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Friday, March 2, 2018

Shopping For Evening Dresses

Today I did a mini spring cleaning of my closet and gave away a bag of clothes to my part-time helper. The clothes still look brand new as I had only worn them fewer than five times. Being in the online clothing business, I have the privilege to buy clothes as wholesale prices.  Thus, my wardrobe is always bursting with new clothes. On a few occasions, I had even forgotten that there was a couple of new dresses hanging in my wardrobe!

Today I realized that I have hardly worn most of the dresses in my closet.  And I need to get a couple of new stylish cocktail dresses for three upcoming wedding dinners lined up for this year.  But I could barely hang up another new dress in my closet. My practice when it comes to getting new clothes is if a new dress goes into the closet, an old one has to go out. The same goes with shoes. This way, my closet will not get too glutted.  My part-time helper is always the happy beneficiary of most of my clothes and shoes.  For all the hard work and dedication to my family for the past 5 years, she deserves my pre-loved clothes and shoes.

Ok, back to cocktail dresses and evening dresses!  Do you splurge on a glitzy dress just to attend a wedding dinner? Or do you rent them? I don't normally spend lavishly on an evening dress as I do not intend to wear it more than twice. So I shop for them online as they are normally cheaper.  There are many websites that you can shop for elegant yet affordable evening dresses, wedding dresses and vintage prom dresses. You can even find modish maternity evening dresses online from such websites as Dresshopau

I love these evening dresses from Dresshopau.  Which one should I choose?  Should I take all three for the three wedding dinners lined up this year? 😁  Just so you know, I need three new dresses for the three dinners as the two brides and groom are cousins who coincidentally decided (or conspired) to get married in the same year and the same group of people will be attending the dinners!  I'm already feeling sucked dry just thinking of the three big angpows for the bride and groom and three new dresses! 😵

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