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Sunday, February 28, 2010

"I Wan Min!"

Whenever Baby sees me giving her 2 jie jies Flavettes Vitamin C or gummy bears, she will yell "I wan min, I wan min...!!". Try not giving her and all hell will break loose. So what I do is I'll bite the orange flavored Flavettes Vitamin C and give her a quarter. When I gave her the blackcurrant flavored Flavettes Vitamin C (sugar-free), it was too sour for her palate and each time she puts the Vitamin C into her mouth, she will spit it out and quiver hahah!! I'm surprised she finds the Vitamin C sour but can suck on a wedge of lemon as if it's a wedge of orange!

"Sha-wer mummy!!"

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baby's Nightly Routine

I think I will have no problem weaning Baby off co-sleeping with hubby and I. Baby simply adores going to her 2 jie jies' bedroom to play and pretend sleeping with them. Her nightly must-do routine is that she will climb up her jie jies' bed, then play with them and pretend to sleep with them... with blanky covering her body from neck to toe and she would pretend to close her eyes. When I say nite nite and bye-bye to her, she will reciprocate and say the same to me. When I say "sleep with jie jie ok, tonight don't drink mummy's milk milk ok?", she will say "OK" and give me a cheeky grin.

Guess what Baby and rascal #2 were doing here?

They were singing. Rascal #2 is the singer of the family. At home, you will hear her sing and yak all day! And I think this passion of hers has rubbed off on Baby and she's another avid singer, who can sing quite well, though she is 2 months shy of her 2nd birthday.

Alycia was so dead tired that she had fallen asleep and could even sleep so soundly despite the noisy singing from her 2 sisters! Since she started Standard 1, she would be so jaded and sleepy that she would knock off by 9pm every night.

Such a heartwarming sight seeing Baby and rascal #2 in bed together lovingly, singing together.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Babies Poop The Weirdest Ways

I started to train Baby to poop inside the potty when she was about 15 months. For many months, she was able to poo poo inside the potty at around the same time every morning without much fuss and problem. Recently, she has become very constipated and would only poo poo once every 2 days (which is not good coz constipation may lead to UTI). Not only is she constipated, she is also resisting to poo poo in the potty. Each time she shows signs of wanting to poo (by straining), we would rush to bring out the potty but I guess the poop sort of went back in (LOL!!) each time she sees the potty. She would also say "no, no, do wan" when we bring the potty out.

Instead, she prefers to poo poo in her diaper and she has a really weird way of straining the poop out too... as shown in pic below. I guess the hard poop is hurting her and she has to find a comfortable way of pushing the poop out LOL!!

What Would I Do Without A Computer

I think I will be extremely out of touch with the world if I don’t have a computer at home. With a computer at home, I can do all my errands at home from online shopping to paying bills, socializing (I made tons of good friends in the world wide web!), getting answers and help for my own queries, get auto insurance quotes, get free educational tools and free reading material for my kids and yesterday, I found a good website to download free greeting cards. Yesterday, my 2 older gals had a fun time decorating the birthday cards that I made and printed for her little aunt. They spent more than an hour decorating the birthday cards for their little aunt’s birthday this Sunday.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Udon Noodles With Minced Meat And Preserved Veggie

An aunt of hubs cooked a big pot of minced pork with 'jar choy' (Chinese preserved veggie) and gave it to us. This was how I ate the minced pork with jar choy:

Boiled some thin Udon noodles, heat up the minced pork in a pot and pour the minced pork over the Udon noodles.

It was really appetizing and my 3 gals loved it. Rascal #2 whacked bowl after bowl!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Terrible Two Symptoms Displayed

As each day passes by, more of Baby's Terrible Two symptoms are rearing their ugly heads. Her latest Terrible Two display is stomping her foot when she does not get the things that she wants.

Baby is also quite rebellious now. She wouldn't want to poo poo in the potty anymore. Instead, she would do it in her diaper. Getting her to pee in her potty is also challenging as she will struggle, arch her back and bawl each time I bring her to the potty to pee. But she has to pee in her potty at regular intervals to prevent another UTI attack and this means additional stress and back-breaking moments for me. The lesser urine that sits in her potty, the lesser chance for those pesky bacteria to breed and wreck havoc. She will also pour urine from the potty onto the bathroom floor and play with the soiled potty!

The only 2 thing that're easy for me to get her to do are to invite her to go gai gai and drink mummy's milkie. I wonder what Baby will transform into in another 2 months' time when she turns 2.

Monday, February 22, 2010

How Baby Eats Her Egg Rolls

Baby loves eating egg rolls. She loves it so much that she will chuck the whole roll (which isn't very long) into her mouth... and then with another hand, she will reach forward for another egg roll while saying "I wan more" and shooting out the crumbs from her mouth onto the table and floor. Each time she eats the egg roll spells BIG mess! These egg rolls were home made and my parents bought them from Ipoh.

Baby eating her dessert of egg roll here after her lunch. But this fler found a novel way of eating the egg roll by dipping it into her kombu-pork soup!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting Poked In The Butt

Remember my earlier post on one damn funny experience I encountered at our paed's office with rascal #2?

We were at the paed's office again last week for Sherilyn's booster DTP, Polio & HiB jab and for Baby's Chicken Pox jab. This time, I remembered to bring along my working tool and managed to snap a pic of the doctor when he poked Sherilyn's butt. This time round, no rattle was used to distract Sherilyn LOL!! And I was surprised that rascal #2 had finally overcome her fear of needles. She did not budge or make any sound when she was poked in the butt. She was very, very brave indeed and told me that she did not feel any pain! Baby cried for a few seconds when she was poked but stopped when the dr. gave her some Honey Stars. Baby seems to like this dr. very much and can remember him very well. At the mention of Dr E, she will say "tar" (star, meaning Honey Star) and this dr. has successfully won her heart with the Honey Stars he gives as reward.

BTW, this isn't the nurse who shoke the rattle at Sherilyn previously.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Worn Out

On a typical school going day, Alycia will be one very, very sleepy and worn out girl. She has to wake up latest by 6am and leaves the house when the skies are still dark. She returns home from school at 2pm or 4pm on some days. Ever since she started Primary 1, she has been severely sleep deprieved, thus she dozes off everywhere - on the dining table chair while eating, in the car, on the couch and on the floor. Poor baby, kids these days are really stressed up. They are never like us when we young. I guess my kids will never be able to experience cycling round the neighborhood by themselves, climb trees, play marbles, catch tadpoles in the drains after a heavy downpour and play in the middle of the road without getting hit by a reckless driver or risk being abducted.

Alycia dozed off on the couch with a pencil in her hand. She was doing her homework but was so jaded that she decided to take a rest... and then dozed off.

Luxury Cars

Hubby and I love luxury cars. We will read such car reviews as Mercedes Benz C-class review, BMW review, Jeep Grand Cherokee review, Nissan Murano review (this is my dream car!) and even a Buick Enclave Review during our free time. We can only admire these luxury cars and keep dreaming of being a proud owner of a luxury car one day. I really don’t think we will ever be able to afford spending hundreds of thousands on a luxury car. Luxury cars are pretty affordable in Western countries but not in our country. In our country, not only is the price tag of a luxury car too lofty and eye-popping, the cost of maintaining one is also tremendous. From the high import taxes to the road tax, the fuel, the spare parts and the maintenance of the car, everything related to the luxury car is expensive. An average wage earner will definitely be unable to maintain such an expensive machine. But you will be surprised to know that despite all these factors, our country still has the biggest luxury car sales in Asia.

It has also been forecasted that the luxury car market in our country will continue to perform well this year as the economy has improved. Even with the global financial crisis, you will be surprised to know that luxury car sales had improved in year 2009 compared with 2008.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Too Good To Resist

My mil bought these cutesy stuff when she went to Japan for a holiday recently.

Oh my, I tell yer, these buns look, smell and feel almost 100% like the real stuff! My 3 gals kept squeezing the toy buns, even I can't resist squeezing them and sniffing them haha!!

Baby could not even resist pinching the buns and peeled off the chocolate toppings, then slowly peeled offf the buns. Even the bread crumbs look SO real!! I had to keep reminding her that the buns CANNOT be eaten, lest she pops them into her mouth when I turn my back on her!

Woods Coming Out Of The Woods?

I have never been an avid reader of golf news. However, ever since news of Tiger Woods’s sex scandal was first published in the newspapers several months ago, I have been following the juicy stories closely. The latest news I read is that Woods is now ready to end his months of silence over the bizarre, middle-of-the-night car accident by speaking publicly about it for the first time. I can’t wait to check out the newspapers tomorrow morning or watch CNN tonight to find out what he’s revealed. Did you also know that Woods has checked into a rehab for his sex addiction last month? It was reported that he had stayed in the rehab for 4 to 5 weeks and was out this week. It’s unbelievable to know that such a successful sports celebrity and billionaire golf player who has tens of thousands of fans worldwide has gotten himself entangled in such a quagmire, all because of his addiction to sex!

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Waiting For The Sales To Begin

While many people would be rushing to buy new clothes before Chinese New Year, I prefer to buy after the Chinese New Year. That’s because after the Chinese New Year, many stores will be having sales and some stores would be having Black Friday sales too. I didn’t get my girls any new clothes for Chinese New Year this year. I’m waiting for the sales to begin and that's when I will charge the stores!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Madam Chong's Prawn Noodles House

2 Sundays ago, we had lunch at Madam Chong's Prawn Noodles House at Jalan Kuchai Lama.

This is the menu:

Hubby ordered a bowl of curry noodles which he said tasted good.

Fishball noodles for my 2 older gals.

My prawn vermicelli and broiled pak cham kai (chicken). The prawn noodles was really good. The prawns were quite big and I love the prawn broth. I will definitely go back to Madam Chong's for the prawn noodles.

The toasted wholemeal bread with kaya and butter was also very tasty. Hubby ordered this for himself but the toast ended up in my tummy and his 3 princesses' tummy hahah!

Madam Chong's prawn noodles is a 'lou ciu pai' (old brand name). She started her humble stall in 1968 at Jalan Pudu. Madam Chong is no longer around now and this eatery is now run by her relatives.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cantonese Style Pasta

My 2 older love eating yee mein or yee mee or yee fu mein (deep fried noodles made of eggs and flour). If I buy yee mein, I will either cook it Cantonese style, ie. with egg sauce poured over the the crispy noodles or Hokkien style.

The other day, I prepared the yee mee ala Cantonese style for lunch. First I prepared the sauce. The ingredients used were chicken breast, cabbage, 3 eggs, some left over smoked salmon, soy sauce, some corn flour to thicken the sauce and a dollop of thick dark sauce. Here is how it looks like in the wok:

I ran out of corn flour, so the sauce was not thick enough.

At the same time in another stove, I boiled some Heinz alphabet and number pasta with some cubed carrots for Baby. This portion is enough for lunch, dinner and deep freezing:

Before adding the dark sauce and remaining soy sauce into the sauce/ingredients, I scooped up some of them from the wok and poured in on Baby's pasta. I don't like putting too much seasoning into Baby's food. Here's how Baby's pasta looks like:

When it has cooled down, I put it into containers for deep freezing:

And this is for the 2 older gals:
I seldom buy yee mee for the gals as I feel uncomfortable with one of the ingredients called 'ash' used to make the noodles. I wonder what ash is. Could it be the remains of fire or some kind of chemicals that makes the noodles so tasty? I wish someone could give me an answer on this.

Baby enjoying her Cantonese style pasta.

Feeling Lethargic

What I like about this CNY holidays is that I can sleep an hour extra each day. But I am surprised that I feel even more lethargic even though I have that extra hour of sleep each day. I wonder why my whole body feels sluggish and I still feel sleepy all the time for the past 3 days. My brain also feels foggy and I don’t know how to get it moving as I have several online assignments to complete, one of which is to write about bcbsnc. All I want to do right now is to sleep all day. I wish someone would come and help me mind my 3 monkeys!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sherilyn Is 5 Years Old Today

My little rascal is 5 years old today. We have just returned from an outing at Mid Valley Megamall. Mid Valley was packed with people and all the restaurants were bursting with people too. This year, we only had a very simple celebration as most of our friends and relatives are in their hometown for the CNY celebration. Every year, hubs will invite his relatives and some close friends for lunch/dinner at a restaurant. We had KFC this year and even KFC was packed with people. After lunch, hubs brought the gals to Toys R Us as he had earlier promised to buy Sherilyn a bicycle for her birthday present. But there were no bicycles at Toys R Us. From Toys R Us, we went to Jaya Jusco but luck wasn't on Sherilyn's side. There were also no bicycles for sale at Jaya Jusco. To please his princess, hubs bought her some sculpture balloons and then sculptured some balloons for the gals back home.

My mil had baked a chocolate truffle cake for Sherilyn this morning. We will be having a cake cutting-photo session after dinner tonight.

When rascal #2 is in a good mood, she will help me feed Baby during meal times. She can be a very good jie jie if she sets her mind to it but she needs to be more gentle with Baby.

Happy 5th birthday Sherilyn. Daddy and mummy love you very very muchie and hope that you will grow up into a fine young lady who is likeable by everyone. We also pray that you will be blessed with good health, long life and be blessed with happiness always.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our 1st Day of CNY

In the Yap family, it has been a long tradition that everyone eats vegetarian food on the 1st day of the CNY. This year my mil is around to celebrate CNY with us. The last time she celebrated CNY with us was exactly 5 years ago. She was back then as I was about to deliver Sherilyn by elective c-section. Sherilyn was born on the 8th day of the Chinese New Year. Tomorrow, my little rascal will turn 5. How time flies!!

We got to enjoy my mil's homecooked vegetarian food this CNY. These are the dishes that she cooked yesterday:

1) 'Jai choi' (braised vegetarian dish consisting of wood ear fungus, golden needle mushrooms, dried mushrooms, glass noodles, Chinese cabbage, soy bean sheets all cooked with 'lam yue' (red colored fermented soy bean cakes).

2) Stir-fried vegetarian vermicelli consisting of big onions, carrots, cabbage, wood ear fungus and vermicelli.

Macro shot of the jai choi (vegetarian dish), eaten with red cut chillies.

My 3 gals helping themselves to cookies and snacks while watching TV. They have been nibbling on these cookies the whole day. Check out my cili padi, hogging the canister of cookies!

How not to resist those cookies, chips and snacks when these goodies are all placed conveniently on their table?

How did you spend the first day of the CNY yesterday?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Almond Cookies

My mil bakes the most addictive almond slice butter cookies. They are crunchy, very flavorful and nutty. Every bite you take has an almond slice in it, yums! I can chomp down 3-5 pieces (and even more if I couldn't care less about my darn waist line!) in one go hahahaha.....see this wai sake fei por!!

My mil made this batch of almond slice cookies several days ago. When Baby saw the cookies fresh from the oven, she went "waaaaaaa" and then climbed up the dining table chair, then climbed up the dining table and screamed "I wan biscuit!!"... with her hands grabbing the cookies. My mil and I burst out in a guffaw coz she looked too cute doing that and we could not believe she could pronounce the word "biscuit" so clearly! She is definitely another biscuit and junk food lover, just like her 2 jie jies.

My mil even bought pretty plastic bags complete with stickers and cute bands from Japan to pack these cookies to give away as gifts. This bag of cookies was meant for Alycia's class teacher but that fler was too shy to give her teacher and she removed it from her school bag. She told me no way was she going to give it to her teacher, haih...!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Koong Hei Fatt Choy

I'd like to wish all my blog readers "koong hei fatt choy". For those of you who are driving back to your hometown, please drive extra carefully so that you will reach your destination safely. Have a very pleasant reunion dinner with you family and loved ones. We are staying behind in KL. My mil is cooking up a storm now! Gosh, I am so going to gain weight coz there's just too much good food everywhere that I go!!

Happy Chinese New Year To All My Chinese Readers!

I’d like to wish all my Chinese blog readers a very happy Chinese New Year. May the year of the Tiger be a prosperous, happy and smooth sailing one for you and your family. Chinese New Year is all about eating, drinking and reunion with your family, friends and loved ones. You can eat everything that you want but don’t over indulge in the fattening cookies, snacks, meat jerky and meaty meals. Yup, Chinese New Year is also about eating lots of meat at every meal. Don’t forget to exercise to stay on top of you health and to fight that bulge. I’m sure you do not want to return to work looking for the top rated fat burners when you cannot slip into your skirt, dress or pants! And to all my non-Chinese blog readers, happy holidays!

Human Growth Hormone

Some people are blessed with young looking genes while others look older than their actual age. Do you know why many celebrities look so good and younger than they actually are? Apart from the weekly facial, botox jabs, face lift, plastic surgery and all that jazz that they splurge on, some of them rely on human growth hormone supplements. So what exactly is human growth hormone or HGH? You can read all about
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Colon Cleanser For A Healthier, Happier, Thinner You

It is vital to have your colons cleansed regularly to promote a healthier, happier and thinner you. A colon cleanser works by cleansing the digestive tract or unnecessary wastes. For the past few years, I have been eating a tablespoon of psyllium husks (which acts similarly to a colon cleanser) with water and honey every morning. I hardly ever suffer from constipation anymore. Do you use a colon cleanser too? If you are looking for one, you may want to read up on some colon cleanse reviews.

Thank God It's The Holidays

After 2 months of working really hard on my 2-month old online store, I finally get to take a short respite this CNY holidays. During this one-week break, I will spend more quality time with the gals, meet up with my friends and do all the reading that I have wanted to do. I have neglected my health blog a little and I must find more interesting health articles to write in this blog. This means more reading for me. I also want to read about the alli review after reading so much about Alli, the only FDA approved over the counter diet medication.

A Career In Firefighting

Alycia’s ambition seems to be changing all the time. Sometimes she tells me that she wants to be a chef or an artist when she grows up, at times, she says she wants to be like Handy Mandy (a carpenter!!). Lately she told me that she wants to be a doctor and boy, was I pleased to hear that :D At one time, she kept telling me that she wants to be a firefighter. I kid you not, she was so adamant that being a firefighter is the job for her. I told her that a firefighter is not what a woman should be but she told me that she had seen female firefighters on TV!

Did you know that these days, firefighters are more than just someone who puts out a fire? There are Fire Service degrees offered by online universities these days. This fire service degree teaches you the creative, critical, and transformational thinking strategies necessary to manage any situation with confidence.

Loosing Weight Healthily

Do you think that the best weight loss products will help you achieve your ideal weight and thereafter help you to maintain that weight permanently? I don’t know as I have never tried weight loss products. I still think that the best and healthiest ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight is to eat healthily, cut down on fatty foods and food that is high in empty calories, reduce white flour products, ensure that calories output is higher than calories input and most importantly, EXERCISE!

Not An Ounce Of Fat Gained

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year but I had already chomped down many of the cookies that I had bought weeks earlier. I have been eating so much cookies and CNY snacks that I now feel nauseated at the sight of them. Thank God I did not gain an ounce in weight and don’t have to get those top fat burners to help me slim down. My daily morning exercise and all the stress managing my kids and online business have been helping me burn all the fat away.

She Wants To Be A Doctor When She Grows Up

The other day, Alycia told me that she wanted to become a doctor when she grows up. I was surprised that she said that as I doubt she really knew what a doctor’s job entails. Maybe she said that to please me or maybe she likes our pediatrician and wants to be a doctor like him. I’ll be the proudest mummy on earth if ever Alycia becomes a doctor.

Guess What She's Doing?

Guess, guess, guess...

Clap, clap, clap....

She's eating tangerines and cherry tomatoes while watching nursery rhymes karaoke. Her 2 jie jies were at school and I had some work to do, so the TV was the next best babysitter :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

She Made My Day

Baby made me burst out in a guffaw a few days ago and really made my day when she did this. You see, Baby did something that made Alycia really, really upset. Alycia was so upset that she kept scolding Baby. Baby was shocked initially but after several seconds of looking stunned (coz Alycia is normally very patient with Baby), she nonchalantly began clapping her hands as if nothing had happened.... and then to my surprise, she began to sing the nursery rhyme "oh where, oh where..dog gone.." and hummed the tune of "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone"! Oh gawd, she is becoming more and more like rascal #2 (when she was around Baby's age) who used to sing and act cool when I scolded her.

I must say I am proud of Baby as she seems to be musically inclined and can memorize the tunes and lyrics of nursery rhymes quite well though she is not even 2 yo yet.

Looks like Baby's gonna be another junkie lover!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcoming Baby's Terrible Twos

Baby's Terrible Twos symptoms are clearly displaying now, though she is still 2 months shy of her 2nd birthday. She has started to turn stubborn, wants certain things done her way, knows how to choose her own clothes and hair accessories, demands for things and will roll on the floor and wail when her whims are not met.

The other day, my mil brought Alycia and Sherilyn down for swimming. She could not go and was obviously really upset, so she lay on the floor wailing her lungs out like this:

But I always give in and sayang her back within minutes coz I know she is strongly capable of puking if she cries too much, just like rascal #2. See how manipulative she is!

On another note, Baby's speech is improving by the day. Yesterday she said "mummy, help me" and over dinner she called everyone 'sek fan' (eat rice - the Chinese' custom of greeting your elders before you eat) by saying this "mummy... fan, mah mah... fan, cheh che... fan". She voluntarily greeted everyone when she saw her 2 jie jies greeting us at the dining table.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MOON, MOON, Mummy...

A few nights ago, there was a really huge and bright moon in the sky. It could be seen very clearly from the 5th floor of our condo unit. When Baby saw it she ran to me and said "MOON, MOON, MOON, Mummy....."

She quickly climbed on the couch next to the window and stood there admiring the big moon for a good 5 minutes and said "moon, come, come, come....." as if inviting the moon to come to our house, SO cute! She says this too whenever she sees animals on TV, as if inviting the animals to come to our house haha!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Do You Explain The Dreaded Question To Your Child?

I didn't tell her about the birds and bees. I told her "you'll learn all about these in school when your teacher teaches you Science" hahahah!

Alycia finally asked me the dreaded question several days ago when she overheard me talking to hubs about it. Don't jump to conclusion, we weren't talking sexy or anything intimate ok. We're too old for that lol!! I was telling hubs that I read in the newspapers about how great our fertility specialist was (the doctor who helped us get Alycia via IUI). This doctor helped a woman conceive via IVF by implanting an embryo that's frozen for 10 years into her uterus!! Now, the baby girl is 1 year old. This case was recorded in the Malaysia's Book Of Record recently.

Back to Alycia. This was our conversation in the car:

A - mummy, what did you tell daddy?

Me - oh, I asked him what we should eat later. (I knew she'll grill me until she got the answer from me!)

A - No, what did you say about the doctor who made me?

Me - Oh, this doctor helped a woman get a baby by putting a 10-year old frozen egg (embryo) into her. Something like how he helped mummy get you.

A - How to put the egg inside?

Me - put into a syringe and inject inside.

A - Inject where?

Me - Inject inside stomach.

A - How to inject inside?

Me - through the pet pet (more refined way of referring to the down under to a young kid)

A - what did the doctor inject inside?

Me - you ask daddy.

A - daddy, what did the doctor inject inside mummy?

Daddy - SPERM.

A - what is sperm mummy? How to get sperm?

Me - next time you will learn in school when your teacher teaches you Science ok?

How do you explain this to your young child?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Clean & Cool Green Tea

I got a surprise yesterday morning when the delivery man from a courier company called me to inform me that my Clean & Cool green tea had arrived. I did not know that they even work on Sundays. I then told my maid to go down to collect the package but my maid came up again asking for a trolley. I got a bigger surprise when I saw not only 3 bottles of green tea but 3 big boxes of Clean & Cool (C2) green tea. Now, that was really cool!!

Rascal #2 and #3 quickly helped me rip open the boxes and removed the bottles of drinks from the boxes. I could not wait to try all the flavors.

The C2 green tea comes in 3 refreshing flavors - lemon, apple and forest fruits. Rascal #2 quickly grabbed a bottle of the lemon flavored C2 green tea while I tasted all the 3 bottles immediately. The lemon one tastes like ice-lemon tea, the apple one tastes like apple juice and the forest fruits tastes like Ribena. The C2 green tea tastes even better when chilled or drank with ice cubes.

What I like about the C2 green tea is that they come in a cute convenient 350ml resealable PET bottle, which enables you to conveniently drink your green tea on the go. Rascal #2 even brought her bottle of lemon C2 green tea along with her when we went out for lunch yesterday.

Clean & Cool (C2) has all the goodness of natural green tea leaves of Camellia Sinensis variety which are known to contain Catechins. C2 is brewed and bottled on the same day to preserve the freshness and flavor of green tea. It is non-carbonated and ready-to-drink with a cool and clean taste. It is definitely a healthier alternative to carbonated drinks.

The 3 boxes of C2 green tea arrived at just the right time as the hubs now no longer has to buy soft drinks and packet drinks for CNY. Our guests will now be able to drink chilled refreshing flavored green tea!

C2 green tea is now available at Jaya Jusco, Mydin, Giant, 7-11 convenient stores or your nearest mini market. Go get a bottle to try today!

Getting Bright With Baby Bright

Baby has been watching this Baby Bright VCD for several months now and she is getting hooked on it. When she was several months old, she was hooked on the 'Your Baby Can Read' VCDs, then recently she got hooked on the Barney's 'Firehouse' VCD. Now, she's hooked on this Baby Bright VCD. Baby Bright teaches infants and toddlers colors, shapes, the concept of size and cause and effect. I bought this VCD for Alycia and Sherilyn 4 years ago.

Baby in her morning routine....

When Baby saw me sitting and arching my back on my fitball, she too followed suit... on her "bawoon" (balloon), cute!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just One Of Sherilyn's Samseng Acts

Rascal #2 was caught unaware that I had snapped this pic of her doing some acrobatic stunts while eating her lunch:

She even rocked her body by pushing her feet against the backrest of the chair *slaps forehead*

I wonder why she is so terribly fidgety and can't even sit still when she eats!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Instant Indonesian Rendang Curry

What do you do when you had accidentally mixed up the good quality chicken meant for cooking with the loh kai por (old hen) meant for boiling soup? It would be such a waste to use up all the chicken to boil soup, so I made chicken rendang with the chicken.

I used a sachet of Asian Home Gourmet Indonesian Rendang Curry Gulai which my sil bought from Singapore:

Since I could not get fresh santan (coconut milk), I substituted it with 1.5 cans of evaporated milk and cooked the chicken for almost 2 hours.

The chicken was tasty and not too spicy (the gals could eat them without any complaints) but the meat was still a tad tough. Next time round, I must remember to cook the old hen for an extra hour or more!

A Good Neck Pain Pillow For A Good Night’s Sleep

Some people are pretty prone to getting stiff neck, stiff shoulders and backache. I am one of them in the unlucky lot! If I sit in front of my PC working hard for many hours, I am bound to have a nagging pain on my shoulders and neck for several days. I also tend to sprain my neck easily, especially when I sleep on my sides at night while I nurse Baby. That’s the reason why I must have a neck pain pillow when I sleep. I have been sleeping on a neck pain pillow for several years now and the incidences of getting a stiff neck or stiff shoulders have reduced significantly, albeit I still get them once in a while. When Baby was hospitalized for 3 weeks after her surgeries last year, I brought along my neck pain pillow with me to the hospital!

I am considering getting an orthopedic pillow for myself and for my hubs too. He suffers from occasional stiff neck and stiff shoulders too. An orthopedic pillow is designed to improve neck support for back sleeping as well as maximize comfort during side sleeping. A curved design allows room for shoulders while an indented center helps to support the neck while sleeping on the side.

Did I tell you that my backache made a vengeful return for the past few days? It has been under control for a long time and I don’t know what actually triggered the problem again. I must have carried Baby too much and did not bend my knees but bent my back too much when I carried her or other heavy stuff. To control the back pain, I have been diligently arching my back on my fit ball every morning. I may even consider getting back pain treatment in the form of a sitback rest with hot and cold therapy if my fitball back exercise does not stave off the back pain.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Blood Boiler

Rascal #2 made my blood boil yesterday morning. I was in the wet kitchen when she walked in. When I went out to the dry kitchen, I told her to close the mozzie netting door, to which she replied me rudely with furrowed eyebrows and a pissed off glare: "Huh!! Why always ask ME to do things? You think what, you think I'm your assistant ah?" This is not the first time she answered me or my mil or my mum or other adults rudely. I gave her a good piece of my mind and told hubs about it later. Hubs then chided her off and told her to apologize to me, to which she cried and ran to me saying sorry and hugging my legs. Lately, whenever I ask her to pick up her toys or anything that she had messed up with, she will answer me rudely and give tons of excuses to shirk responsiblity or ownership.

I wonder what has become of my #2, who used to be so sweet and lovable. Is the arrival of Baby C to be blamed for her transformation into a little monster? Or is this just her inborn character? Or is it simply because she is a middle child and this is just plain middle-child syndrome? Many of my friends tell me that this fler has 'character' and a strong personality. I don't know, I just hope that she will not transform into a wayward, problematic teenager and adult.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Saturday

Last Saturday, hubs was in a mood to bring the gals to the park in the morning.

Baby who has not drank her milk yet has to be spoon-fed the milk in the car. I tell ya, spoon-feeding her milk 3x a day is no joke and is one of the most unpleasant and stressful chores for me. Thank God, I can tai chi this chore to my maid in the morning, with me coming in to rescue her when Baby fusses.

From the car to the park, it took almost half an hour for me to finish spoon-feeding her 4 pathetic ounces of Pediasure (only 1.5 scoop of milk powder to 4 ounces of water as Pediasure is very sweet and thick and Baby just hates thick and sweet stuff).

After she had finished her milk, she was allowed to play, like a dog on a leash let loose.

Rascal #1 and #2's pants were so black that I had to place a plastic mat on the car seat before they sat on it.

After sweating it out at the playground, Daddy then brought us for breakfast at a nearby coffee shop for another sweat-it-out session.

After breakfast, we 'pong chan' the street vendors and bought more CNY cookies and snacks.

Though this outing is not as fun-filled as a stay in a Puerto Vallarta rental, the gals nevertheless enjoyed themselves to the max. They told me that they would love to have this sort of outing every week. Kids, they really are easy to please, aren't they?