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Friday, September 9, 2016

Wat Tarn Yee Mee (Yee Mee In Egg Gravy)

Dinner a few evenings ago was 'wat tarn yee mee' and 'wat tarn meehoon' (Cantonese style / Kong Foo Chow)

I am a lover of vermicelli / meehoon. While the girls had sweet potato yee mee, I had meehoon.

The girls had the sweet potato yee mee from Lohas  straight from the packet, with hot egg gravy poured onto the noodles.  The sheer crispiness from the yee mee interweaved with the hot egg gravy make this noodle dish very interesting.

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I can never get sick of  eating meehoon. I love it cooked in any style. It's my all-time comfort food, though it's a high GI food. To slow down the spike in insulin, I always eat meehoon together with protein like meat and eggs.

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My egg gravy composed of Berkcious minced pork, squids, organic miso, naturally fermented bean paste with toona sinensis, organic shoyu, pepper, lots of chopped garlic, fresh portobello mushrooms, free-range chicken eggs and organic Chinese cabbage.

Berkcious pork is free from growth hormones and antibiotics.

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My bowl of sweet potato yee mee is 90% organic.  Even the scallions are organic :)

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My 8-year old bookworm enjoying her yee mee and all soaked up in her book on David Copperfield, borrowed from her school library.

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