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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Friday, 25 June 2022

She woke up half an hour earlier today to have a good breakfast as there's a cross-country event at her school. But that extra half-hour was in vain as she dropped a bottle of instant coffee onto the floor. 

Can you imagine the absolute mess? Early in the morning when everyone was in a rush and this 'tragedy' had to happen.

Fine coffee powder and nano fine glass shrapnel were scattered everywhere - from the dry kitchen to the wet kitchen and dining area. She was doomed to be late for the cross-country.  She spent more than half an hour cleaning up the kitchen, with me helping her. I didn't wish to help her as this ain't going to help her to be more careful in the future. But I had to clean the path from the dry kitchen to the wet kitchen to get to the washing machine to get the wet laundry to hang. 

The fine coffee powder and glass shrapnel even went under the fridge and piano. It was a nightmare. When it rains, it pours.  It was pouring outside too -- which was a blessing in disguise as the event won't be able to start until it stopped raining. 

Long story short and with glass cuts on her hands, she managed to reach school in the nick of time. The cross-country event started later in the morning after the rain stopped.

She came out 7th in her category (Form 4 and Form 5) 😂💪

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Scaredy Cat

Haru is an extremely timid cat.  She's afraid of strangers, and other cats, and is terrified of thunder, firecrackers, and any loud, thunderous sounds.  Even the sound of my sneezing and cough would make her sprint away from me.

Once she managed to squeeze her way out of her locked cage in the wee hours of the morning when there was a loud thunderstorm.  There's a small gap between the door and the cage as we did not secure the bottom ledge onto the cage. We only secured the top ledge, thus, she managed to squeeze her body out of the cage through the gap.  She then hit under the couch.

Last week there was an episode of thunderstorm and our scaredy-cat who was having her supper stopped short of eating and went into hiding.  Sherilyn managed to pull her out from under the cupboard to give her cuddles until the thunderstorm passed.  

This is how frightened Haru was. 

Haru's entire body was trembling with fear and she was crawling lowly on the ground, trying to find a safe haven under some cupboard, bed or couch to seek refuge. When Sherilyn put Haru on her lap, the scaredy-cat buried her face under her sister's armpit 😺

There was another thunderstorm the next day and Haru hid in my room. I put her on my lap and she buried her face on my lap.  Later she crawled lowly on the ground and crouched under a clothes rack for an hour until the thunderstorm stopped completely.

Even her body was stiff and tense from fear 😹

Poor baby. I hope she'll be able to overcome her fear of thunder and firecrackers one day.

Monday, June 20, 2022

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

The concept of a capsule wardrobe has been trending on social media in recent years even though the concept isn’t novel as it emerged several decades ago.  

A capsule wardrobe consists of a limited selection of interchangeable clothing pieces, often in neutral colors, that complement each other. These are often classic pieces that don’t go out of style and can be easily mixed and matched together to be dressed up, down, and anywhere in between.  

A capsule wardrobe often consists of a set of tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses, headwear, shoes, and accessories that can be easily mixed and matched together.  The concept of a capsule wardrobe allows you to create a variety of different outfits with a small selection of clothing items.

What you’ll find in a women’s capsule wardrobe are often a black skirt, a pair of black pants, neutral-colored t-shirts for women, a couple of camisoles, one or two pairs of jeans, a cardigan, a sweater, and a black dress that can be easily dressed up or dressed down.

A capsule wardrobe for a lady typically consists of a plain colored t-shirt and denim jeans, and these two pieces can be mixed and matched with other pieces.

A capsule wardrobe allows you to create a variety of different outfits with a small selection of clothes. Your closet will have fewer in-vogue pieces that will only be worn for one season but more high-quality ones that stand the test of time and can be worn for many years.

Once you get the hang of a starter capsule wardrobe, you can curate and swap from season to season.  Packing up and taking out clothes for the current appropriate season will be easy and every time you pull them out, your clothing items will still be in style as they were at the time you purchased them.

The ultimate goal of a capsule wardrobe is to avoid having a section of clothes in your closet that you hardly touch because they no longer spark joy, they’re ill-fitting, uncomfortable or they’re out of style. A gown that you’re going to wear to your best friend’s wedding and then never wear again doesn’t have a place in a capsule wardrobe.  Instead, you want a high-quality classic black spaghetti strap slip dress that you know you’ll going to wear again at another wedding dinner a few months from now or to your company's annual dinner. 

Building a capsule wardrobe will allow you to get dressed easier and quicker, spend less money and make smarter shopping decisions.  Are you game for that?  You can start by shopping for affordable classic pieces at Shelivo.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Fresh Donburi In A Cute Can

While browsing Facebook, I saw an advertisement on Aokioki's donburi. What's unique about Aokioki's donburi is all their donburi sets come in a sealed canned. It's like eating canned food but the food inside is freshly prepped.   

Then I saw my friends' posts on Facebook about their canned donburi ordered from Aokioki.  And I jumped into the canned donburi bandwagon too and placed an order immediately!

Aokioki donburi is fresh Japanese rice bowls in a can delivered to you still warm. The donburi is best eaten within 2 hours of receiving it or it can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days.  The food can be reheated in the microwave oven for 2 minutes after the top lid is removed.

While canned donburi is very common in Japan, it is still quite a novel concept in Malaysia. 

Our verdict - the food is OK but the portion of the dish is super small. I think the portion is just right for a kid or for an adult who's a small eater.  

Price is RM13 per can or a bundle deal of 5 don sets at RM57 with 30% off the delivery fee.  I ordered the bundle deal.

I may re-order this again in the future since everyone at home is a small eater but I'll have to prep an extra veggie dish to go with the canned don.

We didn't check the plastic bag for the teriyaki sauce and dug into the food immediately upon receiving it.  And we all commented that the food was very dry with not enough teriyaki sauce. 
After everyone was done eating and when I was about to throw the plastic bag, I saw the teriyaki sauce in little sauce containers along with chili powder at the bottom of the plastic bag.  But it was too late as we had all eaten the food 😬.  I kept all the sauces in the fridge for our future donburi dinner.  

Why Every Girl Needs A Pair of Platform Sandals

Platform sandals are godsent, especially for girls who aren’t gifted in the height department, without the pain of wearing real heels.  With the creation of platform sandals, gone are the days where extra height means stiletto heels, where you can’t walk further than your driveway before the discomfort creeps out. How you dread strutting in that stiletto heels the entire night only to come home with blisters on your feet and an achy heel!

Now you can add instant inches to your height with a big, sturdy sole instead, which is why the comfortable platform sandals have prevailed summer after summer.

You can style your chic platform sandals with just about anything, from a floaty maxi to a denim mini skirt with a crop top.  When the blazing hot sun appears in the warmer months, fans of boots can switch to chic or cute platform sandals.

Platform sandals are comfortable and easy to wear. You can even brisk walk on a pair of flatform sandals that aren’t too high. Choose a fool-proof color like black or white to pair most of your outfits.  

An amped-up super sole will be great for a party or café-hopping. Pair the sandals with something short to flaunt those elongated legs while giving you a completely even lift and adding a retro twist to your outfit.  Shelivo carries some pretty chic platform and flatform wedges for all occasions. 

For those who aren’t into the platform sandals trend just yet, ease your way with platform espadrille sandals featuring straps that wrap around the ankles to get a bit of Roman flair. You can definitely rock them like a goddess.  

Platform sandals are a mix of comfort and sensuality, and the height elongates the wearer’s silhouette while providing significantly more support than stilettos. What’s not to love about platform sandals?

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Kiiro's Shirataki Konjac Noodles


I've always wanted to try konjac noodles as part of my low-carb diet. I was told that konjac noodles are not as palatable as regular noodles. After all, konjac noodles are made from the same substance as konnyaku jelly. Some people call it konnyaku noodles, Shirataki or jelly noodles.  

When Cass saw konjac noodles with curry seasoning at our neighborhood supermarket, she wanted to try a pack. Priced at RM9.90 a pack, I thought that there were a few servings inside the pack but it turned out that there's only a single serving and it's only enough for Cass alone. She's not one who would gladly share her food but she reluctantly shared some with me anyway coz I paid for it!

Cass has accidentally or rather too excitedly added a tad more water than the instructions and the soup turned out watered down and bland. So I added a teaspoon of S&B curry powder to spice things up.  She also added half a head of broccoli, some 'fu pei', tofu fishballs and an egg to her pot of lunch.

Just a forkful - this was how much Cass was willing to share the Konjac noodles with me 😐

And the verdict:

Cass liked it and doesn't mind me buying it again. 

I find that the noodles have a raw and green tang, as if I'm eating jellyfish or seaweed-flavored jelly.  However, I wouldn't mind buying it again simply because the noodles are keto-friendly. 

Taste-wise, konjac noodles vs. regular instant noodles > instant noodles win hands down. But the downside is instant noodles are super high in carbs and have little to zero nutritional value.

What Is Konjac Noodles

Konjac, Shirataki or Miracle Noodles are a unique food that’s very filling yet low in calories. These noodles are high in glucomannan, a type of fiber that has impressive health benefits. In fact, glucomannan has been shown to cause weight loss in numerous studies.

Konjac grows in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. It contains very few digestible carbs — but most of its carbs come from glucomannan fiber.

Konjac noodles are composed mainly of water. In fact, they are about 97% water and 3% glucomannan fiber. They’re also very low in calories and contain no digestible carbs.

For the sake of a flatter tummy and better blood sugar, what's not to love about Konjac noodles?  Cooking konjac noodles in a flavorful broth like curry or miso makes slurping these waterfall noodles more enjoyable. 

Throw in some meat of your choice, eggs, veggies, kimchi, or whatever your fancy and you'll get a complete meal that's nutritious.

Konjac root. These are used to make Konjac noodles.

When's The Best Time To Shop For Winter Boots

Plan ahead for the cold season to save yourself from getting caught off guard from freezing temps.  If your winter boots are looking a little dull and boring, it might be time to hit the stores for a new pair. You might wonder when’s the best time to buy winter boots to save some bucks as this niche market tends to fluctuate in pricing.

As with any seasonal fashion, it pays to purchase ahead of time.  Your winter apparel and footwear pricing is going to be significantly higher if you wait until mid to late autumn. But this is what many people tend to do. You can skip the anguish of overpriced winter boots this year and plan your shopping spree ahead of time.

One of the best times to shop for winter apparel and footwear is immediately after the Christmas season and score a pair of affordable and comfy warm boots for women or men.

The other great time to shop for winter apparel and footwear is on the cusp of spring when the market tends to offer the best deals.  Many shoe and clothing stores, both physical and online put their winter gear on sale as the warmer weather rolls in to make room for the new spring fashion.

If you prefer fashion over saving some bucks, your best bet for winter boots and apparel might be during early fall as most retailers roll out the latest winter trends around this time. But bear in mind that the latest fashions will almost definitely come at full price with almost no room for good deals.

Find out first where exactly to look for some great winter boots for the next season.  Many major department stores have annual winter sales to clear their gear stock.  Alternatively, you can shop for affordable winter boots from online stores like Shelivo that ship to customers internationally.

Now that you know the best time to shop for winter boots, you can start planning ahead for all that wintery fun with friends and loved ones. Win the season with the best stylish winter boots, at the best cost to you.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Missing Haru

I missed my fur baby so much throughout my 3 days in Ipoh! Fortunately Sherilyn and Alycia were in KL to cat-sit this baby.  When Cass and I got back from Ipoh today, we noticed that Haru has lost some weight, felt lighter and even has a slightly sunken tummy.  This got me a tad worried. But she's still as active as before. In fact, I think she misses me. She kept tapping my ankle with her paw each time I walked past her, as if to say 'hello' to me 😻

This goblin has been very daring lately. She would jump on my bed and sit on the side where her hooman dad sleeps. I think she misses her dad, who's her most 'favoritest' person.  She would also jump on Alycia's desk to look out of the window or take her siesta on the table.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Awesome Rawsome

While the girls had Japanese curry with Japanese rice, I paired the curry with raw baby spinach and a poached egg. It's a complete meal too with protein, fiber, nutrients, and some carbs from a few cubes of potato.  

I always have a packet of baby spinach, arugula, salad greens, cucumbers, bell peppers, and microgreens in my fridge.  The girls love to toss some raw greens into their meals. It's training since young and they'd feel like they missed out on something important if there was a day that they didn't eat any green leafy veggies or fruits.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Pandan Leaves

Grandma asked her to go down to the garden at our condo to cut some pandan leaves coz grandma wanted them for boiling sweet potato tong sui.  Reluctantly, she sauntered downstairs with a pair of scissors.  It was sizzling hot at 3 p.m. with an outdoor temperature of about 36-38 degrees Celsius.  Minutes later, she video called me and bemoaned that she didn't see any pandan plant in the garden and that there were a lot of mozzies feasting on her limbs.  She asked grandma and me where the pandan plants were located as there are a few small gardens at our condo compound.  On the phone video, there's another plant with long leaves that resembled pandan leaves too.  She kept telling grandma that there were no pandan plants and asked grandma to quickly tell her where the pandan plants were.

She got an earful from grandma who got pissed that she still didn't know what a pandan plant looked like and had no idea where the location of the plants was after living here almost all her life.  But she kept insisting that there were none.  Grandma was pissed, whereas she was huffing and puffing away under the scorching hot sun hunting for the elusive pandan leaves with mozzies feasting on her limbs.

To placate grandma she cut a bunch of long green leaves that resembled pandan leaves 99% and brought them up while lamenting that those leaves don't smell like pandan leaves. 

Of course, she got lasered by grandma.

She stormed into the living room and plonked herself on the cold floor right under the ceiling fan as she was drenched in sweat after 10 minutes of being grilled in the killer heat outside, and bewailed non-stop that she got swarmed and attacked by mozzies.  It's Dengue fever season now.  

The next day, I checked out the garden at our condo and she was right.  The pandan plants were no longer there. All the pandan plants must have been cut by residents during the lockdown.


These look like pandan leaves but they're not.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Uncaged Finally

Haru is finally left uncaged at night and when no one is at home.  She finally weaned herself from the cage.

She found a tactic to get herself out of 'prison' by creating havoc inside the cage and litter box whenever we caged her for too long - usually during nighttime or when no one is at home and she's too bored cooped up inside the cage.  Imagine havoc to her overnight litter box with poo and all! 

When we ignored her meows, she created havoc instead. And she got her way out of the cage forever.  

Very smart kitty! 

According to researchers at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, the physical structure of the brains of humans and cats is very similar.  The human brain and the cat brain both have cerebral cortices with similar lobes. That is why cats are so intelligent. I always feel Haru is like a human trapped in a cat's body.

The weather has been so sweltering lately that Haru sleeps on the floor, which is cooler.

The first time we left her out of the cage when we went to the shopping mall, it was for around 4 hours. We closed all our bedroom doors and the kitchen door.  She was a good cat. When we came home, she was waiting for us in the living room, stone-faced. 

She was also quite good when we left her in the living room throughout the night.  However, this naughty goblin has been very mischievous the past two nights. While we were asleep, she did everything that she was forbidden - she climbed on my chair and played with my neck support pillow, walked on my keyboard, jumped and walked on Cass' laptop and desk and I don't know what else she did. I'm pretty sure she climbed up the dining table too to check if there was any chicken or bread for her!

This morning, she jumped onto one of our cabinets where we placed Japanese lucky cat figurines (maneki-neko). She swiped down one of the figurines and broke it into a million pieces!  She must have been fascinated with those cat figurines and wondered why those figurines look like her 😸

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Alycia's Stay In Ipoh

During the Hari Raya holidays, Alycia tagged along in a friend's car to make a trip back to Ipoh along with her grandma.   After a 7-hour long crawl on the trunk road on Sunday, they reached Ipoh at almost 8 p.m. 

The 6 days Alycia spent in Ipoh have been the best bonding time for her and my parents after not being able to travel back for 2 years during the pandemic.  The last time she had such a long time bonding with my parents (just her and my parents) was 18 years ago when she was only a two-month-old baby.  The mil (who was taking care of Alycia) had to be in Hong Kong and I had to work, so hubs and I sent Alycia back to my parents in Ipoh for several weeks.  We missed her so much when she was away from us.  That was when I had to truncate my breastfeeding journey with Alycia because of the inevitable separation.

Hubs and I would travel back to Ipoh every weekend to visit her.  My parents enjoyed taking care of their first grandchild tremendously.  They were both in their early 60s then and still full of vitality.  Fast forward 18 years on and their first grandchild is back in Ipoh to spend some of the most magical moments with them again, just the three of them 💓

Mum updated us with photos throughout the day.

Dinner at my parents' favorite restaurant, Poh San.  Papa is 79 and mum is 76 this year.

Koong koong gives Alycia refresher driving lessons on his old Nissan Cefiro. 

Alycia's college mates who are from Ipoh came to my parents to fetch Alycia to their housing estate for cycling. They carted my parents' foldable bikes along. They all drive from Ipoh - Sunway - Ipoh regularly. They're all 19, the same age as Alycia. I don't think I can allow Alycia to do this!

Mum made puff pastry pinwheels for Alycia's brekkie.

And 'apam balik' with sweet corn, chocolate hazelnut butter, and crushed walnuts. 

And homemade 'chee cheong fun'.  Mum is a talented baker and cook.  I grew up helping her whenever she baked cakes, bread pudding, pau, puffs, bread, mooncake, and many more.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Condo Unit On Fire - Life Watch

Several days ago, we witnessed a condo unit being razed by fire. We watched the incident life on our Nikon camera, on video mode.  The affected condo is located about 5km away from our condo.

It was about 6.30 p.m. on a Friday and we were all tasting Sherilyn's madeleines, fresh out of the oven.  Suddenly, Sherilyn commented that she saw black smoke billowing in the sky. We ran to the window and lo and behold, we saw something in bright orange flickering inside the penthouse of a condo from a distance. Initially, we thought that it was lights or reflections of the sun.  Sherilyn quickly whipped out our Nikon camera, turned it on video mode, and zoomed into the condo unit. 

What we saw was absolutely horrific! We saw the entire penthouse unit engulfed in fire. Moments later we saw the ferocious fire shooting out of the window and spreading to the rooftop and unit below.  We could also see firefighters in their orange suits putting off the fire inside the unit, albeit vaguely.  What crossed out minds was - was anyone injured?

On video mode - a surreal feeling watching life a condo unit being engulfed in fire.  The fire was put off pretty quickly.
We're very amazed at how powerful the zoom function of our old Nikon camera is - it's almost like binoculars!

This incident was however not reported in the newspapers. So I surmise that no one was injured or died in the fire. 

Note to self: no more walking around in birthday suit when no one is at home coz someone a few kilometers away could be using a camera to zoom in on us! Horror! 😨 😂

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Spiral Ear Biscuits (Yee Chai Pang)

Whenever I come across Yee Chai Pang (spiral ear biscuit) at shops selling snacks, I will be overcome with a feeling of nostalgia.  My brothers and I grew up eating Yee Chai Pang.  

I remember mum would frequently bring me to the biscuit shop after school and I could choose any biscuit I wanted. As a kid, I loved biscuits with cream filling, but not anymore now. Yee Chai Pang and Chum Thau Pang (pillow biscuit or Tam-Tam Pillows) were and still are my favorites.

These spiral ear biscuits are probably one of the crunchiest treats ever with subtle flavors of spices imbued with a tinge of smokiness. Not too sweet nor salty, delightfully aromatic and crunchy, these biscuits can be very addictive.

This morning I saw these biscuits for sale at a kerbside stall. The vendor would display his dried groceries, biscuits and fruits at a kerb in our neighborhood every Wednesday. I saw many biscuits that I used to eat during my childhood.  I picked a packet of spiral ear biscuits. My girls are not fans of this biscuit though, so I'm going to share it with Maria when she comes in later 😁

Next week I'm going to grab a packet of Tam-Tam Pillows from the kerbside vendor.  The girls are big fans of this snack.  It's crunchy, salty and it's crab-seasoned. It's another addictive munch that we have to be very careful not to over-indulge in, lest we get a sore throat and cough... and then think that we may have been infected with Covid 😆

Only RM4.50 for a big packet.  What a steal for a great snack.

Sunday, April 24, 2022


I've been feeling languid with headaches for the past few days. My throat feels strange too and I have pain in my nape. I also have had an insatiable thirst with extreme sleepiness the past few days.  Ever since two members of our family were down with Covid a month ago, I have been feeling paranoid about being infected.  Usually, when one or two members of the household are down with Covid, everyone else eventually gets it.  That is the trend I see.  

But there is also another Covid trend that I have observed which is surprising.  When all the children and the husband in a family got infected with Covid, the mother was spared despite her taking care of the Covid-zens and not even wearing a mask. I have seen this in my eldest brother's family and two other friends where kiddos and husbands had severe Covid but my SIL and friends were spared. 

Today I finally had the courage to do another Covid self-test when my headache and lethargy didn't abate.  It's a negative.

With this, I suddenly remembered that I may be experiencing menstrual migraine. I'm also not new to period flu. I had similar symptoms when my AF visited last month and I thought I had Covid.  Darn the hormones! 

Nasal swab test result.
I find it easier to administer a nasal swab vs. a saliva test. It's torture to collect enough saliva to fill up the test tube. Who's with me on this?

Pan-fried miso salmon and stir-fried Korean-style baby octopus whipped up by our teenage chef. 

I ordered the salmon and baby octopus from Fully Fishery Malaysia at Lazada and they were delivered to me in an icebox.  I paid RM12 for shipping and RM3 for the icebox.

The salmon cost RM6.99 a slice, octopus at RM15 a pack, and tako leg (octopus) at RM8 a pack. These are imported from China, thus the low price, but tasted fresh.  The salmon slices, however still had scales on them and tiny bones in the flesh.  It's very tedious to have to remove the bones and scales. 

I don't think I will buy the salmon slices again though they tasted fine but will definitely buy the octopus again. My girls are fans of squid and octopus 😁

Friday, April 15, 2022

Random Updates ~ 15 April 2022

I haven't been posting regularly on what Sherilyn has been cooking and baking.  Ever since Cass and Sherilyn returned to school, I have had very little time left to update my blogs.  

My bedtime has been adjusted from midnight to 9.30 p.m. Bedtime throughout the lockdown and school holidays had been a little before midnight. Now I go into my room at 9.30 p.m. and wake up at 4.45 a.m.  I also have lesser time to spend online coz of school runs and my writing assignments.

I think I won't be renewing my contract with the online news agency that I'm currently working for as a part-time content writer as they have recently restructured their compensation scheme for all content writers, which is less rewarding. So yeah, I think I will have more free time after July 2022. Yay for more me time! 

I may also be on the lookout for other freelance jobs to do from home after my contract expires this July. 

Maria, our part-time helper no longer comes in 5 days a week like she used to before the pandemic. She only comes in 2-3 times a week.  I had to increase her wages twice within a month as she's now getting higher wages elsewhere. She is also hired on a part-time basis to clean up a datin's house. The datin's driver chauffeurs her to the mansion and then books a Grab car to bring Maria home after work.  Maria is on a roll lately with lots of jobs. I try not to be upset with her for telling me a bunch of lies each time she cancels me when she finds higher-paid work elsewhere, but I just hope that she will be more forthright with me.

Our talented baker whipped up sticky dates pudding last week as hubs brought home a pack of organic Medjool dates. The dates were super duper sweet and since no one liked them, our innovative baker baked a loaf of delicious sticky dates pudding -- which actually tasted like cake.  I loved it, albeit it was a bit too sweet for my palate.

Served with vanilla ice cream and homemade butterscotch sauce. Oh my, it's so very delish and calorie-laden!

My craving for cakes has now been fully satiated. I've had more than enough of fudgy brownies all to myself, cakes from Cass' birthday last week, this sticky dates pudding, and banana muffins that the mil baked yesterday. 😁

Wireless Bras That Are Skin-Loving And Super Comfy

I have always been a great fan of wireless bras.  Not only are wireless bras comfortable, but they are also easy to wear and allow you to feel easy in your own skin. Who doesn’t like to be in a super comfortable bra all day without a hard underwire pressing on your ribs and skin? You can even breathe easier when you don a wireless bra.

I used to buy wired bras and have the underwires removed myself back in the day. My mom used to do that too. We just didn't like metal rubbing on our skin and ribs. Now I only buy tops and dresses with built-in bras or seamless wireless bras as I have contact dermatitis and don't like any hard material in contact with my skin.  Comfort matters over design for me.

You may think that wireless bras don’t provide support but this isn’t true. Let me ‘bust’ the myth that no wires equal no support!

The type of fabric and level of coverage makes a difference in how supportive your bra is.  Cosmolle bras are all wireless and are made using eco-friendly materials to produce the bras.  Using Collagen Polyamide Yarn as their choice of textile, these are biomimetic fibers with a unique and permanent coating of collagen. Yes, the bras are coated with skin-loving collagen to pamper the sensitive skin around the areas of your assets so that there will be no allergic reaction or abrasion from wearing the bras.

Cosmolle bras can be worn pull-over, making them very convenient and fast to wear.  They are stretchy, never lose shape, and give your boops the support they need without constricting them.

Bras made from recycled fish scales!

Cosmolle bras and underwear sets are made from recycled fish scales that are bought from fisheries and after an intense round of purification and a lot of chemistry, the fish scales are transformed into  Collagen Polyamide Yarn.  The collagen-infused yarn is weaved into fabric and 3D printed for smoother lines and energy efficiency. The result is a luxurious fabric that is buttery-soft and cooling, yet provides the support that your boops need.


If you’re looking for supportive bras without underwires or want to try super comfy thong underwear, check out Cosmolle’s range of comfy non-wired sports bras and underwear.  Be sure to choose a size that fits you well so that the bra can hold your assets close to your chest to beat the bounce when you go about your daily activities. Cosmolle offers up to 4 interest-free payments so that every girl and lady can afford these super comfy lingeries. Win win!

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

PotboyMart Ice Cream Day

The eleventh day of every month is PotBoyMart Ice Cream Day! All ice cream products at all PotBoy Mart outlets are on sale with a 50% discount ALL DAY LONG!  This is delicious sweet news for ice cream fans, like our girls. 

Last month (11th March) I went to PotBoyMart in the hope of grabbing some Cornetto, Magnum, and other favorites. However, when I was there at around 6pm, what was left was only Kit Kat ice cream, which ain't our favorite and it's more expensive than other flavors.  I grabbed a few sticks anyway since they were on a 50% discount. Kiasu me!  

Cass has since been reminding me of the Ice Cream Day and a few days before 11th April, she reminded me every day 😁.  She's a huge fan of ice cream and her favorite dessert.  She even planned to make a super quick trip to the mart with me at 9.30 a.m. on Monday, 11th April after her first class as she had a 40-minute break before the second online class.

This time we were early. When we reached the mart, the Nestle delivery staff were there loading boxes of ice creams. Cass and I were super excited and couldn't wait to charge at the ice cream chillers!

We scooped 30 sticks of Nestle Cornetto (20 chocolate + 10 vanilla), 3 sticks of La Cremeria Absolutely Almond stick, 1 Kit Kat and 1 tub of La Cremeria almond pecan passion.  Total damage was RM53.50. 

Next month, I will grab 20 sticks of La Cremeria Absolutely Almond stick - it tastes very much like Magnum Almond and is cheaper than Magnum.

After paying for the ice-creams, I felt I had over-splurged on ice creams. In my excitement looking at the freshly replenished ice cream chillers, I got carried away and over-spent 🤭

Freshly restocked - all at half price. Too good an offer to turn down.

A big bag of happiness for the girls.  

My ice cream craze days are now behind me. I used to be hooked on ice creams but somehow as I age, I no longer crave sweet desserts that much anymore.  

Friday, April 8, 2022

Back To School Blues

There was a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon and Cass was caught in the rain after school dismissal at 3.30 p.m.  She went to the school car park to find her transporter but when she couldn't see the van, she walked outside the school to where the van would normally be.  When she still didn't see the van, she walked back to the car park and by that time, was almost soaked in rainwater from head to toe 😵

When she got back, she had to air dry her books and shoes under the fan. The living room was like a refugee camp with bags, books and shoes scattered on the floor. 

Despite being drenched, these pies for lunner from Stand Pie Me put Cass in a good mood.  Grandma also bought everyone pizza, mushroom soup, and cakes from Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village.  No occasion for the celebration. We sometimes need to splurge a little on our favorite things to make ourselves happy!

Missing each other dearly after almost an entire day away from each other.

Out of boredom today when her sisters were all in school, this fella sneaked into the bedroom, jumped up the bed, and snuggled comfortably under Cass' blanket. 
This mischievous pussy gave me another heart attack yesterday when she sneaked out to the kitchen balcony and looked as if she wanted to dive down! 🙀