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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Sharing My Cakes

The Taiwan traditional cakes from Yuan Taste are my kinda cakes. I love this kind of cake that's light, fluffy soft  and mildly sweetened, unlike butter and chocolate cakes which are heavy, greasy and can make me feel cloy and nauseous at times.  My favorite flavors are pandan and chocolate.  If I want to, I can nosh down half the cake on my own in one day. Of course I won't torture my body like that.  I could afford to eat  like a wolf when I was younger. I eat so much lesser now than I used to when I was 20 years younger. Wish I could still eat like that and not gain weight and don't have  to worry about the elevated cholesterol level. I was once a hardcore carnivorous 😈 with a sweet tooth but not anymore. Not one bit now.

Each time I have cravings to sink my teeth into this pillowy soft sponge cake, I will buy it on any of the day that Cass' Mandarin tutor comes. I will then share 1/3 of the cake with her.  The rest of the cake is shared with Cass and our part-time helper who has been with us for over 5 years.  Alycia and Drama Queen don't really fancy this cake. They prefer stodgier cakes ~ Alycia loves the latest 'Messy Cake' that's all the rage now and Drama Queen loves chocolate brownies. Thus, the reason why she bakes them these days.

The more decent looking portion goes to the Mandarin tutor.

The remaining cake is usually gone by the next day. I don't like keeping it in the fridge as the taste and texture change once it goes inside. For just RM15 for a cake, I am one very happy camper and so are the Mandarin tutor and our part-time helper 💗 

Happiness is all about sharing your carbs 😆

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