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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Alycia's Finally Getting Better

Yes she is... finally! When Alycia woke up this morning, she was still coughing and had lots of phlegm. I made her very little diluted milk and she finished the bottle of milk (6 ounces of milk, instead of the usual 8 ounces). She must be feeling really hungry as she had puked thrice yesterday and went to bed with an empty stomach. Thankfully, she did not puke after drinking milk today. She also managed to eat the whole egg white of a hard boiled egg and a slice of plain chiffon cake for breakfast before eating her medicine. Thankfully, she also did not puke. Today, I can finally see smiles on her face and hear her laugh and play with Sherilyn. She even ordered to have spaghetti for lunch, though I had earlier wanted to cook her some noodles with homemade fish balls. So spaghetti she had for lunch and even asked for more. She also managed to finish a small bowl of watercress chicken soup. She's coughing a lot lesser now and I hope she will be able to go back to pre-school on Monday. She certainly has a long way to catch up with her peers.

Last night, I applied baby Vicks on Alycia's chest, back, neck and soles of her feet before she went to bed. Dont' know if it's coincidental or what but she did cough at all and slept soundly throughout the night.
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