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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

K88 Food Court @ Old Klang Road, KL

On Saturday,  the hubs suggested steamboat for dinner, but I wasn't keen as we had just eaten fish balls and noodles for lunch and I didn't want to eat something similar again for dinner. I suggested having hawkers' food at K88 Food Court.

What I really wanted to eat from the K88 Food Court was Ngoh Jie's Apom. I had blogged about this Apom earlier this year after the hubs chanced upon this apom stall while looking for porridge. Since then, I have been hoping to drop by the stall myself to satiate my cravings again.

This time, I chowed down 5 pieces of apom!

What I really like about K88 Food Court is that it is really huge and very complete.  There are 52 stalls within the food court and you can choose to dig into your food indoor or outdoor.  Eating at K88 somewhat reminds me of eating at Gurney Drive and Northam Cafe in Penang.  I can get the best of Penang hawkers' food at K88 from assam laksa to seafood, char koay teow and even my apom!  I don't have to make a trip to Penang just to satiate my craving for Apom Guan.

From where we were seated, which was outdoor, the view of some high rise apartments and the ambience at the food court are pretty similar to that of Gurney Drive and Northam Cafe.

The foodie hubs as usual, with eyes bigger than his stomach over ordered the food.   We had Hong Kong chee cheong fun, grilled stingray, some Egyptian cuisine, roti nan, satay, curry laksa, snow white chicken + bean sprouts, baked spaghetti, fried lala, fried Oh Chien (oyster omelette), salt baked crabs, prawn noodles, Shawerma, lime and sour plum juice and apple juice (which comes in a giant mug).

Alycia and Drama Queen ordered kebab with pasta from a stall run by some Egyptians (on the right):

Ipoh ngar choi kai and Shawerma.  The Shawerma wrap is  also from the Egyptian stall.  We had a hard time asking for an empty plate from the Egyptian family as they don't understand English!

Fried lala and roti nan.  The roti nan was surprisingly good ~ very soft, fresh and pillowy. Would be perfect if more dhall was given.  As there was too much food, we had to doggy bag some of the roti nan back.  The mil and the girls had it for dinner the next day, after a few minutes of reheating in the toaster oven.

Satay (which I didn't even have the space in my tummy to try!) and baked spaghetti ordered by Alycia.

Curry laksa and Oh Chien (oyster omelette).

Of all the food that we tried, my favorite has to be the oyster omelette and apom. I like it that the egg is fried in a flat pan, resulting in a paper thin and crispy fried egg omelette. In fact the omelette comes in a big piece, very much like an oyster egg cracker.  The oysters are juicy and fresh too.

Ordering of drinks are computerized with a print out of your order stuck onto the glass.

Many of the stall owners at K88 are from the recently closed down Ming Tien Food Court @ Taman Megah and Subang Jaya food court. They chose K88 as it is big.

For those wishing to have the best of Malaysian hawkers' food, K88 is the place to go to BUT be prepared for the traffic jam getting into the food court. K88 is located next to FGA Church.  Your next worry is finding a place to park. The hubs took over 20 minutes just to get a spot to park.

The next time we are at K88 again, I am going to try the Fuchow red wine noodles, porridge and the famous Rawang steamed fish and steamed egg.   It's 11:15 p.m. now and talking so much about food is making my tummy growl!  I better leave the computer now, forget about my rumbling tummy and just get right into slumberland now.  Nite nite everyone!

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