleep in everyday? Moolah of course! I want to be able to continue buying good quality food and organic produce for my family, splurge on our weekly indulgence in our favorite food, buy new clothes, new bags, pay for music classes for my girls, go for holidays and save for  my girls' tertiary education fund. I want to have a very laid-back, relaxed and enjoyable retirement in my golden years, traveling the world like what my parents are doing now. If I don't work, these can only be wishful thinking.  Things are getting more and more expensive in KL these days. Just yesterday, the gourmand hubs spent over RM100 just on 2 frigging Musang King durians... which Drama Queen, Cass and I walloped all in just a few hours! And the killer Tiramisu from Alexis, which is my Kryptonite. That costs a frigging RM16 a slice!

And this is also what motivates me to work hard - passive income from Naturally Plus.  Check out the middle column on Bonus Total and the first column on Close Date. This is the bonus that my team leader / mentor receives. Every week! As of now, she is already receiving bonuses totalling a 5-figure amount every month.  I am earning no where near her but she promises me that if I work as hard as she does, I will be earning this much too.

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 I have known my team leader since the year 2005 or maybe 2004.  Back then we were newly turned SAHMs and members of a mummy forum. We then became good virtual friends. We were both bloggers and still are blogging actively now. The both of us.  We've met each other at many kids parties and gatherings.  It was she who introduced me to the wonderful products by Naturally Plus, which I have no regrets taking them till today. They are life-saving products. They have saved me, my girls, my mum, hubs and mil from making trips to the doctor's office, not once but many times.

Recently, a friend's ex-hubby's days were numbered by his oncologist. It was just in a matter of days.  His son was very very upset and cried everyday.  He posted on Facebook for his mummy's friends to pray for his dad. He wanted very badly for his dad to celebrate his birthday with him.  Some of our team members made a trip to Singapore to the hospital where he sought treatment to deliver Izumio and Super Lutein to him.   He  religiously consumed the products and became better.  And he lived to celebrate his son's birthday!  I have yet to check on his status but I think he is still alive as I have not seen my friend post anything on him and I have not heard our circle of friends talking about his passing.

If you haven't tried the products from Naturally Plus or want to earn some pocket money, please get in touch with me.  Even if you have no health issues or can't afford it, you may know of someone who might need the products.  Please refer them to me.  To date, I have several friends, strangers and relatives who purchased the products from me only months later after I had casually shared with them on the goodness of the products.  I have never coerced anyone to buy. It is not my style to harass people to buy. I only share with them on what the products can do.  The products sell by itself. Just 2 weeks ago, a friend who got a box of Izumio from me to try  eventually signed up for a full package.

You do not have to make any cold hard calls to sell, though I have friends who do that and surprisingly people replied her and tried the products. My only sharing is via my blogs, Facebook and by word of mouth. Giving samples to those in need do wonders too coz these people eventually purchased the product when they felt the difference in their health.

Come and join us! We are looking for new business partners to join our growing team. We have packages for those with low or zero capital. As long as you are willing to share about the goodness of the products we want you on our team.

I can be reached at shireenyong@gmail.com or 019 266 4290.  Again, there is no obligation to buy anything.

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