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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Singles' Day 11.11 And Tips To Earn From Your Shopping Addiction!

I spent almost the whole of yesterday sitting in front of my computer, online shopping!  If you were to ask me what I am really good at, I'll tell you brazenly that it's shopping ~ fishing for the best deals! Shopping has the magical touch of making me really happy ~ it melts away some of my woes and lifts me up from my doldrums. Only shopping fanatics will know how therapeutic retail therapy is. 😁

My loot on 11.11 are a set of 40 pieces Copic Touch Cool markers for Cass, organic tea for myself, lingerie for the girls, quilt and quilt cover. All these came with free shipping, additional coupons from the sellers, earning of Shopee coins as well as redemption from the coins and cash back from ShopBack!  I wanted to shop for some nut butter, clothes and more stuff but there's only this much time I had on hand. It was such a tensed moment during checkout time as both the banks that I use were unavailable ~ I think caused by the 11.11 congestion.  I had to use my credit card as alternative, something which I am not too keen on ever since my card was compromised by some crooks last year.

Sharing is Caring! What is ShopBack?
If you do not already know, ShopBack works by giving customers a percentage of their purchase money each time they make a transaction with its partner merchants through its website. Merchants do not have to pay to get listed with ShopBack but only need to pay a cut to the site if customers buy something from them.

So if you're a regular online shopper, do register at ShopBack.  I registered at ShopBack last year and have todate 'earned' over RM60 from cash back from all my petty purchases, with 7 more pending payments to be made from my recent purchases! Recently about RM40 was credited into my bank account by ShopBack.  If you buy big items like air tickets, electrical items and holidays, you'll earn even bigger cash back from ShopBack.

Had I enough time yesterday, I would have grabbed even more unbelievable great deals. At 9:30 p.m. when I was about to shut down my computer, I saw ankle socks going at 11 SEN a pair from a seller in China (with 5-star ratings). I quickly added 10 pairs into my Shopee shopping cart but my computer acted up and decided to 'hang'. As it was already my bedtime, I had to forgo the deal. I saw the socks selling at RM1.60 a pair today πŸ˜₯

My next online shopping frenzy is on Black Friday on 29 November!  For now, I'll take my time to leisurely shop and add stuff into my shopping carts (see 's' after cart?😁 ) and checkout on 29 November 😜  And if I miss out the 29 November sale, I have the 12.12 Sale held on 12 December!  And if I miss out on 12.12, I can still shop at the year-end sales which starts on 16 December and ends on 3 January the following year.

Hope you'll take note of all the shopping dates to help you save some kaching πŸ€‘. You can start shopping for Christmas presents during the Black Friday and 12.12 Sales.

Singles' Day or Double Eleven is the world's biggest online sales fest, held on 11 November every each, since 2009.  Sales for this annual shopping blitz even dwarfed Cyber Monday in the United States.  Did you grab any deals yesterday?

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Niu Niu Kulai Beef Noodle @ OUG, KL

Today's brunch at Niu Niu Kulai Beef Noodle was totally unplanned. I'd sent my car for a wash and to kill time, hubs brought us to OUG.  We circled the morning market area for about 15 minutes, undecided on what to eat and then I chose Niu Niu Kulai Beef Noodle as I wanted to use the bathroom badly and chose a more decent looking restaurant vs. run down coffee shops. 😁

Hubs had 'lai fun' with soup with an assortment of beef spare parts while I had dry vermicelli with minced pork and ordered a side of minced beef balls (2 pieces).  As I'm used to eating the slightly watery kind of 'kon lo' noodles, I wasn't used to the Southern 'kon lo' which is sticky and starchy. I didn't even eat a quarter of the noodles.

What's good were the beef soup and beef balls. The next time we go there again, I'll just stick to vermicelli with beef soup and beef balls. No spare parts and no beef meat for me.  Hubs can feast on the assortment of beef cuts.

After brunch, we went marketing at the OUG indoor market, which was also totally unplanned... and ended up spending over RM200 on pork, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits. Good la, now I don't need to do anymore marketing for meat for the rest of this week and next week except to buy more fruits and vegetablesπŸ˜„

Thank you to my darling for helping this silai carry all the heavy stuff to the car park and then went up again to the market to look for me πŸ’–

Niu Niu Kulai Beef Noodle
44-58, Jalan 16
Overseas Union Garden (OUG)
Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Harry Potter T-Shirts

I finally found Harry Potter tees for my hardcore Harry Potter devotee, from Cotton On! The tees are selling at RM59 each and RM80 for two. I got her a size XXS, which is still slightly large on her.  Cass loves the tee but loves the Hedwig clothes tag even more. Hedwig is Harry Potter's pet snowy owl. She now wants me to bring the Hedwig tag to the stationery shop to have it laminated so that she could use it as a bookmark when she reads her Harry Potter books πŸ™„

Have I told you that Cass re-reads all her thick-like-Bible Harry Potter books at least 6 or 7 times? And she plans on re-reading book #1 again (for the 8th time!) when she finishes re-reading all the other books.  That's how much this girl loves the Harry Potter series πŸ˜΅

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Hubs is on a diet (hopefully he can persevere eating just 1-2 meals a day) and Sherilyn was idling away at home and refused to go out with me, so I had a quiet brunch alone at the kopitiam this morning. As you can see, my meals are  often very low on Carbs. Today I had 'chap fan' sans the rice, comprising  of Chinese cabbage, egg plant with minced pork, two small pieces of Nestum chicken and 1 tiny piece of fried tofu.  I have not eaten soy products for a long, long time (not going to get started on the dangers of soy products) but today I felt really tempted to dig into just one minuscule piece to satiate my craving 😁.  I do like unhealthy stuff like sausages and spam meat and I don't go cold turkey on them. Once in a purple moon, I do indulge in them just to satisfy my cravings. 

Lunch of low carb dishes with sugar-free barley water + pumpkin while people-watching as I tucked into my food πŸ˜† Today I saw a group of fifth formers having lunch at the kopitiam. They've just finished sitting for their first SPM paper today, which is BM. And I thought to myself - in exactly a year's time, Alycia will be sitting for her first SPM paper!  I shudder to think of next year as all 3 girls will be sitting for their major exams respectively!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Stroll Down Kwai Chai Hong @ KL's Chinatown (29 October 2019)

After our as-always-very delightful lunch at Restaurant Pik Wah (MABA) with my parents on Tuesday (Deepavali school holiday), hubs brought us to Kwai Chai Hong, which is just 0.5km away from Pik Wah.  Dad has read all the rave on Kwai Chai Hong from the media recently and just in the morning, he asked hubs where this place is.

But before I get down to Kwai Chai Hong, let's take a look at what we dug into at Pik Wah!

'Toong Por Yoke' (briased pork belly) with fried mantou buns.

Yam basket and steamed chicken with minced garlic sauce.

'Kar Heong Jai' (vegetarian) and stir-fry vegetables.

'Wat Tarn Hor' and anchovies fried rice.

Ok, now let's talk about Kwai Chai Hong!

Kwai Chai Hong is currently the best-kept secret in the Chinatown area in Kuala Lumpur, with the lovingly-restored pre-war buildings in the history-rich lane.  This lane, which is pretty similar in nature to Ipoh's Yi Lai Hong aka Concubine's Lane, is set to be the latest tourist hot spot in Kuala Lumpur.

Chinatown is virtually synonymous with Petaling Street or Jalan Petaling, which stretches beyond the mega arches of Chinatown.  Project Kwai Chai Hong involves 10 restored shophouses — six fronting Jalan Petaling and another four units along Lorong Panggung, as well as a delightful laneway tucked between the two roads of Jalan Petaling and Lorong Panggung.

Why the name Kwai Chai Hong?

The origin of the Kwai Chai Hong moniker is, however, not supernatural in nature, with at least two credible theories floated regarding this name.

One is that migrant workers from China who settled here used the colloquial slang of "kwai chai" (ghost children or little demon) to refer to mischievous children running around Lorong Panggung.

Another theory is that Kwai Chai Hong's past as an area filled with gamblers, drug addicts, drunkards and those engaging in vice activities led to its nickname, while another story claimed that Lorong Panggung was the hideout of the "Dragon Tiger Clan" whose boss would call his members "Little Ghosts."

Enjoy the photos!  I could have snapped more photos but it was sizzling hot that day (around 2 pm) and I was on the verge of melting. I had to take random snapshots before running to find shades for shelter πŸ˜‚  After our stroll down Kwai Chai Hong in billy boiling temperatures, we had to run back to the car as the skies suddenly turned dark and ominous, suggesting another frog-choker and flash flood.

Alycia with her Sarah ku ku with a delicious coconut soft serve ice cream.

Hubs and I πŸ˜†

Our dancing queen.

Lovely wall mural.

Century-old lamp post, which is one of the oldest in Kuala Lumpur.

Tucking into something cold and refreshing at Tang Ge Kopitiam @ Kwai Chai Hong to cool down.

Second round of dessert at Bubble Bee Cafe to try their specialty - egg waffles in the shape of bubble wrap!  This cafe is a green-themed environment-friendly cafe to enjoy coffee, desserts and all day brunch.  I had coconut shake, made with fresh coconut water and flesh. It's sugar-free and very refreshing.

Come nearer for a closer look of all the details in this mural.
Photo credits - Malay Mail

Chinese settlers in the old days would seek out the services of a calligrapher who had the necessary education required to write letters to their families.
Photo credits - Malay Mail

Benefits of Wearing Shapewear And Bodysuits

In the most recent years, shapewear and bodysuits have made a large presence all over the world.  These women's essentials have hit the shelves in a myriad of colors, styles, types, patterns, and shapes.  Shapewear and bodysuits can perform wonders to a woman’s bod, including giving her a boost in confidence.


If you're looking for cheap black bodysuits, FeelinGirls.com have a neat collection to choose from.  These are some of the benefits of wearing bodysuits:

1.  Tucked in. The most obvious advantage of a bodysuit is what they were designed for: they stay tucked in!  There is no need to worry about your blouse or singlet popping out and having to thrust your hand down your skirt or pants to tuck it in place.

2.  Seamless look. Because they stay tucked and attached underneath, they can stay smooth. Even if your tight tank top stayed tucked into your pants or skirt, it can still shift and bunch. A bodysuit has a better chance of staying sleek and snug.

3.  Sexy.  There's something really sexy and sassy about bodysuits. Perhaps it's because they are body-hugging, low cut, smooth or sheer.

4.  Snaps. If you’ve ever worn a romper or pantsuit, you know the inconvenience of having to undress completely in order to use the bathroom.  With a bodysuit, the snaps underneath allow you to unbutton easily to get your deed done.

5.  One piece. A bodysuit is easy to wear because you can wear it as a blouse and underwear in one. This makes it easy for someone to wear something over it – a skirt, jeans, or anything else.

6.  Style. Bodysuits are trending right now, so there are some super stylish options out there, like from FeelinGirls.com


The most obvious and common use for shapewear is a slimmer appearance. Shapewear like a slimming tank top, shapewear legging, butt enhancer panty and waist trainer are designed in a way that helps to eliminate any unwanted bulges or lumps of fat, ideally sucking it all in.

Many women have a hard time losing weight through diet and exercise, so shapewear like high waisted shaping shorts and shaping camis are a way to boost their confidence. Shapewear have been created to help give women a more natural shape, and is an option that could help to a certain degree.

If you’d like to cover up those minor imperfections and give your body a more natural shape, a women’s shapewear or bodysuit added into your closet of arsenal attire might give you just the boost of confidence that you need. Along with a healthy diet, exercise and proper shapewear, you will be on your way to achieving a permanent hour-glass figure πŸ˜‰

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Dinner at Haidilao @ Pavillion, KL (Saturday, 26 October 2019)

At the mention of Haidilao, one would visualize a long bee line outside the hot pot restaurant, with those seated at the waiting area nibbling on snacks of freshly popped caramel pop corns, ice cream and tong sui or getting a massage or even manicure. In some countries, customers can also have leather shoe cleaning service, as well as photo printing and massage chairs. Also, some stores have children’s play rooms and are accompanied by special personnel, like the one in Pavillion. All these are provided FREE by the international chain of hot pot restaurant as the waiting time can go up to two or three hours!

Would you wait that long just to dig into fish balls and meat from a hot pot? Definitely not for me and the hubs but he managed to secure a table through a friend. The girls were so excited that they're finally going to the much raved and famed Haidilao last Saturday. The girls, the mil and Sil went to the restaurant several hours earlier to experience the personalized service and freebies while they are at the waiting line. Hubs, Cass and I went later as Cass had piano class.

Haidilao Hot Pot is currently operating more than 466 direct-operated stores in more than 100 cities. Haidilao Hot Pot restaurants are in many countries, such as China (which is its country of birth), Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as Singapore, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries. Haidilao Hot Pot has more than 36 million VIP members and 60,000+ staff.

The queue on the Saturday evening that we went.

Interesting array of snacks at the snacks bar, free for customers waiting in line. The courteous staff kept inviting us to help ourselves to the addictive freshly popped caramel pop corn. Cass likes the cup ice-cream too.

A cozy corner with gigantic teddy bears for camwhoring while you wait for your table.

Free hand massage anyone?

Kiddos playroom with TV

Free snacks and appetizers. The red bean tong sui is prepped with health freaks, keto-ers and diabetics in mind as it's unsweetened.   Sugar syrup is placed in a container for those who prefer their tong sui sweetened.

The appetizers, desserts and condiments counter. You'll be spoilt for choice with so many different types of condiments and sauces from sesame sauce to curry sauce, crushed peanuts, garlic, coriander, chopped spring onions, chili oil, etc etc.

Diners are handed out hot wet hankies and an apron to wear. Ladies with long locks will be given a good quality hair tie to tie up their hair. Plastic bags to put your mobile phones to protect them from splatters are available as well.  For handmade la mien, your eyes will be feasted to a life display by a skillful staff pulling the noodles and even tossing the noodles over your head or right in front of your face, giving you a spurt of adrenaline rush just when you thought that the noodles would land on your hair or face but pulled back quickly by the adept la mien expert. 😁.

Not only are the la mien a sight to behold during 'production' but the meticulousness of the hand-pulled noodles impart a nice chewy texture.  Hubs loved the noodles so much that he ordered 3 plates and we were treated to the spectacular la mien pulling stunt 3 times!

Service is top notch - staff are courteous and helpful. They'll help you cut your birthday cake and even sing the birthday song for you. Some waiting staff are from China and I had a hard time comprehending them and needed my girls to be my translator.  Advantage of sending them to a Chinese school! ;)

Yummy addictive snack of deep fried fish skin. This is ordered from the menu though.

Everyone reveled in their sumptuous hedonistic hot pot dinner.  Total damage was slightly over RM1,000 for 10 pax.  Hubs ordered almost 20 plates of premium beef, lamb and pork and a plate of fresh scallops with countless plates of an assortment of balls, vegetables and some unique seafood. Some of the adults had beer.  The bill is slightly on the high side but taking into account the amount of food that the hubs ordered and the top notch service, the total bill is reasonable.  I definitely don't mind experiencing another round of entertaining hot pot meal provided hubs gets a pre-booked table again.

After our enjoyable dinner which left everyone with an expanded waist line, our friend treated us to the famous burnt cheese cake and matcha cheese cake at The Tokyo Restaurant @ Lot 10.  The slightly long stroll (in drizzle, which got us slightly wet) from Pavillion to Lot 10 (and then back to Pavillion) helped a wee bit in burning some calories before we dug into the sinfully to-die-for cheese cakes and tiramisu.

Haidilao Hot Pot
Level 10 Pavillion Elite,
168, Jalan Raja Chulan,
Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2110 0520
Opens daily from 10am to 3am

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Kedai Makanan May King @ Pudu

Ever since my youngest SIL from Hawaii arrived in KL on Monday, we've been binging non-stop.  It takes determination and will power as strong as steel to resist putting in the third or fourth spoonful of mouth watering grub into my mouth for every dish that's put on the dining table.  All in the name of a hot bod! Not that I have one but trying hard to get one.  Visions of my almost hourly workout every morning to burn off the calories kept flashing in my head and this is how I can resist the 'evil' in front of me from going into my mouth πŸ˜‡  Because it's just darn effortless to put on 10kg but it takes so much sacrifices, self control, sweat and torture just to lose 1kg.  As I age, I find that it's just so easy to pile on the weight especially when I am lazy and skip exercising.

Anyway, back to our Friday chow!

Brunch was at May King, to dig into one of the best lam mee, Ipoh style shredded chicken noodles and chicken curry noodles in KL.

Signature chicken curry noodles drenched in thick santan-ish curry broth.

The 'kai si hor fun' is almost as close as the ones from Ipoh.

Mee flooded in gloopy brown sauce, topped with fresh prawns, shredded chicken, bean sprouts, fried onions, green onions and Chinese cabbage.

Fried wanton, sui kow with huge big prawns and delish bouncy meat balls.

Kedai Makanan May King
Address: 38, Jalan Yew, Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Monday, October 21, 2019

Good Workout Morning

This morning's 45-minute workout session was very fruitful. I did three sets of lower abdomen exercises on the pool side lounger, stretching, star jumps, jump squats, hand weights, frog jumps, etc. before going for brisk walking and finally HIIT with jog and sprints for 15 minutes.  I had a good sweat out and a much wanted high of endorphins, which put me in really good mood the whole day πŸ˜‡ 

Why would anyone still not want to exercise when the benefits are in the jillions? No time is not an excuse. I can say that as I was once a full-time working mum with 2 babies under 2 years old then, who sacrificed my sleep, got up at 5 a.m. every single day and ran round the neighborhood with a baton or brolly in my hand (to ward off muggers) before travelling 25 km to my workplace. I stayed in Shah Alam and had to drive to Sri Kembangan to work. My working hours were long too.  If I can do it, so can anyone. 

One of the things that I intend to do when I retire is to spend an hour or two exercising once in the morning and once in the evening.   I'll most likely even learn yoga or dancing.  I'm going to keep myself more active than ever in my sunset years, just like my 73-year old mum who attends line dancing  and qigong classes, keyboard classes, learns Mandarin herself from our girls' old kindergarten Chinese books (LOL) and recently bought an Angklung from Indonesia to play in her free time. She also tries new recipes regularly and bakes like a pro.  I hope that she can continue to do all these activities to keep herself active physically and mentally for many, many more years.

Brunch was at the mamak with the hubs and Sherilyn.  Today is the first day of her final exam!

I had tosai and teh tarik with no sugar.  I gave specific instructions to the waiter that I wanted CRISPY and GARING tosai and he kept nodding his head but what came was totally opposite from what I ordered!  I was in a hurry to send the hubs back to his office and Sherilyn to school and didn't bother to send the half-cooked tosai back to the kitchen to have it re-fried till it's crispy. I just ate half and discarded the other half. What a disappointment.

Hubby's rice with mixed dishes.

Sherilyn's mee goreng.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Goodbye, My Beloved Longines

My 18-year old Longines watch died on me recently.  I got my Longines when I was in my corporate suits and needed a 'corporate watch'. Her price tag was about RM3,000 then and is now selling at USD1,290 (appr. RM5,394) in Amazon.  Until today, the facade of my Longines still looks brand new and sparkly, though she's been subjected to umpteen bangs, knocks, scratches, free falls and rain water.  Only the gasket inside is damaged.  Over the last 18 years, I must have spent a few thousand Ringgit just on batteries. Each battery costs about RM100, lasts for over a year only and can only be purchased from a luxury watch shop at Mid Valley Megamall.

When it finally stopped working, I was devastated. It would cost a few hundred Ringgit to get it fixed. Now that I'm no longer in the corporate world, I don't need a 'corporate watch'.  I'm good with just my red FitBit but I wanted something more elegant looking.  I have not decided if I should get the watch fixed.  But I'll definitely be keeping it forever.

I went on a watch shopping spree last Wednesday but almost all the watch shops at Mid Valley Megamall are luxury watch shops. Only Swatch carries 'affordable' watches. I'm not really a fan of Swatch watches but my girls are. I find the straps too plastic-ky and kiddy. The only advantage of owning a Swatch is that you'll get free replacement batteries for life. Warranty is two years only for the strap and internal parts.

After window shopping at four luxury watch shops and disappointed that none of the watches meet my measly budget of below RM400, I went back to Swatch to have another round of intense hunt for my dream watch. And then I saw this statement jewelry watch (RM340, yay meets my budget!) and I knew I had to get it.

She looks elegant with the bling bling pink and blue stones but I find it hard to put her on my wrist.  The moment I brought her into my room and tried to put her onto my wrist, she slipped from my butter fingers and BANG it fell onto the floor so HARD!!  My heart must have dropped along with her onto the floor. But thank God she survived the fall and none of the stones got yanked off.  That's one of the edges of getting a Swiss-made watch. You'll get quality product.

I had to have 6 frigging rings removed from my bling bling Swatch to fit into my skinny wrist.  4 of the rings were removed last Wednesday and when I found that she was still hanging too loosely on my wrist, I went back to the shop this week to have another 2 rings removed. Now my bling bling Swatch sits nicely on my wrist. πŸ’“

Please be good my dear bling bling Swatch. I hope you'll keep me company for the next 18 years just like your half sis, Longines 😬