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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Healthy And Simple Lunches

Home-cooked is always the best, however simple it may be.  On most days, I'm very tempted to take the easy and fast way out, which is to get takeout lunch for Cass who comes home to eat after school. But OCD me will always change my mind after reasoning with myself why I should cook instead 😊

These are some of the home-cooked lunches that I whipped up in a jiffy on a school-going day:

A slice of grilled cheese on multi-grain toast; a slice of butter on toast;  boiled chickpeas with curry powder, cumin and salt; fruits of the day consist of red dragon fruit, guava, kyuri.

I used Emmentaler cheese from Emborg, which is the least salty of all the types of cheeses that I've tried. The sodium content is only 1g per 100gm.  It's pretty costly at RM16 for a pack of 8 slices.

As hungry as a wolf - Cass gobbling down her toast the moment she stepped into the house.  There's also a cup of cool and refreshing fresh coconut water for her to wash down her food.

Cha soba with Marmite soup, egg strips and seasoned Korean seaweed; grilled chicken drumsticks (leftover from previous night dinner); orange + apple + passion fruit + lemon + raw honey + goji berry smoothie; and of course her Izumio and Super Lutein to keep her healthy everyday.

Grilled turmeric palm sugar organic chicken drumsticks...

My mid-morning breakfast - a bowl of Marmite soup with scallions.

According to Telegraph.co.uk, science has proven that Marmite is actually rather good for you. In fact, the black stuff was considered so essential for a healthy diet that it was included in soldiers' ration packs during World War One and has subsequently been used to treat conditions ranging from malaria to malnutrition. And according to Huffingtonpost.co.uk, one daily teaspoon of Marmite could be seriously beneficial to brain health.

Pan-fried terriyaki + turmeric + palm sugar organic chicken fillet with caramelised onions, blanched broccoli and Korean seasoned seaweed with rice.  This was our previous night's dinner and I kept a small portion for Cass' lunch.

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