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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feather Headed

I have been sitting in front of my computer for almost half a day but after the 1-week plus CNY holiday, I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. My head seems so light like a feather! An advertiser from the U.S. approached me several days ago to write an advertisement but I just don't have the urge or the urgency to reply him. This is just so not me. I used to be the one chasing advertisers during those hay days 5 years ago but now, it is the other way round. When I am seated in front of my PC, my hand and mind will gravitate towards Facebook where I will ph8t and see what my Facebook friends are doing. Though I have a review to submit, I am unable to think of something to crap about. My mind is empty. I just don't know what to write, unlike years ago where I was capable of writing up to 22 ads in a day and another 10 non-paid posts as filler posts! Just any topic and I could crap it out LOL! I have always felt that I need a little stress to jump-start my brain and body. My mind and body are now in a relax mode and needs some serious jump-starting to get the momentum again. The offer will just expire if I am still unable to dish it out by today. I NEED A BRAIN WAVE NOW!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Restoran Tong Sheng, Melaka

On our first night in Melaka (trip was from 26 - 28 Dec 2011), we had planned to go to Portugese Settlement for dinner, as recommended by Chin Nee. But the traffic jam leading into Portugese Settlement was horrible! Cars were lining up on the narrow road to get into the Portugese Settlement and they were barely moving. After being stuck there for about half an hour with hungry kids whining away, we gave up and inched our way to make a U-turn to get out. We knew that it could take us another 1-2 hours before we could finally have some food. So the hubster called his friend who is a Malaccan to ask for recommendation for some good restaurants.

After checking out a few other restaurants, we finally settled for Restoran Tong Sheng at Melaka Raya. Thankfully we made the right choice. We loved the food. If we ever go to Melaka again (the hubster vowed never to go again during the school holidays!), we will patronize this restaurant again.

As we were all famished from the long wait and only had McDonald's for lunch, hubster ordered a table filled to the edge with dishes.

Sang har meen (big prawns vermicelli). Tasted top notch. Since this was the first dish that came and everyone was so hungry, every single strand of noodles and every drop of soup were wiped out.

Can't remember if the pic in the foreground was a pork or chicken dish but it was delish... in the background is stir fried pucuk veggie which was very tasty.

Deep fried calamari with deep fried garlic.

Some pork dish. Very tasty but a tad salty for the kiddos..

When this unassuming looking tofu dish came after all the '5-star dishes' arrived, everyone was reluctant to give this dish a try. I was the first to try a small spoonful and there was no regret. This duck's egg tofu dish was delightfully delish and it was all walloped in no time.

Crabs cooked in a creamy sauce with mayo. I find the mayo sauce too creamy for my liking. Still prefer crabs cooked in sweet and sour sauce or steamed. This crab dish arrived last and I was already on the verge of unbuckling my belt, so I just ate a claw and watched everyone enjoy the crabs :D

A menu full of appetizing dishes. If you step into this restaurant in a rumbling, empty stomach, you're bound to be tempted to over-order.

The see thau phor's pictures with celebrities hanging on the wall to boast... the pretty lady with long hair is the owner. You can check out Restoran Tong Sheng Melaka's address below...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mini Cyclone On 25 January 2012

A bizarre and freak 'mini cyclone' happened yesterday evening at around 7pm that lasted for almost an hour. During the mini cyclone, winds were howling and moving very very swiftly. The rain was very heavy too. From the 5th floor of our unit, we could see deck chairs and dust bins flying into the swimming pool. Big, tall trees that were once rooted majestically on the ground were swaying forcefully. Windows on our unit were vibrating very strongly and I really thought that some of the windows would be blown off the window frame when the strong winds were blowing. As usual, we could hear the eerie howling of the wind very loudly followed by the loud pelting of the rain on the windows. The bathroom windows were banging fiercely back and forth on the window frames. My 3 girls who recently watched a documentary on earth quake were screaming that an earth quake was coming! The wind and rain were so strong that we could not go out to the balcony to keep the clothes. But when clothes hanging began to fall off the rail and the umbrella clothes hanger was almost blown away, I had to go out to salvage the clothes. Our clothes needed to be washed again. Rain water was seeping into our kitchen windows through the small gaps. My helper and mil had to cover the gaps with lots of rags.

This morning when I went out to jog, I was shocked to see the entire neighborhood which was in a total mess! Many trees were uprooted, some fell onto cars and I saw a Proton Waja that was completely wrecked by fallen trees and a lamp post. The nearby shop houses and business centre looked like a post-tsunami hit area with fallen trees and lamp posts everywhere, mud was everywhere, the sight of the totally wrecked car added gravity to the storm that took place yesterday. When I reached the park, I was in for more shock. The entrance of the park was blocked by a very huge tree that had fallen but I managed to walk my way in. Inside the park, there were more fallen trees. The park looked like a jungle and devoid of people. I saw many residents snapping pictures of the post mini-cyclone sight. I overheard many people talking about how bad the storm was and joined in the conversation with the people whom I knew.

Did anyone experience the mini-cyclone yesterday?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Our 1st Day of the Water Dragon 2012 Year

It's been a pretty quiet chor 1 for us. No friends and relatives visiting just yet as almost all our friends and relatives have gone back to their respective hometowns to celebrate CNY. We expect people to start coming on chor 3 onwards. As per our family's custom practiced since decades ago from my side and the hubs' side, the first day of CNY sees us eating fried vegetarian vermicelli and loh hon jai (a vegetarian dish). We do not always eat such dishes on normal days, so having a meat-free day today is well accepted by everyone. I'm really enjoying my peaceful and stress-free CNY holiday where business volume is zilch. I have the time to snack as I wish. Shelling almonds and peanuts is time consuming and I hardly have the time to do nut-snacking on normal days.... except for pre-shelled nuts. I even have the time to nap twice a day tee hee hee... How very peaceful and relaxing * syiok*

Ang pow giving ceremony...

Here's wishing all my readers a very very happy year of the water dragon!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Disappointed and Burning Mad!

I am getting really worried over rascal #2. Despite me telling her repeatedly that copying in a test is a very grave mistake, she still does it. Nope, she did not copy in her school test but in the worksheets and Math questions that I set for her. The other day, I gave her some Math questions to solve. She is very weak in sums involving a line where numbers are missing and she has to fill up the boxes with the correct numbers. I have had a tough time teaching her this and for many days, she still could not grasp the concept. Several days ago, when I marked the paper that I had set Math questions for her, she got the sums all correct. I was so happy thinking that she finally got it right and had mastered the concept. I pat her head and shoulders and praised her sky high!

The next day I gave her another set of questions, which I set myself. When I went to the table to see how she was doing (as my motherly instinct told me that this girl would still be up to mischief again), I noticed that the answers were all correct too but this little cheater is not a pro cheater. There were no workings done! The paper was clean with the answer neatly written! I immediately knew where she copied the answers from. It was from an exercise book, with the times table printed on the back cover! The Math questions paper was on top of the exercise book as she was trying to hide the book!!! I was so so so mad with my little cheater that I could feel myself transforming into the most evil mom on earth with fangs and long sharp finger nails slowly emerging from my breaking skin!. I pinched her arm and ears. I hit her hand. I was burning with anger that she still cheated despite me telling her umpteen times not to do it. I was very very heart-broken and disappointed. I was also very regretful over hitting and pinching her so hard. How is she going to fare in her school exams soon? How will she fare in her Linus test soon? I hope she will not cheat and be kicked out from school. I am so worried over this girl. I really don't know how to manage her. I have told the hubs that it's best that we send her to the daycare cum tuition center located a few doors away from the hubs' office. She is very excited to go to the daycare centre as her best friend Berlyn is also attending that daycare. I think with teachers and peers surrounding her, she will be better disciplined. It will be better for our already strained relationship. I wonder what and how I have failed in teaching her.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lucky or Monotonous?

So many of my blog friends and Facebook friends have commented that CNY is just a week away and yet they have so much to do. I guess that I am the only one who is 'lucky' enough that I don't have to do any CNY preparations!

Pre-CNY 'chores' that most people celebrating CNY need to do:

Buy new clothes - I sell them, so I can get lots for myself and my 3 girls at the click of my mouse. So no need to make a mad rush to the mall, queue up for fitting rooms and to pay :D

Change new notes - We still have a stack of new notes from last year that were not used :D

Spring clean the house - we spring clean the house everyday, thank God for giving me a helper :D

Bake cookies - I never have to do this! This morning, the hubs brought us to our usual supplier of CNY cookies and bought 6 types of cookies and my mum is also making some. So sweat free for me :D

Planning CNY dishes for the first 3 days - never had to do any planning too as my dear MIL will be the cook. In years that she was away overseas, the hubs brought us to dine in the hotel :D

Decorate the house - my hubs and mil will normally be the house decorator, so I don't have to decorate or buy any CNY decor too :D

So am I considered lucky? Or I have a pretty monotonous and boring life? :D

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hard Habit Finally Broken!

After a little close to 7 years, she finally stopped sucking her thumb! It was certainly not easy to break this habit for she had sought so much comfort from sucking her thumb right from the start. The ultrasound scans often showed her sucking her thumb, while she was comfortably all curled up inside her cocoon, during my pre natal check-ups.

She would suck her thumb whenever she was sleepy, bored and during slumberland. She did not like the pacifier nor the boops, so her own thumb was her best pacifier and solace. I used to find her really really adorable whenever I saw her sucking her thumb when she was a baby. I still thought that it was cute when she was 3 years old and still sucking her thumb. But I did not think it was cute anymore when she still sucked her thumb when she was already over 6 years old! I encouraged her to stop sucking her thumb and made up stories that her teeth would jut out like a rabbit or monkey's teeth if she continued sucking her thumb but that did not manage to deter this willful child of mine. Yep, she has a head as hard as her mummy's head! That's why we often clash. All of a sudden about a month or two back, I noticed that she did not suck her thumb anymore when she was asleep. Her che che, who is a very good watch dog and whistler blower would always report to me if her 2 younger sisters did anything naughty or wrong. So I asked her che che if her 2nd sister had stopped sucking her thumb and she said YES! I said really?? And she resounded a YES! Finally my Standard 1 baby girl is no longer a baby. She is now done and over with thumb-sucking, which was once the hardest habit for her to break.

I wish and pray that all of a sudden one fine day, this rascal will surprise me by jumping out of her dilly dally skin and tell me "mummy, I am a new me. I don't dilly dally anymore!!" I dare not imagine how she will fare in her exams. She is the polar opposite of her che che who is more serious in her studies and she can be given an award for punctuality. I hope my rascal will again give me the least expected surprise and make me really proud of her one day.

I Love Them So Much!

Last night while surfing the net for some birthday ideas for my friend who is getting married next month, I came across this jewelry website which offers such exquisite diamonds I have never seen before. Just look at these laboratory diamond earrings, aren’t they breathtaking? I am going to share this website with my girlfriends, it would be a wonderful gift to give our friend for her wedding. Now the problem is, we might not be able to choose which eco diamonds and jewelry to buy for her… shall we start with the yellow earrings first? My favorite color is blue and the pair of blue dazzling diamond earrings has caught my attention!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

En Ginza Cafe @ Tokyo Street, Pavillion KL

My foodie hubs who is in the food and beverage business loves trying out food at new places and places that he has never been to. After having known him for over 20 years, I have gone to countless numbers of eateries, restaurants, 'tai chau' places, fine dine restaurants and shack-like damn good food places with him. And our eating jaunt is still on-going... with him growing side ways and forward and me maintaining a still svelte figure *cough cough*

When we were at Tokyo Street on the 2nd day of the New Year, we had our second lunch for the day at Ginza Cafe. I told the hubs that I was not interested in another lunch but my hubby just being him, went ahead and ordered a plate of seafood spaghetti and a big juicy burger! I tried hard to refrain from pecking on the food as I was still pretty stuffed from the Ochada pearl tea, Kindori ice cream, Japanese buns from Loaf and our lunch at a Japanese restaurant 2 hours ago but the green tea bun was too alluring and stared at me. Being a green tea fan, how could I say NO to anything that is made with green tea? So I tried a bite and I immediately let out a "yUuuuuuuuuuM" when my teeth sank on the juicy beef burger. The beef burger was indeed delish! The green tea bun was a tad dry though. The seafood spaghetti (pic not taken) was also very good and was whacked in no time by my 3 spaghetti lovers.

Verdict : will definitely have a 2nd visit to Ginza Cafe! This time, we shall try the seafood green curry and tofu cheesecake. Soon, soon, we'll be there again!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mega Busy Day Today

Today is set to be a mega busy day for me. I am expecting 4 huge bags of stock from 4 of my suppliers. Today, Unify will be coming to install broadband internet too. Praying hard that my internet connection will not be disrupted during the transition from Streamyx to Unify, otherwise nothing gets done but will only lead to a huge pile of work undone. This is a very busy week for me as I must rush out all my customers' orders before CNY, lest I see complaints written all over my FB wall or worst - phone calls from some impatient customers. I told the girls that tonight I am not going to cook dinner as kakak has to help me with the QA check of all the clothes. We will be going downstairs to the Japanese restaurant at our condo for dinner. The girls are so happy to be able to have Japanese food for dinner on a school going day, which is something that we rarely do. Wishing myself lots of good luck and hopefully everything will proceed smoothly. I am so looking forward to the long CNY break. That's the only time of the year when I can take a long rest as business is usually very slow during this period.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Room For Rent

When I first came to KL more than 20 years ago to study in a college, my mum sent me to stay in the hostel provided by the college. On the day I arrived in KL and saw the condition of the hostel, I almost wanted to run away! Gosh, it was in a pathetic condition. The bathrooms were filthy and never washed!! Being a clean freak, I volunteered to wash the bathroom. I almost wanted to puke when I scrubbed the toilet bowl and the bathroom floor. I could not sleep at night as students who stayed there were chatting loudly at night and some quarreling the whole night. I enlisted my then boyfriend’s help (now hubby) to find me another place to stay. I wanted to move away from the hostel as soon as possible! After a week, I moved out. My boyfriend found me a place to stay at his classmate’s friend’s house. It was not a choice room to rent. The owner was somebody’s mistress and I could not stand her young son who was a spoilt brat. The landlady was also very money-minded and calculative. Though the house was clean and neat, the bus-stop was located about 15-20 minutes’ walk away from the house. Each day I had to endure fear by walking past a quiet playground and some lonely alleys. Many times, I stumbled upon flashers and perverts during my walk to and fro the bus stop. Again, all these prompted me to hunt for another room to rent. But the mission was not easy as I had many conditions, mainly the price, the location and condition of the house and who the landlord / landlady is. So I stayed in the current place for 6 years and endured many frightful moments before a watershed incident in 1996. As I was walking to the bus stop from my rented room one morning, my handbag was snatched by a motorcyclist. I took it as a sign from God that I should move out as soon as possible.

I then rented a house in a new neighborhood and sub-rented the rooms. The first time I was brought to this neighborhood by my then boyfriend, I fell in love with it instantly. I wanted to live there forever and yes, I am still living in this neighborhood now but we moved out from the rented house and now have our own condo.

Finding a room for rent these days is so easy. We do not have to go to 7-11 shops to check out room to let ads or drive round neighborhoods to find rooms. Websites like ibilik.my – Malaysia’s largest room database is god-sent. You can sieve through rooms for rental at the click of your mouse at the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for a room to rent either for yourself, for your girlfriend or boyfriend, do check out the link provided above.

Public taxis with the ibilik.my ads. Finding a room to rent now is just so easy!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hokkaido Mille Crepe Cake @ Tokyo Street, Pavillion KL

Lately, there has been a lot of hype on Mille Crepe cakes. This cake-like-dessert is actually French and the name originated from the many layers (hence Mille) of crepes and cream used to make it. My first try of Mille Crepe cake was at Food Foundry in Section 17, PJ. My hubs was addicted to this cake. At one point of time last year, he was so fanatic over the Mille Crepe cakes from Food Foundry that he would drive us to the cafe at 10pm to satiate his craving LOL!

While we were at Tokyo Street @ Pavillion last week, my Mille Crepe cake craze hubs bought 2 slices of Mille Crepe Cake from Arthur's Hokkaido Mille Crepe Cake.

Our green tea and original Mille Crepe Cake from Hokkaido Mille Crepe Cake.

Verdict : texture is softer than the ones sold at Food Foundry. The original one tastes almost the same as Food Foundry but texture is much softer. I love the green tea flavour. In fact, I love everything green tea, even my perfume is green tea scent :D
Best eaten immediately after it has been served, otherwise the cake will become so squashy that you cannot even lift it up with your fingers, like in our case where half the slice of cake was not eaten immediately and left in room temperature. It sort of 'disintegrated' and the mushy cake was just too yucky to be placed into my mouth.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pissed Off By A Customer

I am really pissed off by a customer today when she called me today and said that I was 'action' when I told her that I do not accept orders over the phone and I do not practice reservation without any payment. My online store's policy is that reservation of clothes or for any item will only be made after full payment is made. 2 years ago when I just started my online business, I had allowed customers to reserve an item without payment but after a few bad incidents which left me with clothes that were never paid for when the customers disappeared and never replied my calls and emails, I decided to put a stop to non-payment reservation.

After my encounter with a handful of MIA customers (some were my regular), I have to put my foot down and say no more reservation and no more down payment for reservation. Last year, I had a reseller who paid me a 50% down payment for stock worth over RM500 but she never came back to collect her stock. My countless numbers of emails, text messages and calls to her were never returned but thank God, I managed to sell all the stock! Thank God for helping me out as the items that she ordered were specialized items, which not many people will buy.

Many times I had reserved an item for a customer and turned away the next customer who is interested, only to be informed by the first customer much later that she is not interested anymore. Needless to say, the second customer was not interested anymore later. The result is I had lost both the customers. Hence, I have made up my mind that reservation of an item will only be made after payment is made... and on a first pay first get basis. Ordering will only be taken if they are made through email or Facebook message. No verbal reservation will be accepted anymore.

Now back to this customer. She had re-assured me profusely that she is very genuine in her purchase but she can only pay up after 1 month! That item is not even RM40! I told her that as per our store's policy this is not possible but she snapped at me and said "you cannot be so action you know" in Cantonese... at which time I could feel my blood turn hot from my heart shooting up to my head. I tried hard not to blow up and raise my voice but told her that she cannot say that I am 'action' as a store's policy is a policy and it cannot be tweaked however way a customer wants it. I don't think any online store will entertain a customer's non-payment reservation through the phone and with payment only to be made after one month, unless if the person is the seller's good friend or relative. Customers like this really spoils my day.

Recently a customer called me up when I was on a holiday, put words in my mouth (when she did not read my earlier messages to her with all the terms and conditions of purchase) and asked for a refund. Thank you God again for helping me to settle this matter amicably. Now she wants to order from me again but I am very hesitant to accept this order. Money cannot buy happiness and money is not everything. Of course, I have good customers too. I have several generous customers who paid me tip by asking me to keep the change. On the whole, most of my customers are easy going and some are heaven sent haha! I do pray to God to send me only good customers, customers who will not spoil my day and make me to believe that I am all out to cheat them. Oh please, I am here to do long-term business and my store is not a fly-by-night store. And let me tell you, some customers are out there to cheat sellers like me by tricking me into believing that they had made payment but in actual fact, no payment was ever made!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hectic Life Of School Kids These Days

I think most kids in this generation (Z) are stressed out kids, unlike kids my era, aka the Generation Y kids. School-going kids these days have to wake up before 6am, leave the house at 6:30-6:45am for school and only to reach the door step of their home at 2ish pm... and finally having their lunch at close to 3pm. For the past 2 days ever since school reopened yesterday, Alycia and Sherilyn have been waking up at 5:45am, leaving the house at 6:30am and only reaching home at 2:15 - 2:30pm.

Yesterday Sherilyn's ballet class started at 6:30pm. By the time this Miss Dilly Dally finished her lunch, it was almost 4pm! Yup, she will sit, talk, walk around, whine a bit, fight a bit with her sisters or the maid, KPC here and there and after much threats from me and with me removing her unfinished food, it was already close to 4pm. After her shower and more dilly-dallying, it's time to leave the house for ballet. By the time she reached home after ballet class, it was almost 8pm... and that's when she ate her dinner. Even with dinner, I have to keep rushing her to finish her food, rushed her to shower again, rushed her to dry her hair, to wear her jammies and kick her to bed by 9:30pm, so that she has enough shut eye for her brain to function optimally the next day.

This year, Alycia who is in P3 is compelled to join at least 1 extra curricular activity in school and I have encouraged her to join Mental Arithmetic, albeit she is a tad reluctant as she wants to join the Robotics Class. Both classes are fees based, not free. She is already having swimming lessons, Mandarin tuition class twice a week and I am contemplating sending her for Art class. With the extra curricular class that will start soon, everyday of her week will be filled with activities. I wonder if she will have the time to complete her homework. I don't remember my primary school years being that hectic. I only have very fond memories of playing with my brothers and neighbors every evening from 5pm - 6pm, where we can cycle within 5km away from our house, buy snacks and sugared doughnuts from the 'ting ting roti man' on his bike, fly kites, climb tree, play marbles (oh this is a game that is slowly dying!), catch tadpoles in the drains and everything that we could think of that fun can be created outside of the house! I am indeed sad that my kids can never enjoy this outdoor fun now for the outside world is no longer safe like it used to be 30 years ago. Can't belive how my mum can have the peace of mind to allow me to cycle alone to a river located about 3km away from my house and I was just 9 years old then! And I was allowed to walk alone to the nearby sundry shop to help her buy groceries when I was just 8 or 9 years old! Life then was just so peaceful and serene.

Lunch at almost 3pm and Alycia told me that she had left her purse in her classroom and dared not enter the class. So she did not eat anything yesterday. She only had a mug of milk at 6am to last her until 2:30pm! I gave her a looooooong lecture and told her what she should have done.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

End Of Holidays, Yipee!

I can't believe that the 6 weeks of school holidays is OVER and I am actually looking forward to school-going days again LOL! Tomorrow Sherilyn will join her che che in the 'big girls' school'. God please help Sherilyn to be able to cope well, just like how Alycia did. Please help Sherilyn NOT to dilly dally as she has to be ready and be at the lobby at 6:30am for the van driver to pick her and her che che up. And pretty please dear God, help Sherilyn not to turn out to be the top 10 from the bottom in class in her exams. Help her to change over a new leaf and be a good girl. I like her boldness, her confidence and her gift of gab but I want her to be more serious in her studies and not yak yak yak in class. It's not helping that her best friend in kindy - Berlyn will sit next to her in class! I really hope they will remain BFF but not yakking too much while lessons are on-going as this will definitely take a toll on their studies.

From tomorrow onwards Alycia and Sherilyn will have to wake up by 5:45am to get ready, lest they are late. If 1 person is late, the whole van load of students will be late for school too! This means I have to be up first at 5:30am!! Jeez, after having the luxury to wake up at 6:45am - 7ish am during the school holidays, I have to adjust myself back to the old grind. But waking up early has its advantages too. I love running around my condo compound when it's still pitch black and breezy, before hitting the gym and by the time I reach home, it is not even 7:30am yet! Hopefully I can get some work done before Cass wakes up. I am not sending Cass to school yet, still trying to drag it to mid of this year, due to various reasons. Hopefully by God's grace, my baby girl's urinary tract will show some gross improvements. And hopefully she will not fall sick every single month like Alycia did 5 years ago, when she starts pre-school in June this year.

When we went up North during the school hols 2 weeks ago, I got a shock of my life when we were in the car. On our way to to Penang, I realized that my vain pot had smuggled her musical box, filled with all her vanity stuff in her Smurfette bag. Before the trip, I was too busy packing and clearing my work that I did not have the time to perform a spot check on her bag, like I used to. And more surprises unfolded later when I fished out an abacus and a whole bag of paraphernalia that she had taken from her room *cough and gasp*!!