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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Maid Issues

My maid has been extra hardworking and nice lately. Maybe it's because she fears that we would find out about her secret dalliance with the guard and is now making amends. Though she's leaving in 2.5 months' time, but she is still quite detailed in her work and even takes the initiative to wash all the curtains and wipe the inside of the drawers to keep the gals' toys yesterday and today. I've been observing her behavior closely today and have been watching her carefully when she went out to hang the laundry and keep the laundry. Her guard boyfriend came to clock in at our house porch in the morning and shouted across to her commenting on the fish in our fish pond. After the short meeting with her boyfriend, she has been so happy and hardworking the entire day. Well, I guess it's a normal human reaction, especially for one who's been apart from her family and from men for almost 2 years. I won't say if she's in the wrong coz I'm not in her shoes and I won't know how she feels. I know that if I keep her longer, she may run away with this guard. This maid story is just so common in almost every household and is the 2nd time happening to me!

Delicious Duck Dish At Delicious

At the bloggers' gathering last Sunday, I was so busy chatting away that I didn't even order my lunch. Instead, hubby ordered for me. He ordered a pasta marinara for himself, a scrambled egg and croissants for the gals, a mushrooom soup and a bowl of curry noodles for our maid. I thought he had ordered a beef pie for me or maybe a pasta but I was wrong. A waiter went round the tables asking who ordered ***** (this duck dish has a French name), everyone shook their heads, including me. When the waiter came back to our table and asked again if we had ordered this duck dish, hubby who was outside the restaurant, stepped in and said that it's our order. I was surprised that hubby had ordered a duck dish for me as I don't really fancy duck but this dish was really tasty. It didn't have the usual duck odour as it was very well marinated and well roasted. It was also served with beef sausages and baked beans in tomato sauce. Not bad, I won't mind ordering this dish again if we visit Delicious again.

No Cancellation of Order Please!

Today, I received an offer with the highest payout I've ever received from an advertiser, at USD37.50. Without hesitation, I accepted the offer as it was on a topic which I was familiar with. I quickly typed the post and submitted it as I know this particular company has advertisers who are very fond of cancelling orders. I can only hope that the advertiser will accept and approve my post, else all my effort will go down the drain.

What An Oily Mess

I was busy working on my computer when suddenly Alycia my whistle blower yelled out to me "mummy..... Kay Yi is playing with baby oil!!". I ran to the dining area and saw my little brat playing with baby oil and she had smothered the oil all over her hands and arms and poured some on the floor too. That brat, even with fever she can be up to mischief!

Maid Issues Again

I got a shock yesterday when hubby told me that our neighbor had informed him that she saw our maid passing love letters to a security guard on patrol. At our neighborhood, there are security guards patrolling the area on motorcycles. Our house is one of the points where the security guards have to clock in at an equipment outside our porch.

I've seen my maid chatting with the guards quite frequently but for short periods, say 1 minute the longest. Sometimes I would suspect that there's something going on between them, but how can an affair develop when I'm always at home guarding her? We also bring our house keys up everynight, so she has no chance of sneaking out. With our previous maids, we never kept the keys each night when we went upstairs to sleep. That's how our 2 previous maids sneaked out together at 3am each day to their boyfriends' house and even brought their boyfriends back to our house for a dalliance.

My hubby and I have decided to close an eye on this matter as she'll be leaving in 2.5 months. So far her performance is still good and as long as she does not bring us trouble, we'll just have to close one eye but be on our guards at the same time.

Updates - Alycia's Fever and Throat Ulcer

Alycia finally went back to school today after being absent for 2 days. She still hasn't completed her course of antibiotics but today it will be her last day. The antibiotics is still causing her slight diarrhoea and I hope she won't accidentally poo poo in her panty in school today. Thank God Alycia loves going to school and she still has no problems waking up early to go to school.

Fruit Flavored Water

I can hardly drink plain water during the first 4 or 5 months of my pregnancy for all my 3 pregnancies. Some friends have suggested Ribena but any food or drinks that are sweet makes me nauseous too. So I usually cut up a slice of lemon or slice up a strawberry and put in into my mug of water. The juice from the fruit makes the water fruity, though not exactly sour or sweet. This way, I can force myself to gulp down a few mugs of water a day. But funny, despite me drinking at least 8 glasses of plain water a day, I still have cracked lips now. Maybe I should be drinking more.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Updates - Sherilyn's Fever

Whilst having her afternoon nap a moment ago, Sherilyn started to cough and cry. The cry turned into wail and she was obviously in great discomfort. She sounded like there's a lot of phlegm stuck in her throat and in a lying position, the phlegm was gagging her and making her nauseous. I quickly pulled her up, hugged her and stroke her back. She continued to cry in discomfort and seconds later, she puked. Luckily I was already well prepared. I have plastic bags located at every corner of the house within easy reach, as my 2 gals have a tendency to puke all the time. After puking, I put Sherilyn back to sleep but she cried again and coughed. It sounded like there is still some more phlegm stuck in her throat. I quickly pulled her up, stroke her back and brought her to the kitchen. She puked again, but this time only phlegm. She is unable to sleep comfortably in a supine position or side ways. As I'm typing this post, Sherilyn is alseep on my lap, with her heavy hard head lying on my chest. I know she feels much more comfortable sleeping in this position but I'm feeling really uncomfortable! That's the labour of love!

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Updates - Sherilyn's Fever

Daddy and Sherilyn just got back from the paed's office. The dr said that she has the exact same symptoms as Alycia - ulcer in the throat, which is the reason for her high fever. He has prescribed the exact same medicine to Sherilyn as well - Augmentin antibiotics, anti-swelling medicine and Paracetamol syrup. Now, I have double trouble of feeding 2 sick kittens their medicine. Will be going out to the bakery to get a chiffon cake to give the gals as treat after their medicine. More sleepless nights to come for me....

Cooling Coconut Water

Daddy bought a huge coconut home yesterday to cool down his 2 princesses who are having fever. It's funny that Alycia didn't want to drink the coconut juice since she's always loved coconut juice. Sherilyn loved it but I didn't give her too much for fear of a tummy ache. I was very very tempted to drink some but old wives said that coconut juice is too cooling for preggers women, so got to try hard to refrain from drinking it, though I really felt like drinking a sip. In the end, my maid drank almost all the coconut juice. My maid is one lucky maid coz she gets to eat whatever we eat or drink and most of the time, she gets to eat the most of everything as we are all small eaters.

Update - Sherilyn's Fever

Sherilyn's temperature shot up to almost 40 degrees Celsius last night at around 8pm. Quickly gave her a Voltaren suppository despite her strong protest. Her temp then went down but at 4am, she walked into our room. She said "daddy I want to drink water" and when daddy gave her the tumbler, she gulped down all the water and asked for more. She then kept talking and talking and I knew that it's her high temp which made her brain go 'out of sync'. This usually happens to the gals when they have high fever. Alycia will have illusions and Sher will keep talking, but intelligently. I checked her temp and it showed 39.3 degrees Celsius. I immediately gave her another suppository. For the next 1 hour, Sher just clung on to her new Barney stickers and kept talking to me (luckily intelligent talk and not on wierd stuff!). Daddy will bring her to the paed later.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Disney Live Magic Show Anyone?


Alycia got home from school last week with a leaflet on the Disney Live - Mickey's Magic Show to be held during the school holidays with details as shown in the leaflet above.

Venue : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

Date : 7 - 11 November 2007

Prices of tickets range from RM44.25 - RM183 per ticket (after discount).

Anyone interested to go? I may bring the gals to the show as they've never been to one before.

Sherilyn Can Pump A Balloon

Yup, my brat can now pump a balloon on her own. Sherilyn has a 'never give up' attitude, just like mummy! And very stubborn too, just like mummy! When she wants to learn something, she will try and try until she gets it, just like pumping this balloon. Both kakak and mummy were too busy to entertain her, so she sat on the chair and spent close to 20 minutes trying to inflate the balloon with a pump and she did it - she got a big bright yellow kitty balloon!

Updates - Sherilyn's Fever

Sherilyn's fever subsided last night and this morning, despite not taking any fever medicine. After lunch today, her body was burning hot. When I checked her temperature, it was 39.1 degrees Celsius. I told her I have to give her a suppository but she freaked out. She kept crying and pleaded to me saying "I don't want this medicine, please put back in fridge". I know with such high body temperature even the kids' Panadol Suspension would not bring the fever down. Worried that she might cry till she puke, I placed the suppository back into the fridge and gave her 7ml of kids' strawberry flavored Panadol Suspension syrup. She had no problem taking the medicine, with 3 mini Ritz chesse sandwiches as treat. Hopefully the fever will go down, else I'll have to bring her to the paed tomorrow.

That Guy Needs Professional Financial Counselling

My hubby’s friend is strapped for cash again. Each time he calls my hubby, I know what he’s up to. There is obviously never anything good for my hubby when he calls. This time, he’s asking for $200 to pay his mother’s medical bill. I don’t believe his sob stories anymore and neither does my hubby. I told hubby to tell him to get a payday loan to tie him through his next paycheck. If his application is approved, he can even get his payday loan within 24 hours. This guy seriously needs professional financial counseling.

I Need New Home Office Furniture

If you visit my new blog, there is a picture of my so-called SOHO which I’ve just posted today. My workstation is miserably small and I don’t even have ample space to place a mug of water for fear of accidentally tipping it and messing up my keyboard and speakers. I’m seriously considering replacing the workstation with more spacious and ergonomical home office furniture so that I can work more comfortably. The PVC cover of my computer chair is even peeling away and the back rest is horribly stiff. I better get a new computer chair first before anything else before my backache worsens.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

My childhood friend who has acute asthma since she was 3 years old was recently diagnosed as suffering from acute pulmonary disease. When we met at a gathering recently, I was shocked to see her carrying a portable oxygen concentrator with her during the lunch at a hotel. It’s the first time I’ve seen a portable oxygen concentrator equipment but it wasn't as big or heavy as I've imagined. It only weighed 17lbs. She’s also under medication from her surgeon and I really hope she’ll recover in no time.

Cooling Fruits For Throat Ulcer

Poor Alycia has fever and an ulcer in her throat and didn't have appetite for any food, except for cool fruits like pear and watermelon. She ordered papaya from daddy and as usual, his princess' wish is his command and he went right away to buy her some solo papayas and also a huge watermelon!

Bugger Blogger

Blogger (Blogspot) has been having problems with its connection intermittently throughout the day for the last 4-5 days. It's really frustrating when I have to submit a paid post and the bugger pops out a message stating the Blogger is having connection problem. Minutes later, I'd loose all my data which couldn't be saved. This morning, I had wasted almost half an hour waiting for the connection to be up again when I couldn't submit a PPP post. I hope Blogger does something about this technical problem as it's causing a lot of inconvenience to us bloggers.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bloggers' Meet

There was a bloggers' meet at Delicious, Bangsar Village today. The gathering was organized by one of the blogging mummies to welcome Sweetpea (Bubba Stuff) home. Sweetpea who's residing in Australia is currently on a one-month holiday in Malaysia. There were about 20 of us, including kids. I was too busy chatting and eating that I didn't take many pictures. Anyway, here are a few pix that I managed to snap :

From L to R : Mei Ling with Elissa (Scribbles for My Angels) and Peggy (Laundryamah).

From L to R : Sweetpea and Aidan (her handsome and cheeky son), Elly (in black top)

Jasmine's handsome Vyktore and cute Faythe.

It was my first time meeting all my blogging friends and it was really good to be able to meet them after months of communicating with each other online. There should really be more of such bloggers' meet in future and the next time, I hope to be able to meet my other blogging buddies whom I've not met before.

Our Memorable Fishing Trip In Langkawi

Several years ago, hubby and I and our friends went to Langkawi for a holiday. We chartered a fishing boat and went round the island fishing. It was my first fishing experience and I loved it. It was a bountiful fishing trip and we harvested a big bag of fresh fish. After the fishing trip, we then proceeded to the restaurant in the Langkawi Yacht Club and got the chef to cook the bag of fish for us in a variety of styles. Those were the freshest and tastiest fish dishes we had ever eaten. Since the memorable trip, hubby and I had always wanted to return to Lankawi for another fishing trip but we have to buy some fishing tackle and fishing accessories first before we embark on our trip. I think our gals will find a fishing trip thrilling for them since it will be their first ride on a fishing boat.

Can You Cope With More Than 2 Blogs?

I wonder how some bloggers cope with writing paid posts for more than 2 blogs. I know some bloggers even have a dozen of them and plan to purchase more domains. I wonder where they get so much ideas to write and write and write. They earn 5-figure income each month and I think they even plan to earn more if they can. I wonder if they ever get more than 3 hours of sleep each day. I'm already struggling with 2 blogs and if I create another blog, I don't think I'll have time to eat, sleep and shit, seriously! I'd really love to have a peek in their daily lives and see how they cope with their kids, paid posts, cooking, household chores, taking care of hubby, mil and what nots.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

My childhood friend who has acute asthma since she was 3 years old was recently diagnosed as suffering from acute pulmonary disease. When we met at a gathering recently, I was shocked to see her carrying a portable oxygen concentrator with her during the lunch at a hotel. It’s the first time I’ve seen a portable oxygen concentrator equipment but it wasn't as big or heavy as I've imagined. It only weighed 17lbs. She’s also under medication from her surgeon and I really hope she’ll recover in no time.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

From Zero To Hero, I Mean My Blog PR!

I got a surprise of my life today when Hui Sia sent me a text message at around noon informing me that the Google PR of this blog has been promoted to PR4! I just could not believe her and I could not check it myself as my computer was still at the shop. When my computer finally came back, I quickly did a check on a few Google PR checker tools and it’s true, my blog indeed has been promoted to PR4. I can’t believe it, it’s just too good to be true.

This blog of mine is only 6 months old and it has far exceeded its performance beyond my expectation. I’ve worked very hard and I’ve sacrificed many things to achieve this ranking. But I can’t be too happy either as this Google PR thingy is fleeting and for all I know, my PR may be demoted in the next exercise just like what had happened to most bloggers in the most recent Google update exercise.

Nasi Lemak For A Change

I've been having fried vegetarian meehoon with fried egg for breakfast almost everyday. Today, I craved for nasi lemak and bought a packet of nasi lemak with fried anchovies, chicken rendang, half boiled egg and lots of cucumbers. Tasted so good and I'm glad that my nausea has also subsided quite a bit this week. One problem gone and my next worry is my Amnio test which is scheduled for in 8 days' time. Wish me lots of luck!

1007th Post

Yes, you read me right. This is my 1,007th post and my blog is only half a year old. I can't believe I've written so much crap in my blog. I hope my loyal readers won't get bored with my crap and rantings and especially the sponsored posts. I must thank you all for giving me the much needed support for my blog. Though my Google PR is still 0, but my Technorati authority and Alexa ranking are pretty good. Just don't know how Google ranks sites. Most bloggers have had their rankings demoted recently.

Wholesome Seaweed Sandwich

Whenever we have lunch outside and come home late, I'll try to prepare something that's quick, easy and wholesome for dinner. This is what we had for dinner on Sunday. We only got home at 5ish pm and since we have no time to prepare a proper dinner, I made sandwiches for the gals with multi-seeds buns from Bread Talk with bombay onion omelette, super crunchy chicken meat floss (you can omit this if you're feeding toddlers as I think the meat floss contain MSG), Tae Kae Noi crispy seaweed, organic Japanese cucumber and a dash of tomato sauce. Oh, my gals love it!

I Hate Downtime!

The guy from the computer shop will be here any time to bring my computer to his shop for a thorough disk scan. This means once I've unplugged my computer, I will not be able to work for at least half a day. Gosh, how I hate this downtime. I hope the guy won't tell me that there is something seriously wrong with my computer and he needs a few days to fix it. I'll flip if he tells me that coz I still have a lot of work to complete with deadlines tomorrow.

I Need An All-Inclusive Vacation!

My honeymoon seven years ago was disastrous. Hubby and I had initially shortlisted a few places for our honeymoon from Hong Kong to New Zealand to a romantic getaway in Mexico. But because hubby couldn’t leave his work for more than 2 weeks, we had to settle for a 4-day honeymoon at Phuket which turned out to be a nightmare. Whilst snorkeling at Phi Phi Island, I stepped onto some sea urchins and hurt my foot badly. When we came back, I had to go through a minor surgery to remove the spikes from my foot. Since that incident, hubby has promised me another honeymoon. This time, I hope to go for an all-inclusive Cancun Vacations in Mexico. If you’ve not heard of Cancun vacations before, well, all I can say is that it is a one-of-a-kind romantic and luxurious vacation for honeymooners and lovebirds. Hubby and I can even stay at a resort located in a secluded beach where we can even swim in the nude!

Internet Connection

It is such a relief that the internet connection is stable again. How I hated the slow connection to most websites yesterday. I almost couldn't work when my computer keeps getting the 'hang'. I also couldn't upload pictures at all or upload my blogspot blog intermittently. However, my gmail is still all messed up today and I can only work in HTML mode, which means that I can't gain access to all my contacts/email addresses and other functions are limited. I've got more than 10 assignments outstanding and I just can't afford to send my computer to the shop for a thorough disk scan. Well, maybe I can delay it to next Saturday?

Updates - Alycia's Fever

I did not get to sleep well last night. Well, this is expected whenever a child is ill. Alycia's temperature is still very high. I sponged her and woke her up to drink water throughout the night. Luckily she wasn't cranky. This morning, I had to given her another Voltaren suppository as her temperature is still 38.8 degrees celsius. She cried each time I had to insert the suppository into her anus. She is also complaining of body ache. Daddy will bring her to the clinic later. I'm praying that it's not Dengue fever.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bulging Belly

That's my bulging belly at 14 weeks.

When I was carrying Alycia, I wasn't showing until around 4 months. With Sherilyn, I was showing at around 10 weeks and with this pregnancy, my belly was already starting to portrude at week 7-8! And at 14 weeks (last week), this was how big my belly was but surprisingly, I've only gained 2.5kg. I've been having very frequent meals but can't eat too much at each meal, else I'd feel nauseous.

I gained 10kg when I was pregnant with Alycia (she was 3.36kg at birth), gained 8kg with Sherilyn (3.29 kg at birth) and with this baby, I hope my weight gain will not be more than 10kg so that I can shed off all my weight gain easily after delivery.

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5 people I am tagging :

1) Mamapumpkin
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crispy Seaweed Snacks

If you love seaweeds, you really should try Tae Kae Noi crispy seaweeds. It's by far one of the best seaweeds I've tasted - they are cruncy, not very salty, not oily (unlike some Korean and Japanese seaweeds that are super oily and salty) and very tasty. One packet (only half packet full) costs RM4+ and I find them a bit costly. Both my gals love them. I discovered this snack when my mom who has thyroid bought them. Thyroid patients are encouraged to eat lots of seaweed and kelp food stuff as they are rich in iodine. This seaweed goes very well when eaten with bread. I normally make sandwiches for the gals with omelette, seaweed and cucumber.

Look out for my seaweed sandwich in my next post!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sherilyn Writes Really Well!

Sherilyn's letter tracing skill has improved by leaps and bounds over the last 2 weeks. She can now trace the letters of the alphabet and numbers really straight and in the correct order of strokes and she can also write random letters of the alphabet on her own. I'm really proud of my baby!

Treat Award

This special award comes from a very capable mom of 3 kids. Thanks once again Joanne for this award.

This award originated from Hootin' Anni and should we decide to pass it on, we are requested to award this to random visitors to make new friends and I would like to have these mummies as my new friends:

1) The Suzette

2) Tutiger

3) Yee Ching's Mum

4) Life.wchpeng

I would also like to pass this treat to these mummies who have always been helping me and I'd like to tell them that I'm blessed to have them as my friends :

1) Mummy to Chumsy
2) Elaine
3) Joshua and Elijah's Mum
4) Shern's Mum
5) Anggie
6) QQ's Mum

She Just Loves Counting Things

Sherilyn has the habit of removing all the stainless steel plates and bowls from our kitchen cabinet. Sometimes she'll play masak-masak (pretend cooking) with them and sometimes she will line the plates and bowls neatly on the floor and start counting them. She can now count from 1 through 12. Sometimes, it annoys me to see her playing with these plates and bowls but when I see her counting so intently, how can I have the heart to scold her?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pissed Off With Streamyx

I am just so pissed off with my internet connection. I saw several opps shaded white from 3P and when I clicked on the opp, it took almost 1 minute to download the opp and another 1 minute to download after I had clicked on the reserve tab. In the end, I lost all the opps. I just lost one which is USD10 for only 50 words. Aarrgh.... how frustrating!!

I Craved For Curry Noodles

After seeing the delicious bowl of curry tofu pok and fried pig's skin in Barbara's blog yesterday, I had a strong instant craving to have curry noodles too. So I called hubby and told him that I wanted to eat curry noodles. An hour later, he came home and brought us to the hawker centre to buy a packet of curry meehon with tofu pok, chicken and bean curd skin. Though the bowl of curry noodles didn't taste as good as I had wanted it to be, but I was satisfied that my craving was met :D

Monday, October 22, 2007

How The Gals Are Taking The Pregnancy

Right from the beginning, Alycia has not been too pleased with mummy's pregnancy. Being the first child and only grandchild on both sides of our families, she used to get all the love and attention from everyone. When Sherilyn came along, she took it quite well but there were times we could see the jealous streak in her. At the intitial stage of my pregnancy, she was always in 'denial' that mummy has a baby in her tummy. She's starting to accept the baby now and at times when she's happy and in a good mood, she would hug me and kiss my tummy.

Sherilyn on the other hand has been very generous with her love for the baby. Before going to bed each night, she never fails to say "goodnite bebe" and then kisses my tummy. When she woke up this morning, the first thing she did was said "good morning bebe" and waved her hand at my tummy. She also kisses and hugs my tummy all the time. She's such a sweet and loving child. Maybe 'meeting' the baby during each of the ultrasound scans has made her closer to the baby. She gets so fascinated seeing the baby on the screen. Sherilyn is always in the ultrasound scan room with us during each scan whilst Alycia would be at school.

I hope both the gals will turn out to be really caring and loving big sisters to the baby in future.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

How We Spent Our Sunday

We were out almost the whole of today and got back at 5pm. At Sunday School today, the gals were taught to make paper sunflowers with real sunflower seeds glued in the middle of the sunflower. In church, the pastor prayed for me and the baby.

After church, we went to Garden @ Mid Valley City. We went into Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant and ordered some dishes but since there were no baby chairs and the regular adult chairs were too low, hubby decided to have lunch somewhere else. We then went to Yuzu Japanese Restaurant for lunch. The restaurant was classy, music was great and food was good too.

The paper sunflower that Alycia and Sherilyn made in Sunday School today.

After lunch, Daddy bought Alycia a new hip and funky skirt from Pumpkin Patch. He also bought Alycia a new Disney Minnie Mouse school bag since her old school bag is torn. Do check out my new blog for pictures of the new skirt, bag and the food we ate at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant today.

Wonders of Progesterone

I had always thought that progesterone is used only as a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) by women suffering from Menopause but much later, I had learned that the benefits of using progesterone is manifold.

When I was pregnant with Alycia and Sherilyn, a blood test showed that I had very low levels of progesterone, which means that I am at high risk of a miscarriage, as the hormone progesterone is important to sustain a pregnancy. I was prescribed progesterone by my gynecologist to be taken orally and through insertion from week 6 through week 14 of both my pregnancies. With my 3rd pregnancy this time, I was also prescribed this life-saving hormones until week 12 of my pregnancy.

I was worried of the side effects of consuming too much progesterone but I was reassured by my doctor that natural progesterone does not cause any harm to the fetus. Thank God both my girls were born healthy and beautiful.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nasal Spray

I have finally found a good solution to putting the nasal spray into Alycia's nostrils, thanks to this mum for her wonderful handy suggestion. Now, there's not much struggle and no more fussing. Alycia looks forward to putting the spray into her nostrils herself every night and she even finds it fun! Kids... you really need to have a creative mind to tackle them without any fuss.

First she places the nozzle into her nostril, then slowly presses the base of the nozzle.

When the spray is puffed inside, she quickly removes the nozzle and starts to cough and choke, then spits out some saliva into a bin.

Mummy quickly hands her some water to clear her throat. Phew....

Garden @ Mid Valley City

We went to the newly opened Garden @ Mid Valley City for lunch yesterday after meeting my gynae. We had lunch at this chinese restaurant called Din Tai Fung that has branches worldwide. The food was really good, as good as Dragon I. We ordered a beef lamien (which was very very tasty or maybe I was just plain hungry), a 'zhar choy' lamien, siew loong pau, a seafood fried rice for our maid, stir fried Four Seasons Beans, meat filled pau (very tasty), vegetarian sui kau, BBQ pork pau and Thousand Layer Cake for dessert (which both my gals loved). We were all so famished that I had forgotten to snap pix of the glorious food, aiseh man! But nevermind, we would definitely make another trip there again and this time, I'll remember to take pix.

Oh btw, we would most likely go to Garden again for lunch tomorrow after church. Would anyone of you be there too? We can at least say hi and bye!

Blog Marathon Again

Have been on a blog marathon today. As of now, 6:15pm, I'd written 7 paid posts and 8 personal posts for both my blogs. I have to finish off these assignments as I won't have much time to blog tomorrow as I would be out the whole day. Though I didn't sleep well last night, but thankfully I am feeling energized today. Must be the expensive birds' nests and black chicken soup that I've been consuming lately that are giving me the extra boost of energy!

Mickey Mouse Ate The Papaya

Alycia and Sherilyn both have a mind that's imaginative. They like to stare at clouds in the sky and water formed on the bathroom floor and then tell me what they think those clouds or water resemble.

Yesterday, I was about to cut up a Solo papaya when Alycia saw a dent on the papaya which resembled Mickey's head. She was so amazed and shouted "hey mummy, Mickey's head on your papaya!" When I took a closer look, she's right, the dent sure looked like Mickey's head! I then joked with her and said Mickey Mouse ate the papaya. She thought it was very funny and laughed so loudly and that really made my Miss Whinny's morning.

38 Questions Tag

Have been tagged by this real hip, cool and pretty mom. It's certainly a tag with the longest list of questions I've ever done. Here it goes:

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? Sherilyn

2. What were you doing at 0800? Preparing Alycia for school

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Fed my gals lunch.

4. What happened to you in 2006? It was the only year in 5 years (2003 - 2007) that I wasn't pregnant!

5. What was the last thing you said out loud? Stop your nonsense! (to Alycia who threw herself into a fits of rage as her wimps weren't met)

6. How many beverages did you have today? One - fresh skim milk

7. What color is your hairbrush? Beidge

8. What was the last thing you paid for? Newspapers

9. Where were you last night? At home with my kids and hubby

10. What color is your front door? Brown

11. Where do you keep your change? My Ferragamo purse

12. What’s the weather like today? Cloudy

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor? I like green tea

14. What excites you? Shopping and visiting new places

15. Do you want to cut your hair? Yes, very much coz it's getting too long and difficult to manage
16. Are you over the age of 25? Yes

17. Do you talk a lot? No

18. Do you watch the O.C.? No

19. Do you know anyone named Steven? Yes

20. Do you make up your own words? No

21. Are you a jealous person? Yes, sometimes

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’. Angeline, my brother's ex-gf

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’. None

24. Who’s the first person on your received call list? My mum

25. What does the last text message you received say? "In the failure of plans and hope, in disappointments and trouble and sorrow, Jesus help me"

26. Do you chew on your straw? Never, disgusting

27. Do you have curly hair? No

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to? To the playground with the kids

29. Who’s the rudest person in your life? Nobody

30. What was the last thing you ate? Homecooked chicken rice for lunch

31. Will you get married in the future? At the moment, NO and in the future I think it's also a big NO.

32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? Have not watched a movie in two weeks or 2 years! That's how tied up I have been with my kids.

33. Is there anyone you like right now? Of course.

34. When was the last time you did the dishes? This morning

35. Are you currently depressed? Yes, a little

36. Did you cry today? No

37. Why did you answer and post this? It's only polite to try and complete each and every tag passed to me coz I would also want other people to complete tags that I pass to them.

38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey.
Everyday Healy
Lovely Mum
Chin Nee


I have been pondering back and forth if I should do the Amnio test which is scheduled for in 2 weeks' time. I've had a sleepless night last night weighing the pros and cons and thinking about all the 'what ifs'. My gynae told me that the risk of a miscarriage resulting from the Amnio is the same as the risk of giving birth to a Down Syndrome baby. It's really a 'between the devil and the deep blue sea' decision for me and I just can't make this decision.

It would be good if I get to hear real life stories and experiences from mothers who had gone through an Amnio and I'd appreciate anyone sharing their stories with me.

The Question and Answer Tag

Have been tagged by this supermom who has gone all out to help SAHMs like me by giving us new avenues to earn more revenue.

I am not really sure how the tag goes but I assume I have to answer the question that has been posed to me and then in return, I am to create a new question and tag other people.

This was the question posed to supermom, Elina :
Why human turns greedy when they see money?
Easy peasy. Money is essential to our everyday life. It may start as a NEED but the more money you have, the more comfortable your life will be. That's the general perception. Bear in mind I did not say the more $$$ you have, the happier you are. Anyway, who does not want to bask in luxuries? I guess that's how greed comes in, the root of all evil.

Her question to me is :
Why do some people enjoy being a busybody?

And this is my answer to her question : Because these Nosey Parkers are simply curious and I guess they are just too free and have nothing better to do. Tell me, if you're busy with your own internal affairs, would you have time to poke your nose into other people's affairs?

My question will be :
Why do some people love to see other people's failure and then gloat about their own success?
Answer :

and I'm gonna pass the tag baton on to:

1. Chin Nee
2. Leena
3. Mamapumpkin

New Header

Notice my new header? I thought of changing the header so that this blog and my new blog would have a different header. I must thank my pretty designer for this beautiful header. She's been a great help to me and has always been a very good online friend to me.

Me Appearing on TV?

Last night, I was invited by a blogging mom to appear on TV3. TV3 would like to interview mothers who blog for money and she was invited by someone from TV3 who is a reader of her blog. I was like "what, me appearing on tv? No way, my pregnancy hormones have made me look awful now. I don't look appealing and I have zits on my face. Aiyoh.... no way" Anyway, Alycia will still be in school at that time, unless she skips school for one day, which I don't really fancy the idea. So, I've let another opportunity for me to be the star of the moment slip by me again!

Thanks anyway for thinking of me, you know who you are :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Dilated Kidney

I consulted Dr Patrick of Fetal Medicine and Gynaecology Centre today upon recommendation by my gynae to consult a fetal specialist. After a thorough ultrasound scan and some calculations, I was told that my chances of having a 'Down' baby is low, i.e. risk is about 1 in 300. Apart from the dilated kidney, everything else looked normal. The baby has a nasal bone and the back of the neck wasn't thick. Heart and brain looked normal. It was such a relief to hear that.

Dr Patrick said that in most cases, the dilated kidney would resolve by itself either in utero or after delivery. Close monitoring of the baby's kidney is important throughout the pregnancy. The worst case scenario would be the baby having kidney reflux and only in rare cases would the kidney be damaged. So he had left the option of doing an Amnio test to hubby and I. We have decided to go for the test to get some peace of mind which is scheduled for in around 2 weeks' time, i.e. at 16 weeks of gestation. A normal waiting period for the results to be out is 2 weeks and costs RM1,800, of which the amniotic fluid would be sent to Singapore. An express one would be done locally in KL and costs RM2,300, of which we have opted for.

Alycia and Sherilyn were very expensive babies and looks like this baby too would be very expensive. Well, as long as the baby's fine and healthy, money is secondary and I shall continue to pray that this baby will be absolutely healthy and perfect.

And oh yes, my first gynae has told me the gender of the baby and I've seen it too on Tuesday. Today Dr Patrick told me that it is still not clearly visible yet. Well, to me girl or boy is not a concern anymore. It never was a concern to me. It is already a big gift from God if the baby is born healthy without any defects.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas For That Special Man

Christmas will be here in slightly more than 2 months. Whew, time really flies! It seems like it was only yesterday that I was shopping for last year’s Christmas gifts and decorating the Christmas tree. I have no problems with gift ideas for women or kids but I’m always stuck for ideas when it comes to shopping for my dad, hubby and brothers. I got them men’s cologne last year and this year, I think I’ll get them something that’s really practical. I know my brothers would find ties practical and useful, that’s something they can use everyday and they will never find an extra tie too many.

For dad and hubby, I may get them some formal shirts or some cufflinks or maybe some casual shirts. I know Van Heusen has a line of good quality non-iron formal shirts. My dad will surely love those non-iron shirts as I know he just hates ironing his shirts. It would be a great idea if I bought him those non-iron formal shirts as they are now on sale at £25 each if I purchase 3 or more. I think these would be one of the best Christmas gifts for my dad as he needs not have to iron his shirts anymore.

Hey, if you’re lost for great gift ideas for your man, your dad or boss this Christmas, do check out van-heusen.co.uk. They have a good range of men apparel and accessories at affordable prices too.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Food Review : Banquet

On Sunday we were at Bangsar Village again for lunch as Alycia has been pestering daddy to bring her to eat spaghetti. We wanted to go back to Marco's Pizza but then daddy decided to try something new. So we went round upstairs to survey the restaurants. There were quite a number of classy restaurant on the top floors and daddy chosed a restaurant named Banquet.

Banquet serves western food and local food and we noticed that the majority of the patrons ordered local food. These are what we ordered :

Spaghetti Oleo with red snapper fish - satisfactory.

Fragrant fried rice - very tasty.

Lamb shank with chick peas and vege. The lamb was very well cooked and very tender - very tasty.

Local fruit rojak - I find the sauce a little too sweet. Nothing to shout about.

Mushroom soup - satisfactory.

My maid and I had Mee Jawa - nothing to shout about, just a plate of expensive but run-of-the-mill mee jawa with tofu, some sliced eggs and fried Indonesian crackers. I prefer the ones sold at hawker stalls and I will never order this dish again if I ever return to this restaurant.

The place is classy and we were given good service. But would we go back there again? Quite unlikely unless we have no other choices.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pamper and Protect Your Skin With Good Products

I’ve not bought myself a range of good quality skincare products for almost 2 years, that is ever since I quit work to be a SAHM. Thinking that I could save some money by buying cheaper range of skincare products, I was wrong. My thriftiness has taken a toll on my skin. I now have dry skin, zits on my forehead and even crow’s feet at the corner of my eyes when I laugh! I look awful. I better get myself a real good brand of skincare products and beauty products before my skin wrinkles beyond repair. I'm only 34 and I don't want to look like a haggard and frumpy old woman.

I should also get hubby to invest in some good skincare products for men too. It doesn’t make any difference whether you are a man or a woman, our skin just needs the right nutrition and care to stay healthy and supple. Which brand is good? I’m not really sure. Let me do my survey at beautyexpert.co.uk. This website carries a complete range of skincare products and the professionals there even give expert advice on what beauty products suit your skin best.

It's Not The Toothbrush, She Wants Daddy!

One morning last week, as usual Alycia refused to brush her teeth before going to school. Daddy didn't like the idea of Alycia going to school with a stinky mouth and insisted that she brushed her teeth. So he brushed Alycia's teeth and Alycia was grinning from cheek to cheek and didn't puke. It was indeed a rare occasion that daddy brushed her teeth and she was very happy. Now I know that maybe it wasn't the toothbrush after all that made her puke every morning. Maybe all she wanted was just some attention.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daddy's The Best Playmate!

Know why the gals love daddy more than mummy? That's because daddy spoils them rotten, their wishes are always daddy's command and daddy plays with them almost every night - hide and seek and camping!

It's daddy's bright idea to place this bedsheet over the baby cot, so it looks like a makeshift tent!

And it's daddy's idea that we play pretend cooking in our tent.

Alycia's Too Spoilt By Daddy

When daddy picked Alycia up from school one day last week, he asked her what she'd like to have for lunch. Of course, Alycia gladly said chicken rice, which was her favorite food and off daddy went to the nearby coffee shop to buy her chicken rice, knowing that there's lunch prepared at home. Just then, I called daddy and reminded him that I had cooked fried glass noodles for the gals. Daddy then had to tell Alycia that she can't have chicken rice as mummy had cooked fried noodles. When daddy brought Alycia home, she refused to alight from the car and started bawling. My maid had to drag her out from the car. When Alycia came into the house, she was scolding me, as if blaming me for thwarting daddy's plan with her. She was crying and screaming for a good 15 minutes until daddy brought her out to the chicken rice shop and bought her a packet of chicken rice!

When daddy's back, I told him that he is spoiling Alycia rotten this way. Whilst daddy is always the good guy who always accedes to the gals' wimps and fancies, I am always seen as the bad guy and the disciplinarian. I reckon that this is one of the reasons why Alycia has been behaving so negatively towards me lately. Well, I think the incident yesterday had sort of 'woken' up daddy and made him realize that he just can't continue spoiling Alycia, else she can really turn into a wayward child in no time. I can't imagine what Alycia will turn into if I were still working and she's left in the care of a babysitter or a childcare centre.

Alycia enjoying every spoonfull of her chicken rice.

The glass noodles that were not touched.... what a waste!

Who Says Big Is Not Beautiful?

When I first started out to work, I had a supervisor who was very popular in the organization. She was outspoken, confident, sociable and she had good taste in women’s fashion and was always dressed up very well from head to top. Her finger and toe nails were always immaculately painted and her hair was carefully coiffured. She had many male admirers and anyone who have heard of her but have not met her before would have thought that she’s slim and beautiful. The fact is she wasn’t exactly beautiful and instead was rather plump but she somewhat exuded charm because of the way she carried herself and she just knew how to select the right clothing and accessories to suit her body shape.

So you don’t really have to be slim and have an hour glass figure to be attractive. Choosing the right plus size clothing plays an important role to accentuate your ‘plus points’ and camouflage your excess. If you’re looking for some fashionable and comfortable plus size clothing, do check out Elvi.co.uk. This online women’s fashion store carries a wide and nice line in plus size women’s clothing for all occasions. I always believe that a woman, regardless of her age should always dress up well to look good and feel good about herself.

Birds' Nest

That's birds' nest double boiled with 'pau sum' (a type of ginseng) and rock sugar. I love birds' nest and the only time I get to savour this expensive and exotic delicacy is when I'm pregnant. For both my pregnancies, I ate a lot of birds' nest. Whenever my mil was around, she would soak the nests and then painstakingly spend 2 days cleaning the birds' nest by using a tweezer to pick up dirt and feathers that are stuck to nests. Then, she would double boil the nests to perfection. However, when she's overseas, hubby would buy the instant ones from Lo Hong Ka, which I don't really fancy as they are tasteless when compared to the good quality ones that have been selected, cleaned and double boiled.

Last week, hubby bought 6 pieces of orangy colored wild birds' nest from Eu Yang Sang and got the owner of the shop to double boil the birds' nest. I've eaten 3 times and I have another 3 more rounds to go. They smell really good, like the aroma of cooked eggs. I was told that good quality birds' nest would emit the smell of cooked eggs when they are boiled. I was really touched by hubby's concern, well, I think he's more concerned of the baby! When I asked how much the birds' nest cost, my jaw almost dropped. The 6 tiny pieces of birds' nest cost a whopping RM600!!

Should I Get An Online Degree Too?

For many years, my cousin who has always wanted to get a degree in IT but lacked the wherewithal to do it is finally taking her BSc in Information Technology from Columbia Southern University, an online university that gives her the flexibility to study at her own pace. After work each day, she spends her evenings attending online tutorials at home from her computer. During weekends, she’s glued to her computer, completing her assignments and attending online web lectures. There’s even a Student Service Representative assigned to help her on an individualized basis throughout her online program. I’m really amazed with this online university. Perhaps I should also join her and get myself a degree in IT since I’ve developed a strong interest in IT ever since I started out blogging early this year. It’s never too late to gain additional knowledge and I always believe that knowledge widens one’s horizons.

Please Wait For Me Daddy...

This is the scene at our house every morning. When daddy is about to get out from the house to bring Alycia to school, Sherilyn will plead "daddy, please wait for me, please wait for me. I want to go school" so that she can follow them in the short car ride to school. The other day, Alycia was really late for school. It was already close to 9am and class starts at 8:30am but daddy couldn't leave as Sherilyn was doing her poopie business in her potty and she clung on tightly to daddy's leg, refusing to let go of him. What a touching scene!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Our Monday

Despite a rough start for Alycia and us this morning, the rest of the day was nevertheless quite fruitful. After her major temper tantrum in the morning followed by a real good lesson from daddy and mummy, Alycia turned out rather angelic for the rest of today. She did lots of coloring and letter tracing today and was very obedient. Sherilyn also did some letter tracing and she has made some really good improvements in her pencil grip and today, she wrote the letter 'J' really well - straight and got the order of the strokes correct. Just a moment ago, she traced the number '15'. After guiding her hand to write the number, she could remember the order of the strokes and traced the number perfectly well. I'm so proud of her progress.

The gals also had a swell time at a new playground near our house in the evening. The play equipment were new and the slides were almost 1.5-storey high. My 2 samseng gals even had the guts to climb up the iron ladder bars to the top (together with daddy) and went down the winding slides. Every step that they took as they climbed up sent cold shivers down my spine and whilst they had a great time with daddy, I watched nervously on the ground, with my heart pounding away as they climbed each step up the iron bars to the 1.5-storey high slides.

For dinner, we had a piece of pan-fried sirloion steak, a slice of pan-fried fish, stir-fried spinach and lotus root soup. It was just another regular weekday for us but we had accomplished quite a bit.

Appetizing Dish To Serve With Porridge

Here's an appetizing dish that goes very well when eaten with porridge. It's called 'tau kok lup' in Cantonese which literally means 'diced long beans' in English. All the ingredients in this dish are diced and toddlers will find this dish interesting and appetizing too. Be careful of choking hazard with the peanuts if you're feeding your toddler.

Ingredients :
1. Long beans, diced
2. Carrots, diced
3. Dried flower mushrooms, diced
4. Fresh prawns, diced
5. Dried preserved chinese radish, diced
6. Chicken breast, diced
7. Peanuts, roasted in the oven or fried (without using oil) in the wok and skin removed
8. A dash of sugar, salt and pepper
9. Some oyster sauce
10.Chopped shallots

Method :
1. Pan fry the shallots till fragrant.
2. Add in all the ingredients (except the roasted peanuts)
3. Add sugar, salt and pepper and a little oyster sauce
4. Fry all the ingredients till fragrant and soft (about 10-15 mins)
5. Store the peanuts separately in an air-tight container and sprinkle the peanuts on top of the dish just before serving.

Willful and Defiant Child

Eversince Alycia attended pre-school, she has started to be really agressive, stubborn and uncontrollable. To begin with, she's already a very willful child. She speaks her own mind and is very headstrong. Lately, she's started to answer back when I scold her and is always defying my instructions. If she wants something, she must have it instantly - not later, otherwise she will throw herself into a fits of rage. It's frightening to see how a girl who's barely 4 yo behaving like a teenager - rebelling and arguing with her mother all the time. I just can't believe that such a pretty and cute toddler is so full of rage when her wimps and fancies are not met immediately. Partly, she's spoilt by her daddy and he is beginning to realize it.

Last night I had promised to bring the gals out to the park to blow bubbles. This morning I told the gals that I would only bring them to the park after they read a story book. Sherilyn obediently read not one but 4 Dr Seuss books but when I asked Alycia to read, she refused. "No, I only want to play bubbles. I don't want to read" and there she went, ranting and raving for almost half an hour. She was screaming and wailing and started to say nasty words like "you're not a good mummy, you go away, stop it, stupid mummy". No amount of coaxing, sweet talking, bribe or threats worked and finally, I had to use the whip. I told her that crying and behaving badly won't get her anything and tried to reason out with her but she wouldn't budge. After the whip, she finally came to her senses and stopped crying. She then came to me as I was reading to Sherilyn and began to listen as I read to Sherilyn. When I asked her to read the book, she began to read in a muffled voice. After reading, I finally took the gals out to the park to play.

When we came back, I told hubby what had happened. He was furious and asked Alycia to apologize to me. As stubborn as she is, she would not say sorry and began to cry again. Daddy then gave her a good lecture and some light whipping. Still, she didn't want to apologize and just bawled uncontrollably. We tried to explain to her that what she did and said were very wrong and rude. I asked her if she's going to say those nasty things to me again and she nodded her head and said "yes!" That's how stubborn and defiant she can get. Probably the whip wasn't painful at all. That infuriated daddy even more and he gave her another light whip on the buttock. More bawling followed and after a while, still sobbing and shaking, Alycia ran to me and tried to hug me. I asked her again if she's going to say those nasty things to me again and AGAIN she said "yes!" Unbelievable! Daddy gave out another light whip and that was followed by more bawling. Again she ran to me to hug me and I asked her the same question "are you going to say those things to mummy again?" and this time she said "no". When I asked her to apologize, finally the golden word "sorry" poured out slowly and softly from her quivering mouth. I then gave her a hug, wiped her smutty face and she continued to have breakfast. I really do not like the idea of using the cane all the time but with my 2 girls, the cane seem to have some 'positive' effects in disciplining them. I've tried the more humane, cultured method of reasoning but sadly that just didn't work for my gals, especially Alycia. I wish I had a better and more effective way of disciplining my gals.

Alycia's Favorite Channel

Everyone would have thought that Alycia's favorite TV channels are the ones on cartoons or animals but no, she loves Astro's channel 733 on Home and Health. She loves watching programs on babies, pregnancy and birth, plastic surgery, heart transplant, health and cosmetics. She even prefers this channel to Barney or High-5, also her favorites. She finds all the programs on channel 733 so fascinating and an eye-opener to her. I can't believe that she's even hooked on documentaries on heart transplant and lap-band surgeries! Oh well, I just hope this will garner her interest in the field of medical and propel her to study medicine to be a doctor some day! Mummy must be day-dreaming here, but then again, you never know eh?

Temptation Again

Of the 7 assignments that I had received from this particular advertiser, there was one whose product is on something that I do not really agree with and I would not really advise my friends to try it too. It is something that I wouldn't want my hubby or my kids to be involved in. As much as the temptation is there for me to just close one eye and just publish this post in my blog as I have no problem writing a post on it, afterall, it is USD5, after conversion it would be around RM17 wor, but my conscience wouldn't be clear if I had done it. So after much thoughts, I've released the offer back to the pool. I hope I'll receive some better offers soon.

Pan-fried Fish Cake

This is my all-time favorite dish - pan-fried fish paste / fish cake ('yue peng'). My hubby usually asks his cook to make the fish paste from 'kau yue' or mackeral fish or if she's busy, he'll buy them from the pasar malam. I normally use the fish paste to make fish balls to go with noodles or pan-fry them into fish cakes. I normally ask my maid to pan-fry a big batch and I will store them in batches in tiny air-tight containers in the freezer. When we're too busy to cook, my maid will defrost the fish cakes, make some anchovies soup and we will all eat meehoon with the fish cakes. My gals prefer this kind of simple meal than rice with dishes.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Varicose Veins

That's my thigh and the unsightly varicose veins that have been expanding as my pregnancy progresses. The veins started to appear when I was pregnant with Sherilyn. It only started to subside, but not completely gone after I had given birth. Now that I'm pregnant again, the veins are starting to expand again like roots to a tree and I can feel pain and heavy pressure at the site of the varicose veins whenever I stand. It's really ugly and I look like an ah soh with bulging varicose veins. I can forget about wearing mini skirts even after I've given birth. I know one of the ways to reduce the symptoms is to lie on my back and raise up my legs. I've been doing it for at least 15 minutes everyday but I can't see any improvement though.

I've read from the internet that if the problem gets way too serious, surgery can be opted to remove the veins, but purely for cosmetics reason. It's not a life threatening condition though. This condition is hereditary as my mum also has it. Anyone has any natural, safe and easy way of reducing the varicose veins to share?

Blessed With Wonderful Friends

I'd like to say thank you to two of my great blogging buddies for helping me today. This mummy has always been a great supporter of my blog from day one and I really appreciate that support shown. You should visit her blog too, it is awesome! I love her writing - she has such flair and great talent in her writing and I just love the way she thinks and her style of writing. This other mummy has also always been a great friend to me, always going all out to help me and I can feel her genuine warmth and sincerity though we have never met before, save for talking with her over the phone a number of times. I'm really blessed to have found such wonderful friends.

Tag : 5 of 5

Have been tagged by this mummy. I am to answer 5 questions with 5 answers to each question and tag 5 friends. Ok, here it goes :

5 things found in my room:- TV, VCD player, king-size bed, baby cot, a drawer filled with kids' books.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:- Tour a country that I've never been to, relax in a spa, shop till I drop without having to worry about how much I'll be spending, donate more to charity, to be able to wake up after the sun is out without having to worry about the kids.

5 things found in my bag:- Wet wipes, wallet, antiseptic wipes (for wiping toilet seats), hair brush, packets of tissue papers

5 things found in my wallet:- Cash, medical insurance cards, credit cards, My Kid cards for the gals, my own My Kad

5 things I’m currently into:- Doing paid blogging (and loving it), 13th week of pregnancy, worry about my unborn baby, praying hard to God for a healthy and perfect baby, teaching my gals to read.

5 beautiful mummy to tag: Shern's mom, Sasha, Elaine, Barbara, Momibee

Nasonex Nasal Spray

Because of her sensitive and allergic nose, Alycia is now on 1 month of Nasonex nasal spray. It's a real battle every single night when it's time for me to spray this into her nose. A lot of power struggle is involved. I've tried coaxing, sweet-talking, hugging, kissing, bribing and threatening but nothing would make Alycia want to have this sprayed into her nostrils. She would run, hide under the covers, cover her face with her hands, toss and turn, kick and struggle to avoid me. My maid would help me to hold her body down whilst I would have to use my left knee to hold down her hands before pressing the spray into each side of her nostril at lightning speed, lest she kicks me on my tummy. Seconds later, she would cough and pretend to puke and I would quickly put the bin in front of her and force her to drink some water. She would then scream in defiance and demands for tissue paper to blow off the spray from her nose. Such is the battle scene in my room every single night. Last night, daddy sprayed for her but she puked after that. For those of you with kids on nasal spray too, do they put up such fuss too?