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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hotel Reservations

Hubby and I are planning a trip to Hong Kong to visit my in-laws. They have been asking us to bring Alycia and Sherilyn to Disneyland in Hong Kong. Our plan to visit Hong Kong will most likely materialize as I’ve almost saved enough money from my paid posts to purchase myself an air ticket. Since my sil stays in a condo and there are not enough rooms to put us all up at her place, I told hubs that we should book our hotel rooms online through this awesome travel website, Hotel Reservations as recommended by my friend.

Hotel Reservations can help to create a vacation package for you. All you need to do is to key in your choice of destination, departure date, arrival date, number of adults and children and in just a few seconds, voila… you get a few packages of different hotels, motels and resorts with rates to suit one’s budget. For those who want to drive around for sight-seeing, they can also rent a car through Hotel Reservations.

There are great discounts on-going now at various hotels linked with Hotel Reservations world-wide. For example, I just found out that L Hotel Nina et Convention Center in Tsuen Wan Waterfront, Hong Kong is offering a discounted average nightly rate of only $93.51 for the period Sep 2 through Sep 10 2007. That’s pretty cheap for a hotel located in the center of Hong Kong.

Another reason why I would like to make my hotel reservations with Hotel Reservations is because there are hotel discounts known as ‘Special Internet Rate’ booked through Interactive Affiliate Network where the hotel rates are guaranteed to be the lowest one can find. If there is a lower rate available for the same dates and same hotel, one can contact Hotel Reservations within 24 hours of booking the ‘Special Internet Rate’ and upon verification, Hotel Reservations will at their discretion match the lower rate or cancel the reservation without a cancellation fee.

If you are planning a holiday abroad, look no further, log in to HotelReservations.com and you will be spoilt for choice with the wide selection of hotels, motels, resorts, vacation packages and rentals at really affordable prices.

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Petai Dish

I love Petai or 'chau tau' in cantonese or it literally means smelly beans in English if translated from cantonese. I love Petai stir-fried with sambal belacan (prawn paste and chillies) but since my 2 gals also eat them, I normally stir-fry the Petai with diced chicken meat, soya sauce, garlic and shallots. Petai is like the Durian, they smell horrible before you cook them and you will have a bad after-taste in your mouth after you've eaten them but when you eat them, they taste really delicious. Petai is also known to have medicinal values, especially in treating high blood pressure, diabetes and other ailments.

IRateMyDay.com - Microsoft Zune Contest!

Do you want to win a cool Microsoft Zune media player? If yes, all you have to do is to participate in a contest organized by IRateMyDay.com. I Rate My Day is a micro-blogging site which allows you to share your feelings with the rest of the World in total simplicity.

Do hurry up to sign up for the contest as the inscriptions for the contest finishes on 31 July 2007 and the contest ends on 31 August 2007. To find out more about I Rate My Day and this Microsoft Zune contest, do check out their cool website and register for a FREE account. I have just registered my account there too!


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A Saucy Fish Story

Sherilyn is finally weaned off from blended food, for over 1 month, hooray! However, she still doesn't like to eat chicken meat or any other meat except fish balls, fish paste and steamed fish BUT she has to eat her steamed fish with this special sauce made up of organic soya sauce, olive oil, garlic, shredded ginger and fresh spring onions all stir-fried together. She loves the sauce very much and insists that the bowl of sauce be placed next to her during dinner time everyday. I tried cooking sweet and sour fish or pan-fried fish but nope, she wouldn't eat the fish and spat them all out. Since she doesn't eat any other meat, I try to steam fish for her everyday with the special sauce of course.

The special fish sauce that Sherilyn is crazy over.

And this is how Sherilyn eats her dinner everyday. I've asked my maid to dilute the sauce with some soup when she cooks it so that it will not be that salty.

Beard Papa's Cream Puff

That's my favorite food, Beard Papa's Natural Cream Puff which DH bought from Mid Valley Megamall yesterday. He bought a box of 5 cream puffs. I gave one to my maid and the gals and I gobbled down 3 yesterday and 1 today. It's best eaten fresh on the day you purchase it, else the pastry will turn squidgy the following day. If you haven't tasted it yet, you really got to buy 1 to try, really delicious! There are 3 flavors - original, green tea and chocolate and i like the original one best.

Monday, July 30, 2007

My $$ Is Finally In!

Woohoo.... the 2nd batch of my hard earned money was finally transferred from my Paypal account (in my brother's name) into my brother's bank account in Singapore several days ago. The $$ will no longer be see no touch as my bro will pass me the cash soon. I shall transfer the 3rd batch once the amount reaches SGD200 so that the transfer fees will be waived. With the 3rd batch of $$ coming in, I can even purchase an air ticket to Hong Kong for myself. Hopefully DH and I can bring the gals to Hong Kong Disneyland come year end, keeping our fingers crossed.

Qoo Forum

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At Qoo Forum, you will have access to all the topics, communicate privately with other members, respond to polls, upload contents, access many other special features and best of all, you can participate in the ad revenue sharing program.

In this ad revenue sharing program, active members are entitled to 50% of the Google AdSense revenue generated by the threads they have started. For many bloggers, you would already know what Google AdSense is. The Ad Revenue Sharing System at Qoo Forum uses the Google AdSense network to monetize the forum and it is a system that shares advertisement revenue made by the forum to its active members.

In order to participate in the Ad Revenue Sharing System at Qoo Forum :

1) you must be a registered user and have contributed a minimum of 50 posts to the forum. Once you have reached that level, your ad code will be applied to all the threads started by you.

2) you must have an AdSense Publisher ID. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for Google AdSense here.

3) you must not violate Google AdSense TOS in this forum and any other site with your ad code.

How much you get to earn depends on your level of participation to the forum. Currently, you are entitled to 50% chance of showing your ad code within the threads that are started by you. Therefore, the more threads you start, the more you will earn.

If you want to be a part of a quickly growing community and start earning some money whilst you have fun posting your threads and meeting new people, quickly register at Qoo Forum today.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tag : Creatures I Hate Most

Thanks Chin Nee for passing this tag to me. You know I need to do more tags to help increase my PR eh? Since I don't have much time, I shall write a a short post on this tag. I also have another 2 tags outstanding from Montessorimum and Big Pumpkin.

The creatures I loathe and fear most are :

1) Cockroaches. I hate any insects and bugs that emit stinky odours and have wings. I especially hate cockroaches because they really stink the hell out of me when I accidentally step on them and I hate the black liquid that these pests squirt out, eeeewww..... really disgusting and stinky!

2) Rats. I hate them because they are filthy. I hate it most when they crawl over my legs when I don't notice them and all of a sudden I feel something hairy and warm resting on my feet. Eeeeyou....... so geli!

I'm going to pass the fear factor baton to :

1) Scibbles For My Angels
2) Mummy In Vain
3) Mommy to Chumsy. ... good filler post for you!

Blue Black Cheek

Sherilyn is always bursting with energy, ideas and mischievous. She climbs up and down the sofa, climbs up the tv cabinet, puts her potty inside the drawer and then sits on the potty, jumps on the sofa as if she's jumping on a trampoline, hops up and down the stairs of the split-level at our hall and pretends to be a frog, yanks off drawer knobs and safety gadgets, touches forbidden items and the list goes. Several days ago, she knocked her cheek on the wall whilst she was jumping on the sofa and got a blue-black mark on her face, just below her left eye but that still did not stop her from jumping again less than half an hour later. Sometimes I just don't know how to discipline and tame this little monkey for she doesn't really fear anything, not even the whip.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Durian For Breakfast!

Alycia enjoying every bite of the durian whilst Sherilyn was enjoying her perssimon and grapes for breakfast.

It's the durian season now and since I love durian so much, DH would buy me durian from the pasar malam every Friday. It's not only DH and I who love eating them but both Alycia and Sherilyn have also developed a strong liking for the king of the fruit.

Normally DH would buy enough durian for me to savour for 2-3 days and I would keep them in the fridge and eat them for breakfast for 2-3 straight mornings, without any signs of boredom. Yesterday, I decided to give 1 seed to Alycia and she enjoyed every single bite of the flesh. I just hope she won't get heaty after eating them as she had also eaten some petai the day before.

400th Post

I can't believe I'd already reached my 400th post in my blog yesterday and my blog is only slightly over 3 months. Just can't wait to announce that I've reached my 400th paid post very soon.

Modem Conked Out

One of my greatest fears came true this morning when my modem conked out. My computer has been running really slow and the internet connection has been unstable for the past few days. I thought there were some probs with Streamyx or a bug has hit my PC. The modem was still ok at 2am but when I tried to turn it on at 6am, there were no lights, not even the 'power' light was blinking. I panicked and knew I had to wait a few days for the TM Net technician to fix it as it is the weekend. I called TM Net and was told that I had to wait for 2 working days. I told the guy I had to get the modem replaced ASAP as I'm running a home business and can't afford to have any downtime (must exaggerate a bit lar) but the guy told me no, I have to wait for 2 working days. Not satisfied with the Malaysian 'no attitude', I called again and this time, I wasn't Miss Nice anymore. I tried to exert some urgency and raised my voice a tad bit and it worked. The guy promised to send me a technician by today.

By 10am, the technician was still no where to be seen and I called again. This time, the 3rd customer service guy told me the same crap - "no Mam' our technicians don't work on a weekend". I gave him a piece of my mind and told him I want to see a technican first thing Monday morning. 1/2 hour later, I saw a TM Net van outside my house. When I saw the technician outside my gate, I was happy beyond words. The technician found out that my modem's adaptor was faulty and got it replaced. I was so happy and thankful that I gave him quite a big tip albeit it's FOC.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Alycia Fell Off The Bed

Several days ago, Alycia was playing on the bed with daddy and Sherilyn when suddenly, she fell off the bed and landed head down (back of the head) on the floor. I knew it was quite a painful fall from the sound and tone of her cry, the one with the "waaaaah....." followed by a long pause kind of cry. When I touched her head, I was shocked to feel a huge 'bungalow' immediately after the fall. Daddy and I frantically shuffled her hair to check her scalp and we saw a huge red hump or 'bungalow' like this :

I rushed to get some ice cubes from the kitchen, wrapped them on a hanky and began rubbing them on her scalp. Thank God, she didn't throw up after the fall, even slept through the night and when she woke up the next morning, the hump had almost subsided.

All smiles again after daddy put cold compress on her head.

The next morning, daddy went to Safe n Sound at 1U to buy another bed railing to attach it to our king-sized bed. However, the size was not right and daddy had to bring it back to Safe n Sound the following day to get it changed but daddy didn't complain. He would never complain of anything done for his 2 princesses.

The new Safety 1st bed railing on our king-sized bed.

Charity Tag : Darul Izzah Orphanage of Boys

Thanks Big Pumpkin for this meme. I love doing charity, sorry I took quite a while to complete this assignment.

For each 17 out of the 27 items here listed completed by a blogger, RM127 will go to the Darul Izzah Orphanage. When you’re done, please go to Idham’s comments to let him know you’ve completed it. Here it is:

1. A person is only as good as …………
2. Friendship is always…………about give and take.
3. To love is to………….be blind to a person's flaws.
4. Money makes me…………happier and have the ability to do more charity.
5. I miss…………..my childhood days.
6. My way of saying I care is by………….doing something special wholeheartedly, for that person.
7. I try to spread love and happiness by………….trying to help and give as much as I can without expecting something in return.
8. Pick the flowers when………….they are at their full bloom and smell them.
9. To love someone is to………….make sacrifices for him/her without complaining or expecting something in return.
10. Beauty is………….in the eye of the beholder.
11. When I was thirteen, what I remember…………I was carefree, happy and was infatuated with one guy.
12. When I was twenty one, I remember………….I went to Bangkok and Hong Kong for a holiday with my mum.
13. I am most happy when…………..I have a fruitful day and everything seems to go my way.
14. Nothing makes me happier than………….seeing me and all my loved ones healthy and happy.
15. If I can change one thing, I will change…………my impatience and hot temper.
16. If smiles were banned…………I would feel wierd and miserable.
17. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could………
18. If you want to ask me to smile while taking my picture……….
19. Money is not everything but…………almost everything needs money to buy.
20. The most touching moments I have experienced is……….
21. I smile when………..Alycia and Sherilyn say something funny.
22. When I am happy, I………..thank God for it.
23. If only I don’t have to………..
24. The best thing I did yesterday was………….
25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title…………
26. One thing I must do before I die is…………to travel to at least 3 countries. I can use up all my money then.... who cares coz I am going to die soon!
27. Doing this meme, I feel like………..I'm answering some subjective questions in an exam.

I'm now passing this charity meme to :

1) Baby Shern
2) Hipncoolmomma
3) Janice Ng

Purple Flower Plant

Since I'd received requests from many mommies to have the picture of the purple flower plant taken, I went to the playground near my house early this morning to have the pic of the purple flower plant snapped.

Sorry, I don't know the scientific English name of this plant and I'm not sure if this plant grows in any other country besides tropical countries. You can do a google search to find out more about this plant.

I was advised that the leaves of the plant can also be boiled and I normally put in 2 blades of leaves to boil together with barley for Alycia and Sherilyn to drink. Another benefit of drinking water boiled from the flowers and leaves of this plant is that it alleviates constipation. It works for me and my 2 gals in relieving constipation. In fact you will have a real smooth 'business' after consuming this drink and it doesn't cause any tummy discomfort.

*Disclaimer - this is not intended to be a medical advice*


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All you have to do to bid is enter your cell phone number and amount to bid and click ‘bid now’ and you’ll receive a text message to see if your bid is the lowest unique bid. If it’s not, you can bid again. There is even a 2-minute video at the Bid4Prizes website which shows you how to play to win prizes.

If you win a prize at Bid4Prizes, it is absolutely free. Bid4prizes even pays for the shipping but as with winning any prize taxes may apply.

Why not try your luck at Bid4Prizes today and you could be driving home a BMW 3 series or get richer by a few hundred dollars to one million dollars. Click here to join Bid4Prizes today.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Purple Flower, A Natural Anti-Oxidant & Remedy

I had promised earlier that I will blog about this 'Phong Far' (as the chinese call it in cantonese), a flower with purplish, greenish petals and tiny white flowers inside the bud. This flower has been known for a long time to be a natural anti-oxidant and remedy for various ailments and diseases. The leaves are pointy and long and also purplish and greenish in colour.

My late maternal grandma used to boil the flower with either pork or raw yellow sugar whenever my youngest brother had eczema decades ago. My mum is now drinking this purple flower water boiled with raw yellow sugar to treat her goitre and fibroids.

When I went for my pap-smear and annual medical check-up a few months ago, my gynae had detected a very tiny fibroid of apprx 1cm in size in my uterus when he did a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan. Naturally, I was alarmed and stunned. My gynae was however very blase about it and said I don't need to take any action and said that fibroids are prevalent among women (1 in 5 women has it) and normally would not turn malignant.

Some time last year, when my mum went for her routine medical check-up, her gynae had also detected a fibroid in her uterus. My mum's friends then advised her to boil 'phong far' with raw yellow sugar to shrink the cyst. Miraculously after months of consuming the 'phong far' water, the ultrasound scans showed that the cyst had vanished. My mum's friends who had cysts in various parts of their internal body also drank this flower water and swear by the miraculous healing properties. One of my mum's friend's surgeon also recommended this flower water to his patients with cysts.
I plucked these flowers from a bush next to a playground near my house.

I add 1 tablespoon of raw yellow sugar to approximately 4 cups of water.

Put the flowers and yellow sugar into a pot of water and boil for approximately 1 hour.

Washing the flowers is quite a onerous task as I have to open up the petals of each flower and wash out the soil and dirt under running water. It takes me half an hour to wash 2 handfuls of flowers.

The 'phong far' drink. It has a sweet fragrant flowery taste.

I have been boiling 'phong far' with raw yellow sugar for myself, Alycia (for her eczema) and Sherilyn for her swollen lymph nodes for the last 2 months and have so far consumed it more than 20 times. Sherilyn has no problem drinking it, in fact she LOVES it. A few days ago, when I touched the lump below Sherilyn's jaw, it had reduced in size and not so tender anymore.

* Disclaimer : this is not intended to be a medical advice*

Kompany Iklan Huruf Tiga P

Semua opps dari kompany iklan nama huruf tiga P ini sangat laku, macam ada duit jatuh dari langit. Satu saat you nampak banyak opps yang sangat cantik dan senang ditulis tapi the next saat, bila you nak accept opps tu, dah hilang entah ke mana atau berubah jadi warna kelabu. I sangat frus dengan tiga P ini. Terlalu manyak rules and regulations. Nasib baik, I masih ada offer dari kompany iklan yang lain. Kalau tidak, macam mana nak cari makan dengan tiga P ini, manyak orang nak fight untuk rampas opps....buat you gila betul.

A Fruitful Morning

Despite the slight hiccup with Streamyx and an interrupted sleep this morning from the stupid car alarm, I must say it was really a fruitful morning for me as I had completed 4 paid posts in just 2 hours. I got up at 6am, quickly fixed my computer, accepted an offer from a company in my url and later saw a few nice offers from 3P. However, with the cap of 2 opps per blogger, I quickly grabbed 2 opps with the least words and the easiest to write. Now, I can sau tong and spend some time with my gals. Alycia is waiting to have her bath with me together.

Activities To Keep Toddlers Occupied

When I need to get some work done on the computer, I'll assign some activities for Alycia and Sherilyn. What they love most now are puzzles, colouring, scribbling and playing with stickers.

I have to separate Alycia and Sherilyn so that Sherilyn will not mess up her sister's work. When she does, a war will break out.

I let them stick stickers in a note book and they have so much fun with it. I had just created this new activity as I do not want them to stick those stickers everywhere in the house.

Pissed Off With Streamyx

I am really pissed off with Streamyx as the connection has been unstable for the last 2 days. I woke up at 3am today when the alarm from a car parked outside a condo opposite my house went off for almost 4 hours. So I went downstairs to my computer to check for offers but the internet connection keeps breaking up. So I went back to sleep but just couldn't sleep as the stupid car alarm kept wailing away so loudly. When I woke up at 6am, thank God the internet connection was up again and I saw an email from one review company informing me that there's an offer but when I'd logged into the website, the offer was already taken up. What the fun! Had the internet connection been up, I could have accepted the offer when I woke up at 3am. This has happened twice already and I'm just so pissed off. What the fish! Never mind lar, I still have a few more reviews to work on. Hopefully I'll receive more offers today.

Alycia Takes Over My Role

I read to the gals whenever they have their milk fixes from the bottle. Lately, I have been busy with my assignments so Alycia has taken over my role. Yesterday, I didn't read to Sherilyn when she was having her mid-morning milk fix. So Alycia took out a book and said "come Kay Yi, let me read to you" as she lay down on the floor next to Sherilyn and began 'reading' to her like this :

I'm really proud of Alycia.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Combi Bib

This is the Combi bib that I got Sherilyn from Toys City, 1U. It cost me RM50, before a 20% discount. It's expensive but I feel it's well worth the investment coz Sher's a real messy eater and with a good food-catcher bib, it saves me all the trouble cleaning up the food that she drops or spits out.

The rubbery bib is detachable, foldable (good for outings) and is adjustable to 3 heights, depending on the size of the toddler.

Need Catering?

Anyone needs catering for just about any functions? You have a caterer right here, that's right, my hubby is a caterer. Just call Alan at 019-266 4297 for a quote today.

These are pix taken at one of his recent functions.

This is not a sponsored post :)

New Books and Jigsaw Puzzle

I got some cheap Bumblebee books, produced locally by Pelangi from MPH for the gals on Sunday. They only cost between RM1.90 to RM3.90 each. The words are huge and there are colourful illustrations on the pages. I also got Alycia a 48-piece jigsaw puzzle which only cost RM5.90. I saw some Dr Seuss books and I was so tempted to buy them but they are way out of my budget, costing RM30 and above. Well, I may buy them if I get to earn more from paid posts.

Tagged : Rockin' Girl Blogger

Received this award 4 times from Hipncoolmomma, Mummy In Vain, Mommy to Chumsy and Montessorimum. I feel so honoured to be given this award of a Rockin' Girl Blogger 4 times but I don't think I rock lar. I am just addicted to blogging.

I shall not pass this award to anyone coz I notice that almost all the bloggers had received it already. Thanks once again to Girlie, Vivian, Barbara and Elaine for nominating me!

Paid Posts

I got a real pleasant surprise this morning when I went to check out this review company's website, just to try my luck in grabbing some offers albeit being informed by them that I can only come back on 1 Aug 07 to accept offers as my quota has already been maxed out. I was so happy when I saw a message stating that the new quota is now 40 per month. I quickly checked my categories and my goodness, I saw so many offers waiting for me to accept. I quickly accepted 6 offers and now, I have lots of assignments to do. I can forget about PPP for the time being as I had not properly selected the category my blog should be in, thus the reason why I have not been receiving opps from them. Thanks Chin Nee for informing me! PPP says I can only change my blog category in 24 days' time, what the fun!.... never mind, thank God, I still have some offers from other companies.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Favorite Protein Snacks

My all-time favorite protein snacks:

Organic sunflower seed and sesame seed candies.

Black sesame seed and pumpkin seed candies.

Dried roasted sugar and salt-free chickpeas.

Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

This is the magnetic Thomas and Friends jigsaw puzzle that I bought Alycia from Safe n Sound, 1U. It looks easy to fix but if all the puzzles are dismantled and jumbled up, you will have a real hard time putting the puzzles together again. Yesterday, after the gals had jumbled up all the puzzles, I had to get my maid's help to put the puzzles together before keeping them as I was busy with some assignments. Alycia still needs some guidance from me to fix this puzzle as the puzzle pieces are quite small and difficult to assemble. I've also learnt a lesson. I can only give her 1 set of the puzzle (1 set consists of 4 Thomas characters) at a time and not all the 3 sets at once, so that she won't jumble up all the sets.

Writing Paid Posts

I woke up at 5:30am today. Completed the 2 offers that I had accepted at 2:30am and now, I'll do some back exercise on my fitball then I'll head outside to my porch to work-out on my trampoline again. It's really tiring working like this but I get a sense of achievement and my financial security back. It's amazing how money motivates people.

Grabbing Offers

This morning, I woke up at 2:30am to ease myself in the loo. Before I hopped back onto bed, my legs were itchy and I was very tempted to get downstairs to check for offers on my computer. So downstairs I went and when I refreshed my screen, I saw 2 nice offers from my favorite review company. I quickly accepted the 2 offers without a bat in my eyelid and then went back to bed. Minutes later into my sleep, I had dreamt of accepting more offers from this company. The dream seemed so vivid and I was happily clicking on the 'accept' tab in my dream. Oh what a sweet dream, if only it would come true.

A Day Out At One Utama

On Sunday, daddy brought us to One Utama. We had brunch at Paddington House of Pancakes. Alycia and Sherilyn enjoyed the savoury and sweet pancakes very much. We also enjoyed the beautiful view from the glass window facing the indoor park. After brunch, we went to buy Sherilyn a pair of white color shoes from Tree House Kids' Shoes, MPH to buy some story books, a karaoke nursery rhymes VCD and a 48-piece jigsaw puzzle. We also went to Safe n Sound and daddy bought another Safety 1st bed-railing and a magnetic Thomas and Friends jigsaw puzzle. I'll tell you why he bought another bed-railing. Later, we went to Toys City and mummy bought an expensive Combi bib. Before we left, we had Japanese food at this new restaurant called Shogun something, located next to Good Evening Thai Restaurant.

The savoury pancake with egg, sausage, baked tomato and Romania lettuce.

Coin-sized pancakes topped with grounded peanuts, white chocolate flakes, fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

The girls at a gift shop. Sherilyn was crazy over the 3D sphere ball and the rubber yoyo but mummy said "NO, cannot buy coz you have too many toys at home".

If we're at 1U, daddy will surely not miss out bringing his 2 angels for the animal train ride and animal motorized rides.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ranting - Writing Paid Posts

I have just written and submitted a post for a review company. It has so many requirements attached to the offer in complicated instructions I almost went berserk. I had accepted this offer in the morning at about 9am and only managed to submit the post at 12noon. There were just too much disruptions in between. Lately, my 2 gals, especially Sherilyn, want so much of my attention. They want me to sit with them to do things with them almost the entire day! I am trying to concentrate typing but my 2 gals are constantly whining and fussing and tugging me. I tell you, I can go crazy like this. Lately, they also do not want to nap during the daytime, so that leaves me with no time to do my paid posts. That's the reason why I have to wake up at ungodly hours in the wee hours of the morning to complete my assignments.

I have not been visiting many of my friends' blogs lately as most of my time is just spent trying to complete assignments, reading to my gals, playing puzzles with them, drawing with them, attending to their wishes, whimps and fancies, etc. etc. Sorry.... i'll try and drop by your blog today and kay poh to see what's been happening. I still have a few more uncompleted assignments but i'll give myself a rest first.

Aarrrggh.... Alycia is whining again screaming "i want mummy, i want mummy, i dont want kakak!!! "

Sherilyn Has Super Itchy Fingers

Sherilyn has super duper itchy fingers. Daddy had brought back Mickey and Pooh Bear from the storeroom in his office a couple of days ago. The gals has so many toys I had to keep some in our house storeroom and another batch in daddy's office. We bring out the ' new old toys' once in a while and keep the current old ones so that they have 'new' toys to play with all the time.

Within half an hour of playing with the 'new' Mickey Mouse toy after daddy had brought it back, I saw Sherilyn sitting quietly on the floor digging out Mickey's eyes. When daddy asked her why she dug out Mickey's eyes, Sherilyn's reply was "got poop inside the eyes." Daddy then asked her where she had kept Mickey's eyes, Sherilyn replied "flooded away di." Super good excuses!

Yesterday, she removed Pooh Bear's t-shirt and Mickey's shorts and tried to wear them but they got stuck on her legs. This brat is always bursting with ideas. Sometimes I dont know whether to laugh or get mad at her. She makes me fuming mad yet never fails to douse off the fire raging in my head with her antics.

Naked Mickey and Pooh Bear.

Writing Paid Posts

This particular review company has not been releasing offers for almost 5 days. Most of my blogger friends also wonder why this company has not been releasing any offers for so long. Last night, they finally released one offer into my url but it's on the same topic again. I accepted it anyway as I love this review company. They answer your e-mails promptly and are a good paymaster. 60% of my revenue is from this review company. One bad thing about this company is that they require you to have 2 non-paid posts between their paid posts which means that if I write 3 paid posts for this company in one day, i need to write 6 non-paid posts in between!

I hit the sack at 11ish pm last night as I was really worn out after days of waking up at ungodly hours to grab offers and to complete my assignments. I woke up at 5:30am this morning to complete some of my assignments and I still have a few more to complete.

It's 6:30am now. I'm going to write one more review and then I'll head outside to my porch to jump on my trampoline. I love my work-out sessions as most of my ideas on writing start pouring out during this time.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Magic Disney Towel

What do you think this is? Does it look like a cookie or a notepad? No, this is a magic Disney cotton towel which SIL bought from Hong Kong. When I saw it the first time, I'd thought it was a cookie or notepad.

To 'open up' the towel, the towel is to be soaked in water for a few seconds.

When it's fully soaked in water, the towel opens up easily, like the petals of a flower blooming.

The person who came up with this idea is really ingenious and creative. What a cool souvenier this is.

Chip n Dale Purse

My SIL bought Alycia and Sherilyn 2 identical Chin N Dale purses from Hong Kong Disneyland recently but the gals are still fighting over the purses every single day. When one of them looses the purse and can't find it, the fight begins over the other remaining purse. The fight got out of hand a couple of days ago with a tug of war over the remaining purse and Miss Pukey Sherilyn ended up crying until she puked. My maid and I had to search high and low for the lost purse in the house. When it was finally found under her pillow (she had brought it to sleep), I had to write their names on the purses and warned them that nobody gets to take each other's purse again. There has been no more fights over the purses since.