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Monday, January 29, 2018

Pet Therapy

Last week, we discovered that one of the residents at our condo rears cats in their unit. Not one, not two but four! 

It all happened one pre-dawn school day last week. As we were leaving our unit, I looked up to my right and saw some sparkly eyes glistening in the dark.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a cat sitting on an outdoor air-conditioner unit; it was actually perching precariously at the edge of the air-conditioner unit, soaking in the pre-dawn peace I guess. Just like me, I enjoy my pre-dawn exercise.  I love the absolute peace and stillness of the dark while I feel the adrenaline rush in my body.  In the subsequent mornings, Cass and I discovered that there were 4 cats sitting there, enjoying the view from the 7th floor, every single morning. How adorable!

From that morning onwards, Cass and I would never fail to wave to the cats when we leave the house. It is quite a sight to behold for animal lovers like Cass and me each morning.

Today Cass and I got a full dose of of pet therapy. After piano class, we segued into the pet shop next door. We were tickled pink to see three new puppies at the pet shop -- two  Corgi and a Samoyed.  The 3 fluff balls are so so adorable! I can feel my stress and worries melt away just by looking at these fluff balls with a RM8,500 price tag!

We also noticed that the pet shop owner has recently opened a pet cafe just above the pet shop.  Cass and I couldn't wait to check out the pet cafe and zoomed upstairs right away.

We weren't surprised to see the usual Giant Alaskan Malamut at the pet cafe. It belongs to the pet shop owner. It used to be caged up at the pet shop. Now it has a larger space to roam about but it has to be diapered for hygiene purposes.  Cass was pleased as punch to see her favorite Corgi at the pet cafe and went straight to pat it.  The dogs are extremely docile and do not bark or bite.

Cass has since been bugging me to have dinner at this pet cafe and I think it won't be long before we dine there.  Hopefully there will be more dogs at this cafe the next time we are there. I get very happy when I am surrounded by dogs 😁

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