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Monday, January 31, 2011

You're Grounded!

Baby was eating sweet corn the other day, bought from the pasar malam. When Sherilyn saw it, she ran to Baby and pretended to beg for food like a doggy - with tongue on chin and 2 hands on her chest. But Baby refused to share the sweet corn with her jie jie and snapped at her "mummy said you are grounded!" I burst out laughing on hearing that coz I have always been telling Sherilyn that if she does not do her Kumon Math or homework, she will be grounded!

"Cannot! Mummy said you are grounded!"

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Major Scare

Baby has been very unlucky for the past few days. 2 mornings ago, while my maid was mopping the floor, Baby slipped while running on the wet floor, fell and knocked the back of her head on the floor. She gave me a heart attack and I could feel fear and worry coming out from every pore on my body. I shall blog about this in my health blog.

Today, she tripped while walking and hit her mouth on the floor. There was BLOOD in her mouth! Another major scare. I quickly wrapped some ice cubes in her hanky and applied the ice on the injured part to reduce the pain and swell but this fler sucked and ate the ice cubes instead! Next heart flat line moment was a few minutes later. While sucking on the ice, she suddenly cried out in pain. I was on the phone with a customer. I quickly hung out and threw the handphone on the floor. I thought she had choked on the ice cube. I kept hitting her back and positioned her head to face down, in the hope that the ice cube would shoot out. My mil heard the big commotion and quickly came to my rescue. She turned Baby upside down (well, almost) while I hit her back. Baby cried till her face was crimson and her lips almost greyish. Goh, I tell yer, I really thought she would die! But God has been very kind to Baby and she's A OK. She survived the fall and knock on her head. She survived the choking or was it she bit her tongue? Whatever. I'm glad she's ok. Thank God, amen!

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My little model, modeling some of the girls' apparel and hair accessories that I sell.

Friday, January 28, 2011

McDonald's Happy Meal Toy - Sanrio My Melody

Alycia followed daddy to a staff's wedding last week. It was a Malay wedding. She didn't eat much as most of the food was spicy. After the wedding reception, daddy brought Alycia to McDonald's. He bought 2 sets of Happy Meal and got this very cute original My Melody rubber stamp. I think I was just as excited as the girls when I saw the My Melody rubber stamps as I used to be a My Melody fan when I was young. Well, I still love My Melody up until now!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Next To Me

When it comes to getting rascal #2 do her homework or Kumon Math, I can never leave her out of my sight, not even for a minute for this rascal will be up to 101 tricks. She will discreetly put her coloring books or sticker books under her homework book or Kumon book. The second I turn my back on her, this fella will bring her fun book up. Or she would have a pair of scissors and some colored papers next to her, all geared up to cut them into her creations the second I turn my back on her. That's why each time she does her homework, I'll make sure that she is seated next to me and within my radar!! But I must also give Sheriyn lots of credit for her creativity and novelty. She will excel in a field that requires creativity and imagination. She has loads of them.

Her chair next to mine and almost touching my chair. I can never let her seat behind me or nothing gets done!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gao Ren Guan Restaurant @ Palm Square, Jaya One PJ

On the eve of New Year's Eve, we went to Palm Square @ Jaya One PJ for dinner to celebrate my hubs' birthday. After dinner while walking to Starbucks for coffee, we saw a new restaurant there. The place looked comfy and the dishes on the menu looked unique and tasty. I told hubs that we must try this restaurant the next day. And so it was set. We had lunch at Gao Ren Guan Restaurant the next day, which was New Year's day with my parents.

Here you go, the dishes that we ordered for you to drool on...

Stuffed tofu pok with minced pork and preserved veggie. This is one of their signature dishes.

Stir fried fish fillet with spring onion and sliced ginger. As usual, the fish dish was specially ordered for Baby who is a big fan of fish.

Can't really remember what dish this is. I think it is a chicken dish....

Stuffed bitter gourd with the same stuffing as the tofu pok. This is also one of the restaurant's signature dishes...

Stir fried french beans and fried pork ribs, which was very tasty and tender...

Deep fried nam yue pork slices, which is also very delish...

Stir fried assorted veggie with mushrooms, bean curd sheets, glass noodles and wood ear fungus...

Stir fried glass noodles for my noodles crazed Sherilyn, which is also very delish. And oh yes, we also ordered a Yong Chow fried rice for my 'fan toong' Alycia who loves rice.

Actually I was eyeing the cookies (supposedly made by the restaurant owner) the day earlier and that's one of the reasons why we came to this restaurant.

Dessert - gui ling gao and chilled sea coconut with longan and lemon juice...

After lunch while we were at the counter to pay for the cookies, we saw huge dumplings at the counter. So my foodie hubs ordered one which cost a whopping RM8!

My choice of cookies... almond cookies and green bean almond cookies.

The damage was RM289.65 for 6 adults and 3 kiddos and the 2 jars of cookies.

Rating : I would rate the food 7/10. Would definitely visit this restaurant again. One downside about this classy restaurant is that the loo is miserably small and squeeazy. A pregnant woman or a larger size person will definitely not be able to enter the loo!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sherilyn's First Spelling

Sherilyn had her very first spelling yesterday. To my surprise, this girl came home and told me that she got a yellow star from her teacher for scoring full marks. Bravo to you Sherilyn!

It took lots of threats and reminders from me on this rascal for her to memorize her words. And I have to do this for the next few years.... almost everyday of the year for spelling, ejaan and ting xie. Gosh, my hair will shed further having to go through this!! After Sherilyn comes Cassandra who will start pre school next year. That's one of the throes of motherhood!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

See You Later Xmas Tree

Our Xmas tree was still up until last week when hubs finally had the time to dismantle it. Hubs spent about an hour dismantling the tiered tree and keeping all the decor and baubles nicely back into the boxes. These will be kept in his office store until November this year. Now it's time to decorate the house with CNY decor! Tomorrow is pasar malam day, so we will choose some red red, nice nice and cute cute decor to decorate our home. Hopefully choy sun yeh (God of Prosperity) will like the decor and pay us a visit this year hehe...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tak Fok Hong Kong Restaurant @ Palm Square Jaya One, PJ

On the eve of New Year's Eve was hubs' birthday. We had dinner to celebrate his birthday at Tak Fok Restaurant @ Palm Square, Jaya One PJ. This restaurant specializes in crab dishes and one can order crab dishes cooked in a whole new range of delish ways. The chief chef and owner is a Hong Kie, that's why the dishes here have a distinct taste of Hong Kong cuisine.

We had these mouth watering dishes:

Homemade Foo Zhou bean curd. I love the smoothness of the tofu, which is drenched with hot oil and has generous topping of minced meat and preserved vegetables... This dish will surely drive you to chomp down bowls of rice!

Lala cooked in superior soup with cili padi. I find the soup too spicy from the cili padi..

Baked crabs....

Steamed fish. Baby loves fish and we always order a fish dish when we eat out....

Roast pork ribs...

Crabs cooked in lai yau, which I find too creamy. I still prefer crabs cooked in sweet and sour sauce or with salted eggs...

Braised pork belly with yam...

Sharks' fins soup for the birthday boy who is a great fan of sharks' fins...

My dad suggested longevity noodles for the birthday boy and so we had this noodle dish which was very tasty...

Tak Fok Restaurant also has a branch at Desa Aman Puri, Kepong. We will surely patronize this restaurant again to try their crabs cooked in other styles.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Saturday And Damn It, It's NO Plastic Bag Day!!

After dropping Sherilyn off at the ballet school just now, I went to Guardian Pharmacy to grab some toiletries. While I shopped at Guardian, daddy took Alycia to the nearby 100 Yen Shop to get a bowl of Snow Ice. After happily choosing my toiletries, I brought them to the cashier and wanted to pay. The cashier looked at me and said "today no plastic bag ah".... Oh sh*t, I then recalled that effective this year, most of the shopping malls, big pharmacies and some mini marts will also follow the 'no plastic bag' ruling. I didn't want to spend a few ringgit to get a green bag from Guardian. I rummaged through my shoulder bag and thank God, I managed to find a small plastic bag, phew!

Alycia and Baby enjoying strawberry Snow Ice...

All stuffed into one small plastic bag, luckily the bag didn't give way, else I would have to pick up all my stuff from the road!

When I reached home, I quickly put a lightweight and foldable green bag into my bag, just in case I am caught in a similar situation again in future!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sleeping Child

When I saw Baby asleep in this position on Alycia jie jie's bed, I just had to snap a picture of my cutie pie. My 3 kids may drive me up the wall everyday and say things that I regret (I say words and hurtful things which I terribly regret afterward).... but when they are asleep and look so demure, so innocent and almost like a baby... like how they were like when they were little babies who would melt my heart, I would give them each a kiss on their cheeks and say a little prayer for them.

A Fart Was All I Wanted To Hear!

When Baby was lying in the hospital after her first surgery in May 2009, she was throwing up profusely for 2 weeks. She went through x-rays everyday, ultrasound scans and even a CT scan of her abdomen but nothing was conclusive. The scans were not clear enough to diagnose the problem. The surgeon suspected that her intestines may have been kinked. He said that if she could let out gas, this would mean that her intestines were not kinked. So everyday, I sat next to her on the bed, waiting to hear the sweet sound of her fart. But nope, she did not let out any sound but only cries. I was depressed and stressed to the max. Though I could not exercise for 3 weeks during our stay in the hospital, my weight did not go up. Stress and a lack of appetite to eat were the best fat burners for me. I never want to go through those days in the hospital again, ever. You can read more about our experience in the hospital in my May 2008 archive on the right of my blog’s side bar.

Gorged On Peanut Candies

I bought some very yummy peanut candies during my trip back to Ipoh last month. It’s by far the tastiest, freshest and crunchiest peanut candy I have ever tasted. We got them direct from the factory. A big bag of 500gm peanut candies only cost RM7. I bought a big bag, gave some to my parents and whacked the bag of candies almost all by myself. I may be a health freak but I still fall for certain snacks. Now my stomach would turn at the sight of peanut candies and anything that has peanuts in it LOL! Thankfully zits did not pop out after my sinful indulgence in the peanut candies, else I would really need acne treatment to rid them.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Loh Kai (Braised Chicken)

Loh kai (braised chicken) is one of the easiest and most convenient dishes to prepare and it tastes really good. Almost every child would love this dish. Even Baby can polish off 2 drumsticks within minutes and can wallop the 3rd piece if I would allow her. Each time before her trip to HK / NZ, I will always request my mil to prepare a pot of loh kai sauce so that I can use it whenever I don't have the time to cook dinner. When there's loh kai placed on the dining table, I can be assured that there's no complaint from my fussy eaters.

My 2 little carnivores.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Burnt out

We had spent the whole afternoon at Mega Kidz @ Mid Valley Megamall. Baby was climbing, crawling, running and jumping non-stop like a little pup let off the leash. By the time we had lunch at 2pm, her batteries had almost konked out. While feeding her, her eyes were almost shutting and she had no mood or appetite to eat even her favorite food. And I think she looked too cute too. I tried so hard not to let her doze off in the car on our way back coz if she really dozed off, she would have to sleep on our bed without her shower. You know how dirty these places are and how germ covered kids are when they are out of these places. Call me a health and clean freak but no way am I taking a chance of letting my kids contract HFM!

Impulsive Buyer

We bought a laptop after an eleventh hour decision last month. I had decided that I wanted a laptop and I asked my hubs to buy it for me immediately. I can be an impulsive and impatient buyer. When I want something, I want it right away, irregardless of the price of the item. I did not even want to wait for the best deals on laptops or for the PC fair to come. I just wanted to have a laptop overnight and my hubs got it for me right away hah!

Shopping for CNY

Sales at my online store have been brisk for the past one week. Business will always be good before major festivals like Xmas and Chinese New Year. I am working at full steam and can’t wait for Chinese New Year to arrive so that I can take a break. Many people also prefer to do green shopping (aka online shopping) so that they don’t have to drive to the shopping mall, get caught in the traffic jam, waste time trying to find a parking space and spend money unnecessarily at the mall. Have you done your shopping for Chinese New Year yet? If you have not done so, why not hop over to my online store?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Gift From A Dear Friend

I got a big surprise when Chanel gave me a call on Xmas Eve. She told me that her hubby was on his way to deliver pressies for my girls for Xmas, oh wow!

My girls could not contain their excitement and quickly ripped off the wrappers and were really happy to see a musical box for them each.

How sweet and thoughtful of Chanel. Thanks very much for thinking of us, muaks to you!! You're really a great friend to have!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twisties Craze

Whenever Baby takes her nap at 6pm, I know that it will be extremely hard to wake her up at 7pm for her dinner. I had tried using her favorite snacks to tempt her into waking up from her beauty sleep including using Magnum ice-cream but none of it could wake her up. But recently I found another bait to lure her. It's with Twisties. At the smell and sound of the "Twisties" bag being ripped apart, this rascal will jump up from the couch (she usually dozes off on the couch if she naps at 6pm) with a wide smile and mouth wide open... as if she were pretending to sleep prior to that.

Caught in action....

I hope that the Twisties Management reads this post and rewards me with a year's supply of Twisties muahahahahah! I'll bet my girls will get sick of Twisties if we have a year's free supply of this snack!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Boost Juice Bar

We were at Bangsar Shopping Centre before Xmas and the Boost Juice Bar kiosk was giving out free sampling of their fruit smoothie. We got hooked on it after sampling it and bought a cup (buy 1 regular cup, free 1 cup for kid!). Though a tad expensive for a cup of fruit smoothie, it was worth it as the smoothie was very refreshing and natural. Boost juices and smoothies are free from preservatives, coloring and flavoring.

Boost Juice has been juicing in Malaysia since June 2009. Boost Juice, the famous Australian juice bar brand started firing up the blenders in its first store in Suria KLCC, KL in June 2009. Since then there are now stores open in Subang Parade (Selangor), Bangsar Village 1, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Mid Valley Megamall, LCCT Airport and Gurney Plaza in Penang.

My girls loved their wild berries Boost Smoothie. It's definitely a healthier alternative to fizzy drinks, ice creams and packet drinks laden with sugar, fat and coloring. I have even 'like' Boost Juice on Facebook too!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Next Target Is iPhone

My old mobile phone is driving me bonkers. The battery is konking out and needs recharging everyday though I hardly use the phone. Sometimes when I need to use the phone urgently, the battery konks out and sometimes the phone shuts down by itself. An iphone is something that I am planning to buy for myself this year. I have bought a lappie for my girls for Xmas last year. This Xmas, I will get myself an iPhone!