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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cheezy Omelette By Sherilyn

Lately, Sherilyn is into whipping up fanciful omelettes for us. Whenever there is a holiday or during the weekend, she will wake up early in a cheery mood, all ready to fire up in the kitchen. With a little hint that she will be dishing up an omelette dish for us, she will then proceed to the kitchen to fish out a cucumber, tomatoes, some small and big onions and eggs. She will do everything on her own, telling me "mu-um, I will do everything myself. You don't have to help me. I will wash everything up too!"

Today, she added shredded cheddar cheese into the omelette. While patiently peeling, chopping and cutting onions, cucumbers and tomatoes, she sang away happily in the kitchen.  I am starting to fall in love with this girl all over again!

This is Sherilyn's yummy cheezy omelette today, which composed of 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 big onion, several small onions, mixed herbs, fresh milk, pepper, shredded cheddar cheese and 4 eggs.

Today is the eve of CNY. We will be having our reunion dinner at hubs' uncle's house. Thank goodness we do not have to cook up a storm at home. Our part-time maids are unable to come for the next few days but it's A-OK. Since it's CNY, I am pretty much free to roll up my sleeves to slog like a dog. Nehmind, it's just a once-yearly affair ;)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Famous Tangkak Beef Noodles

During our trip to Singapore in December last year, we made a pit-stop at Tangkak, Johor for brunch to savor the famous Tangkak Beef Noodles.  With practically nothing in our tum tums, we were famished!  The noodles were served pretty quickly and I walloped down half a bowl of vermicelli and almost a bowl of yummy beef balls and tender beef meat.

The amount of beef served on each bowl of noodles was very generous.  I forgot to tell the stall owner that I eat no cow's spare parts, thus they were wasted. 

The meat was tender and juicy and beef balls were, well, very beefy!  What made the noodles stand out were the very flavorful beefy soup and the generous portion of meat served in each bowl.

Tangkak beef noodles - take this

Check out the amount of beef and spare parts used to prepare this big pot of beef soup.  Just typing this post is already making my tum tum growl!

Tangkak beef noodles - 2


Tangkak beef noodles - 3

If we ever go to Johor or Singapore again, this will definitely be the place for us to stop to fill up our tummies. Highly recommended!  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Promising Young Chef!

For two days in a row, Sherilyn has been dishing out this cucumber onion omelette dish for breakfast for everyone and man I tell you, it was really delish! Even Alycia, who has always been critical of Sherilyn praised her for whipping up this delish omelette dish. There is no special ingredient used but the concoction of cucumber + onions in the egg mixture just made this simple egg dish very flavorful.

Sher fries egg2

Ingredients that Sherilyn used:
1) Eggs
2) Cherry tomatoes
3) Small onions
4) Japanese cucumber
5) Fresh milk
6) Salt
7) Pepper
8) Mixed herbs
9) Cooking oil

Initially I was skeptical that she could handle everything on her own in the kitchen. But I have been really busy the past two weeks and had no time to supervise her in the kitchen, so I said yes to her when she asked me if she could make a special omlette dish for us. During my MIL's four-month long absence recently, Sherilyn has shown keen interest in learning the ropes of cooking. Whenever I cooked, she would stand next to me, observing. Sometimes I let her help me at the stove when my hands were all tied to something else.

Sher fries egg1  

Sherilyn is a very promising chef, despite her clumsiness. Thank God she did not cut her fingers while chopping the onions and cucumbers and did not burn her hands on the stove. All I can say is practice makes perfect!  Good job Sherilyn!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finally, Alycia Is Accepting PINK!

Lately, my not-so-girlish eldest daughter started to like wearing pink!  And from the little girl with frumpish taste in fashion, she is starting to accept what I chose for her.  In this picture, she is wearing a Padini Kids tri-colored short pants -- the back of the pants are pastel yellow and pastel pink on each side. When I first showed her the pants at the mall, she gave me a disgusted look, like "I ain't gonna wear that!!" but after some encouragement from her grand-aunt and me, she finally agreed to try the pants and said "OK" to her dad paying for it. I was like, WTF, what kind of world is this where a mother has to plead with her daughter to try on new clothes and to buy them?!! *roll eyes*!!  Well, this never happened during my time. I was always the one pleading and pestering my mum to buy me new clothes!  Always!

In this picture, Alycia also wore a pair of flip flops with a FLOWER on top.  Yeah, she finally accepted FLOWERS  muahahaha!!  And of course, I was so happy that she likes this PINK color ribbon Minnie tee from HK Disneyland!

I am still working on getting her to accessorize her hair and to wear skirts and dresses. I know it's a tall order to change someone's character and preference but I think it can be done.    This girl will morph into a beautiful young lady who loves dresses, heels and all things feminine. Yes she will.   Just give me a little time to brainwash her ;)


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Prophet Muhammad Public Holiday - 14 January 2014

The hubs bought Sherilyn a bicycle for her 6th birthday three years ago but you know what? The bicycle has been collecting dust and rust in the shed of our condo basement since the day the bicycle arrived. When hubs bought the bicycle for Sherilyn, he also bought one for himself but as usual, we are too often bogged down with busyness and laziness, thus his bicycle has also been long neglected.

Today being a public holiday, he finally moved his butt and took the girls cycling at the tennis court of our condo, with him cycling along with them. But they had to shower their bicycles before they could ride on them as the bicycles were coated with a thick layer of dust icing *eeeuuuuuueee*

Hol 1

While they cycled in the tennis court, I worked out in the gym before our next pigging out session in the afternoon haha!

Awesome Food Panda Food Delivery Service

My princess wannabe has been bugging me to throw her a princess party for her 9th birthday next month. For most of her birthdays, the dates fell during the first few days of Chinese New Year, which made it difficult for us to invite her friends to a party. This year though, it will be just after Chinese New Year. We may organize a birthday party for her, to be held at the pool-side, as that is what she requested for – a party by the pool with her bunch of besties from school and tuition centre.

If Sherilyn gets a final nod of approval from her daddy for a pool-side birthday party, I may try out Food Panda, a food delivery service which my friend recommended to me. She used Food Panda’s food delivery service during her daughter’s birthday party recently, so there was no stress of having to prepare the food. She ordered from A&W and Papa John’s and only paid a small delivery fee to Food Panda for sending the food to her house.  Food is often the biggest stress when it comes to organizing a party. With the help of a food delivery service company, we can focus on other aspects of the party :)

Happy Camper

Cass was a very happy camper on Sunday when the birthday girl's mummy gave her this bunch of balloons to bring home after the party. With 3 angels, I have gone through over 10 years of balloon craze days with them. I love those moments seeing how balloons had brought twinkle to my daughters' eyes and a big smile to their faces. I guess this year will be the last year I have to deal with the nuisance of having balloons in my house. When Cass goes to Primary 1 next year, that will be the end of her baby days. It will be the start of a brand new journey for her.

The thought of coming home to a quiet house devoid of toys and kids chattering is already making me sentimental. But no no, I ain't going to consider having a fourth baby. No way!!

bday party sunday

Cass is so in love with this bunch of helium-filled balloons. What am I going to do with them? I think I have to shop for some spring mounts and attach it to the wall to hold the balloons in place.

Best Drug Rehabilitation

When you or a loved one has finally acknowledged that there is indeed a drug addiction problem going on, the next hardest step is determining how to get help. Outpatient drug rehab and inpatient drug rehab are both options, as are self-directed therapy programs. When determining the best type of help to get for a drug problem, it's best to begin with a traditional drug rehab center. These centers are staffed by experienced and compassionate professionals who can help you assess the extent and severity of your drug problem, and make recommendations as to the best treatment options to pursue.

 Choosing a potential drug rehab center can be an overwhelming prospect, especially if you have never had any experience with this particular situation. Whether the addiction is yours or a loved one's, it can be hard to initially cope with the shock of the newfound knowledge. But, it's important to take a deep breath, and know that you can only do one thing at a time. The first course of action is to find the best drug rehabilitation center.

When looking at centers, consider one of the most important aspects of seeking this type of treatment: how much is it going to cost, and will any present health insurance benefits cover the cost? Sometimes it's best to call your health insurance company directly and ask them for a list of covered rehab facilities. More and more insurance companies are providing coverage for addictions, so you can expect to speak with a representative who is both knowledgeable and sensitive to your situation.
If your health insurance company provides full coverage for a drug rehab, or if the cost is not something that is a potential stumbling block, consider a rehab facility that does not take the cookie cutter approach to providing treatment for drug addictions. A customized approach can help if you have other needs, such as alcohol addiction or mental health concerns. By picking a rehab facility that can offer personalized treatments that are based on your needs, you are much more likely to succeed and not go back to becoming dependent on drugs or even alcohol. 

Most drug rehab centers will invite you to check out their center directly, take a tour, and meet with the director and perhaps a few therapists prior to making a decision as to whether or not you will enroll there. This is a good way to go through a list of potential drug centers and find out what services each one offers. Some may require that you are admitted into an inpatient treatment center, while others may offer outpatient treatment, or a mixture of inpatient and outpatient treatment (inpatient for one to two weeks, then outpatient services for several months). When meeting with rehab center staff you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, so be sure to bring a pen and paper with you so you can write down thoughts as they come to you.

Remember that your own sense of comfort and security will play a large role in how successful you are at completing the requirements of a drug treatment center. While you can expect there to be some physical discomfort and emotional upheaval as you wean off of the drugs and progress into therapy, you should also feel comfortable with your room and other accommodations at a drug treatment center, and the staff should make you feel welcome, respected, and not judged for the position that you are in.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chinese New Year Deco At China Town KL

Last Sunday we dropped by one of the shops that sell CNY decor and paraphernalia in China Town after our lunch at Pik Wah (MABA House) Restaurant.  We intended to get some CNY decor to decorate the X'mas tree after I saw how nice my friend had decorated her X'mas tree.  Decorating the X'mas tree with CNY decor is a good way of making full use of the X'mas tree and also to delay dismantling it, wrapping it and storing it :D

But our plans did not materialize. The shop was flooded with humans - I was brushing my shoulders and butt with women and men. I did not even know who to go to for help for checking on the price.  And the queue to pay was very long too.  It was crazily packed like sardines inside the shop.

 petaling str1      

So we left the shop empty-handed.  Perhaps we will go there this Sunday if the hubs is willing to take us there again :)

 petaling str2

Friday, January 3, 2014

Math Lover

Cass who is 5YO is a Math lover. She brings Math workbooks with her when we go out and works on them while waiting for the food to arrive. I am glad that she loves Math coz I never really did enjoy Math. Well actually I did not mind doing Math but my introduction to Additional Math in Form 4 suffocated my interest in Math totally.  Well, I still managed to scrape through with a credit for Additional Math in my SPM but you know what, I never really had to apply Add. Math in my real life situation, hah! 

Anyway, being proficient in Math is definitely a plus point and if Cass can capitalize on her strengths and turns out to be a Math genius, I'll be the happiest mummy ever *day dreams* LOL!

Photo: Cass who is 5YO is a math lover. She brings math workbooks with her when we go out and works on them while waiting for the food. Good that she loves math coz i never did lol!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013 And School Holidays

Christmas 2013 was one of the most memorable and happy ones for the girls and me, celebrated last week in KL. My parents and younger brother were with us to enjoy a week-long of multiple celebrations, joy, bonding and lots of food binging.

From Ipoh, my dad drove us back to KL on Christmas Eve.  We made a pit-stop at Tapah to have lunch of eel and frogs.  Loathsome to you perhaps?  But delightful to some haha!   We had our Christmas Eve dinner at the Japanese restaurant at my condo.

On Christmas day, the hubs brought the girls shopping for X'mas pressies at The Gardens. Yup, he had been very busy  and only had the time to set up the X'mas tree on X'mas Eve and to buy presents on X'mas day itself.  For the girls, there's no other gift better than BOOKS and they spent a few hours at Borders shopping for books whilst my mum and I went on a shopping spree at Uniqlo.

After shopping, we had coffee, tea and cakes at Alexis Bistro.

Xmas Eve 1

We had our X'mas dinner at the hubs' aunt's unit, on the same block as ours. There was a galore of scrumptious grub from roast turkey to steak, ham, pasta, salad, cakes, X'mas minced pies, among others.
Xmas Day 1 Xmas Day 2

During my parents' stay with us in KL, we were out at the shopping malls everyday doing shopping and lots of eating.  On 29th December, which was the eve of the hubs' birthday, we had porridge steamboat at Farmland Steamboat.  My parents returned to Ipoh on 30th.  On 31st December, which was yesterday, we had our very last round of celebration for the year, bidding farewell to 2013 and welcoming the new year at  Best Western Dua Sentral Hotel with our gang of buddies and their kiddos.  We had another round of delectable seafood dinner at Unique Seafood Restaurant before our count-down to 2014 at the hotel.

Hubster's pre-birthday celebration at Farmland Porridge Steamboat on 29 December 2013.

 Photo: Steamboat Dinner at Farmland Steamboat Restaurant in K.L.

Bak Kut Teh lunch at Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh @ Pavillion on 29 December 2013

This school holidays have been the best for the kids thus far.  Alycia told me today that she wished the holidays would start all over again. She wished that she could rewind the sequence of events haha!  The girls enjoyed themselves to the max this school holidays doing shopping, eating, getting pressies and had loads of swimming and crazy time with their friends. The girls can't wait to see their friends again and I guess it would be during CNY and then hopefully we will have another trip together during the next school holiday.

Shopping spree at The Gardens on X'mas day.  We managed to snap some pix with a 'gwai lo' Santa Clause after a 20-minute long queue and the kids got a candy cane each from Santa.

Xmas Eve 2

How was your X'mas celebration? I hope you had a swell one. Here's wishing everyone 'Happy End Of Holidays', a very happy 2014 and may the new year be a fantastic one!