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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Back In Ipoh

We're back in Ipoh yesterday with 9 people in the MPV (my parents and younger bro, hubs and me, the mil and our 3 girls), traveling from KL to Ipoh 😃

The moment we hopped into the car, we have been eating non-stop - our first stop was at Rawang where we tucked into some yummy Ba Kut Teh, which cost us a bomb - close to RM300 for  9 pax, expensive?  We had Ipoh 'Ngar Choi Kai' for dinner. Breakfast this morning was all my favorite food since my childhood days from the Kg Simee wet market. 😋😋  From morning through noon, we have been snacking non-stop. I'm glad the holidays will come to an end soon, which gives me the motivation to start exercising again 💪💪  Yup, I have been slacking a wee bit in my exercise regimen ever since the school holidays to catch up on my much needed beauty sleep 💁

Below - the girls lending my dad a helping hand with the laundry.

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