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Sunday, October 2, 2016

1 Percent Glimmer Of Hope

Today we were running late for church.  Again I drove like an F1 driver on Federal Highway. We were 15-20 minutes late by the time I reached the church compound.  I would normally park outside the church as parking space is very, very limited inside the church compound. The church is undergoing a massive renovation and extension, thus the lack of parking space in the compound.  As today's morning sun was really fiery and fierce, I told the girls that I didn't feel like parking outside and walking under the hot sun into the church.  I tried my luck and drove into the church compound. Alycia and Drama Queen were telling me to just park outside as there were already many cars inside the church  compound and it didn't look like I would be lucky enough to get a space to park my car.

But I told them that there is always  a 1% pure luck no matter how negative or futile a circumstance may seem to be.   I drove my car into the church compound and right at the end of the compound was a tiny space, just enough to fit my small Hyundai i10.  Though it was tricky to maneuver my car in, I did it. And it was right under a shady tree. It was the only space left in the entire parking lot... and waiting for me.   We were so happy that we didn't have to walk 5-10 minutes under the blazing sun.  "See, this is the 1% luck for me!" I told the girls happily.

As we walked into the church, I told them the story of how Alycia is my 1% glimmer of hope and miracle baby.

It was in early March 2003. I lay nervously on the procedure table of my fertility specialist's clinic. I was praying fervently that the IUI procedure would be a success. I waited for a long time for my doctor to come in to start the procedure.  The door flung opened.  My doctor walked in with a frown on his face and he broke the devastating news to me -- "Only 1% of your husband's sperms is good"... and he let out a sigh.

I went "what the?????  Does that mean that this procedure will be cancelled?"

He went ahead with the procedure. After the sperms were placed inside my uterus, I lay still on the table which was raised up at the lower end, for the sperms to better reach the most inner part of my uterus. I prayed and prayed to God to let the 1% good sperms  meet my single perfect egg.. for the procedure to be successful... for me to successfully conceive and give birth to a baby.

And the 1% glimmer of hope turned into a miracle. Though the 9 months was fraught with never-ending problems and false positives (German Measles, pre-term labour, etc) and I had to take unpaid leave for bed-rest, I finally met my long awaited baby Alycia! That was the happiest day of my life.

The girls were really amused and entertained with my story of how Alycia was born.. from a 1% hope to a miracle.

I told the girls that no matter how bleak a situation may seem to be, there is  a 1% chance that you will still succeed.  So never give up hope for there is always a 1% glimmer of hope. A 1% chance that you will get what you really want if you hope and pray hard enough for the 1% hope to turn into a miracle.

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