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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Preparations For Chinese New Year

The hubs finally had the time to bring the girls for Chinese New Year shopping yesterday. Thank God for two glorious public holidays in the middle of the week, which gave us the much-needed catch-up on sleep and time to do CNY shopping. I can now happily tick off 'buy new clothes' off my 'CNY to-do list'. ✅

I am blessed that I do not have to bake any cookies or buy them as mum is baking them. We went window-shopping for cookies at some bakeries two weeks ago, took photos of the cookies and Whatsapped them to mum for her to bake.  Not that I am miserly cheapskate but I totally can't stand overly sweet cookies or cookies without much flavor.  CNY cookies don't come cheap either. With home baked cookies, we can reduce the amount of sugar and use good quality ingredients.  That's another item to be ticked off, cookies✅

Next is pedicure and hair-do.  I am in the midst of arranging for someone to chauffeur Drama Queen to school so that I get the whole morning to myself for a foot spa and pedicure. I need another day for my hair-do. I am very eager to try rebonding and color my hair blonde. Yet there is this worry in me that the rebonding and blonde color would turn out disastrous, turning my hair into a mess of dull and even flatter hair.   And there is no reversing on what's done after that.  An alternative is to get some blonde bundles, blonde closure or blonde frontal. This way, my original hair remains and I get an instant make-over with the blonde wig, any time! Perfect, yes? ✅

It is two more weeks to CNY.  Have you given your hair a make-over yet?  Don't know what to do with your hair yet? Well, you can give blonde human hair wigs a try.  It's truly my dream to have blonde hair -- long, straight and blonde 😀

Beach Light Blonde Hair

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