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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Braised Chicken For Dinner And School Lunch Box

Ever since the mil left for Hawaii exactly a week ago, I still haven't found my mojo to cook yet 😩

I still dread cooking every day. But for the love of my 3 precious and the thought of eating outside food laden with oil, salt, sugar and MSG (SHUDDER!), I am trying to condition my mind to love cooking.

On my menu everyday are very simple dishes.  Yesterday, I dished out braised chicken with Chinese spices (star anise, cardamon, cinnamon, pepper) with soy sauce, thick sauce and sugar.  I used organic Kee Song chicken, organic soy sauce, organic thick sauce and organic brown sugar. This is an oil-splatter free dish.  I cooked a big portion and added some carrots in so that Cass and Drama Queen can have that for lunch in school the next day (today) as Wednesdays are CoCo days.

Veggie of the day was blanched cauliflower.

Today, I bento-ed the braised chicken drumsticks and brought them to school for Cass and Drama Queen. I also brought them each a packet of Izumio hydrogen water. They need the extra energy for a long and hot day doing co-curricular activities in school.

Cass has the tendency to leave her empty lunch boxes behind in school. Just last Wednesday, she left behind a stainless steel lunch box and only remembered to look for it yesterday after umpteen reminders from me.  When I opened the lid, OH MY GAWD, the stench of the mold was so overpowering that I almost passed out inhaling the toxic gas brewing inside for 7 freaking days!!  I soaked the lunch box for half a day with half a bottle of dishwashing liquid (almost!) and yet the stench was still lingering. I guess I will have to discard the lunch box 😓

So today, Cass and Drama Queen's lunch went into disposable plastic takeaway boxes.  And I stuck a note on the lunch box to remind them to bring the lunch box and cutlery home 😏

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