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Monday, October 31, 2016

Hailam Cafe And Seafood Steam Pot

Hailam Cafe And Seafood Steam Pot was opened in early October this year (2016).  For seafood lovers seeking a new way to enjoy steamboat, try this steam pot cum steamboat.  First, you savor fresh seafood by steaming them on a stainless steel tray with holes atop the steamboat pot. Then comes the usual steamboat items like fish balls, tofu pok, fish noodles, tofu, vegetables, noodles, etc.

Our first  seafood that came was lala. The lala was steamed on a multi-holed stainless steel tray placed atop a pot of soup boiling in the steamboat pot.  This is a novel way of enjoying naked seafood at its best, with nothing added. You can taste the natural sweetness and freshness of each seafood this way, while the essence from the seafood drips down to the pot of soup beneath.

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The flesh of the lala and prawns were SO juicy, tender and sweet and not overcooked in any way.
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When the prawns were placed on the tray, we could still see the life prawns wriggling their legs!!  I felt really, really bad and imagined myself being steamed alive. My tummy churned slightly and I had the familiar feeling each time someone orders suckling pig.  One day, just one day I will turn  into a vegan...

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Steamed fresh scallops...

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Steamed fresh king garoupa fish...

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Steamed crabs...

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By the time we polished off all the fresh seafood, we were already pretty full but my trencherman hubster ordered more food -- a tray of traditional steamboat items consisting of a variety of seafood balls, tofu, 'foo pei', yee mein and vegetables.

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The cafe is very spacious and clean, as can be seen here...

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Pick your choice of fresh seafood...

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While waiting for the seafood to boil in the pot, the two sisters monkeyed around with   Instagram Face Swap...

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My sweetie-pie helped me to de-shell the crab and fed me the crab meat coz she knows mummy hates to have stinky crab odor on her fingers :D

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Chunky crab claw meat - all for me!!

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After a course of steamed fresh seafood and traditional steamboat items, the final course was porridge  steamboat with the king garoupa head.  Gawd, we were so so full already!!  With so much seafood essence in the soup, the soup and porridge had so much flavors and  natural sweetness.  How could we reject a mean bowl of porridge knowing that so much goodness went into it?

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We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly tucking into fresh steamed seafood and steamboat in this novel way. We will definitely be back again!
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Hailam Cafe And Seafood Steam Pot
ICC Pudu
Jalan Kijang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Call 016-382 0889
Serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks

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