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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Heavy Period Caused By Fibroid

My monthly unwanted guest arrived yesterday. My Aunt Flow is by far the cruelest this time, lashing out a massive outflow of my most precious blood. Yes blood is SO precious to me now.  I am hoping that I can avoid a blood transfusion before my surgery.  She caused me a sleepless night yesterday, the entire frigging night. I got up every hourly to change the pads, which would be soaked to my shorts. And I used 42cm pads.  A blanket that I place underneath me was also stained.  Not only was there a massive blood flood, clots were plentiful too. And darn the cramps when the clots are being passed out each time. This morning I got up feeling like a walking dead, looking paler and weaker than ever. The breathlessness crept out again, so did the heart flutters.  After a heavy breakfast and snacking throughout the day, I am feeling much better now. Feeling like someone who is preggers, I have been feeling hungry all the time today.  Throughout the day,  I snacked on 'char siew', 'siew yoke', roast chicken (meat gives me the iron power!), black dates, goji berries, lots of ginger + chlorophyll drinks, wholegrain bread with homemade multi-nut jam, lots of Izumio hydrogen water, my super power Super Lutein and my iron tablets. With such  massive blood loss last night and am still bleeding heavily, I am  surprised that I haven't collapsed yet, thank God I am still alive! 😅 I could still drive around and do house chores.  This episode is making me look forward to the surgery. I can't wait for the fibroid to be removed from my body.  I miss my old pre-fibroid body so much 💔
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