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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Skipping To Good Health & Greater Heights

In her pursuit of gaining a few inches in height, Alycia skips between 2,000 - 4,000 times a day with a skipping rope. Every single day. That's how steely her determination is.  Yesterday, Alycia's classmate came over to our place to get lessons from Alycia on how to skip with a skipping rope! 😄

Lately, Cass is following her che che's footsteps. When I first got her a skipping rope, she just couldn't master the act of skipping. Just like her che che, she persisted and never once gave up. After trying for hours on end, she finally got it. Now, she skips about 20 minutes every evening.

Skipping is a great calorie cooker, improves your stamina and increases your bone density. It's good for your heart and brain, helps with constipation and is a cheap form of exercise.  Skipping also helps in muscle toning as it is a body weight exercise.  It improves footwork, balance and coordination. Skipping is one of the best exercises for endurance training and conditioning.

Skipping also adds to bone mass by making them longer. That is why skipping can help in gaining a few inches.

Our girls each have their own skipping rope.  You can stash your skipping rope in your handbag or briefcase and skip during break time in the office. Skipping is a funtastic exercise 👍💪

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