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Friday, July 31, 2009

Punished Again

Sherilyn was punished again. This time round, she spilled her cup of orange juice which I had juiced for her.... AGAIN, yup again! I tell ya, this fler spills drinks 9 out of 10 times. I knew she would spill her juice and I kept reminding her to drink her cup of juice but as usual, I think she wasn't listening. She was just being too playful and doing some monkey business and then dang, dang, dang, dang, SPLASSSSSSHHHHHH!!!! I was enraggggggedd! How I hate to clean up messes caused by sticky juices, milk and soy bean milk. You need a few rounds of moping to remove the stickiness completely. I punished her and asked her to stand in the bathroom with another cup of water and made her finish the cup of water in the bathroom.

I don't think this would deter Sher the menace from spilling drinks in future. I now stand next to her with a cane in hand and make sure she finishes her juice immediately haha!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

She Thinks It's The Right Thing To Do

Baby C thinks that sniffing a diaper is the right thing to do hahaha..... coz she's been seeing mummy doing it since she was 7 weeks old. If you are a follower of my blog, you will know why I sniff Baby's soiled diapers.... and I am still doing it... like 15-20 times a day! Don't you say it's disgusting coz it's life-saving !

Baby C would sniff a diaper each time she gets hold of one. I better stop smelling her soiled diapers in front of her, otherwise she would continue to follow suit, LOL!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Gift For Baby C

I received a parcel of surprise last week. This lovely mummy sent some very pretty hair clips for Baby C and a get well soon card. How very thoughtful of her. Thanks very much Chanel!

The hair clips did not manage to stay long on Baby C's hair... in fact nothing stays on her head or hair for she will be pulling off every single hair accessory that's put on her head.

Guess who got really excited to see the hair clips and can't wait to put them on her hair? I think you would have guessed it right if you've been following my blog.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Easy DIY Ice Popsicles

I used to DIY my own ice popsicles when I was little. My brothers and I would pour in some Sunquick orange or Ribena into a cup, dilute it with some water, put in a spoon and dump the cup into the freezer. Several hours later, we would be enjoying our homemade ice popsicles. It was cheap, easy to do and we had so much fun licking the ice popsicle. Now, I'm making those ice popsicles for my gals and they love them just as much as I did. And it's really a good way to make them drink water this way... without reminders, sweat and threats!

Alycia licking her Ribena ice popsicle made using her Tupperware plastic cup and a stainless steel spoon.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kuihs From Bangsawan

The hubs bought a box of kuih-muih from Bangsawan @ Pavillion KL last week.

When I saw the box on the dining table, I thought it was yet another layer cake coz hubs have a liking for layer cake but when I opened the box, here's what I saw:

An assortment of very colorful kuih-muihs, each individually wrapped in plastic. I was really tempted to try the kuihs but I did not eat them as it was already way past 9pm. This health, fitness and vain freak doesn't eat anything after 9pm. Anything (especially carbo) eaten in the evening will only promote your jelly belly. I only ate them the next morning. What you see in this pic is only part of the kuihs.

Verdict : At RM1.20 per piece, I would not buy them again. I find that all the kuih tasted almost the same, which is really sweet and has santan or grated coconut in it. What I do not like is the bright food coloring used in most of the kuihs. I still prefer those homemade kuihs and kuihs with natural coloring from pandan leaves, beet root or blue flowers sold at the pasar malam or market. They are way cheaper and taste better.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Loves Her BumbleBee Educational VCDs

I bought a set of BumbleBee educational VCDs for my 2 older gals 4 years ago. 2 years ago when my 2 older gals got bored of the VCDs, I had wanted to give those VCDs away as I did not plan to have #3 but as fate has it, God had blessed me with my sweetie-pie... and now, I am recycling these VCDs and find them so useful.

Here is part of the set of BumbleBee Bee Smart Baby Vocabulary Builder:

... which Baby absolutely loves. These days, she can sit still on her highchair and get really, really engrossed and focused on the TV for at least half an hour and sometimes even an hour whilst I spoon-feed her formula milk. Whilst she's all soaked up in the program, I'll quickly shove the spoonfuls of milk into her mouth lol! She has learnt quite a number of new vocab and can say out a handful of words whenever she sees the picture of the object shown on TV.

Apart from this series, BumbleBee ABCs and 123s are also in my stash of educational VCDs collection. My 2 older gals learnt their ABCs and 123s from these BumbleBee VCDs, as well as from Barney's. If you want your toddler to learn their ABCs and 123s in a fun way, I'll recommend BumbleBee and Barney. Well, they worked pretty well on my gals.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oval Shaped Mangosteens

I never knew that mangosteens have two (or maybe more than two, I don't know) varieties. One is the round type and another is the oblong/oval shape type. The oval shaped variety of mangosteen is slightly smaller in size than the round ones. The flesh is also firmer and sweeter. The hubs bought a packet of oval shaped mangosteens the other day and I personally prefer the oval shaped ones.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Snacking After Meals

Whenever my gals have their meals, they must always end them with a dessert, not just one but several types. After their lunch or dinner, they will ransack the fridge and kitchen drawers for desserts and snacks - from ice-creams to biscuits, chips, cakes, yoghurt drinks and what nots. Can't blame them coz everyone in the family likes snacking, including moi, haha!

Sherilyn enjoying her ice-cream that mah mah bought for her. At least there is something to motivate my Miss Dilly Dally to hurry up and finish her meals but this does not work all the time. Sometimes, she would just sit on the chair at the dining table with food stored in her mouth and daydream till the cows come home for 2-3 hours!

Remembering Things With My E-Calendar

When I was working as a PA to a Dato’, I had to remember to do 101 things every day. Not that I have a good memory, in fact my memory sucks, especially after child birth. I relied a lot on my e-calendar and carried a HP Palm organizer everywhere that I went as my former boss would call me and ask me things round the clock. After I quit work, I stopped using my e-calendar. Hah, that’s when I started to forget about events and important things again. Lately, I started to use my e-calendar again as I have been forgetting to do too many important matters, including reminding hubs to renew his rv warranty. With an e-calendar, I don’t have to forget about anything anymore.

Gorging On Fattening Snacks

Each time I see a street vendor selling vada or vadai at the pasar malam or at Indian eateries, I will surely indulge in them. I like both the varieties of vada – the ones with lots of dhall beans and the flour ones shaped like a doughnut. I got these from Raju’s last Sunday and bought 4 – gobbled down 3 and gave 1 to my maid. Also bought a packet of muruku and a packet of Indian fried crisps. Sigh, I hope I don’t need weight loss pills to help me burn the excess fat I gained from gorging on so much oily food and food high in carbs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

KPC Baby

Baby C is just like her 2 jie jies when they were her age - being an avid checker of our things and just KPCing around each time we bring home our groceries and food from the market or supermarket.

What is this hairy fruit?

Eewww....I better throw it away.... the hair is stuck to my hands!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kids Sit The Funniest Ways

See how 'tharn sai kai' Baby is here... with one leg up and foot resting on the table of her highchair... and hand holding on to her biscuit, seated right in front of the TV watching her favorite 'Your Baby Can Read' VCD.

Note that Baby was even pointing to her nose with her right hand as the word "nose" was shown on TV. It's almost a year Baby has been watching these educational VCDs and she is still very much interested in the set of VCDs, unlike her 2 older jie jies who did not have much interest in them.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweating It Out At Raju's

I've always been a great fan of Indian food. After church yesterday, I told hubs that I wanted to try the Indian food at Raju Indian Restaurant at Jalan Gasing as he has been telling me how popular and tasty the food there is. Well, no regrets eating at Raju's as the food is delicious but I regretted eating there and not packing the food back coz it was frigging HOT, smoky (we sat next to the deep frying counter where the hot woks were and the oily smoke was too much to bear) and windy (the wind 'kar liu' leaves and dirt into our food!).

Here's what we had:

I had tosei and paper tosei. Shared them with my kids and maid. All the food there is served in banana leaves. Cooled my body down by gulping down water from a whole coconut.

Deep fried chicken marinated in turmeric and a little curry powder - this is my favorite.

Deep fried fish, squids, chicken curry and lamb curry.

Alycia and Sherilyn did not quite enjoy their food coz it was really frigging hot and they were complaining of being hot and sweaty.

I also ordered vadae which iLike.

There wasn't even a highchair for Baby and my maid had to carry her whilst I fed her. We were seated under a big tree and there were leaves dropping on our food as we ate. Even baby's porridge had leaves and twigs, eeesh! It was really uncomfortable as the restaurant was bursting with patrons - too many customers and not too satisfactory customer service. Many of the customers were kwai lohs.
Here, Baby is trying to bite coconut flesh from the cap of the coconut shell. I had to pacify her with the coconut cap as she was restless, hot and sweaty.

The bundle of fresh banana leaves, replacing plates.

The deep fried food counter. Can you see Alycia behind? We were seated just metres away from the counter, so can you imagine how 'yau' (oily) it was. The aroma and the hot smoke wafted to where we were seated and we were choking in the smoke as we ate. At the end of the meal, all of us smelled like fried chicken, fried fish and curry, eewww!

When we reached home, the first thing I did was bathed Baby again.... and all of us showered again - from head to toe!

The next time I want to eat Indian food from Raju's, I'll make sure hubs tar pau and we will eat at the comforts of our own home.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Settling A Tug-Of-War

What would you do if your kids fight over a toy or just about anything? I normally take the item away so that no one has the item but more often than not, both will put up a sulky face for hours. And #2 will give me more than a sulky face. She will whimper non-stop (which would surely send a migrane to my head!) until she gets the item or until I give her a spank!

The other day, #1 and #2 were fighting over a pink China bowl over dinner. I didn't want a headache, so I told #1 to give #2 the pink bowl and then dug out a Mickey & Friends compartmentalized plate which was new and never used before... and gave it to #1. She was placated instantly... and I whispered this to her "your sister will surely want your plate when she sees it" and true enough, when #2 saw the new plate, she abandoned her pink bowl and wanted the new plate... that's very common of #2 to do that.... she wants what her jie jie has, even if she does not like the item as she just wants equality.

Alycia's new Mickey & Friends compartmentalized plate which koo mar bought from HK.

To placate #2, I dug out another compartmentalized plate (which was not new but hardly ever used) and gave it to her. She whined a little coz she only wanted her jie jie's plate... which was very common of her but when she saw her dishes nicely arranged in her 'new' plate, she mellowed down and then slowly settled down, looooooong sigh.... talk about middle child syndrome.... you really need loads of patience and ideas to placate the difficult middle child.

And here's what we had for dinner that night:

Stir-fried veggie, steamed eggs with minced pork, steamed salmon fish, stir-fried french beans with homemade fish balls, steamed brown rice and chicken curry.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Saturday

Today the hubs and mil went to the wet market to shop for our weekly perishables - veggie, meat and fruits. Whenever they go to the wet market, they will also pack back hawkers food for brunch... and also kuih-muih, egg tarts, chicken pies, coconut tarts and all the fattening stuff lar...which iLike but iScared. Anyway, I quickly walloped a slice of my favorite swiss roll with kaya the moment I saw it on the dining table. See how impatient this fei por was. I haven't been eating that for almost a year and it's only available at the SS2 wet market. I so missed it and I finally had it today, hah!

Whenever my mil goes to the SS2 wet market, she would always buy homemade kuih-muih from this lady who claims that her kuih-muihs are free from coloring and are only made from good and natural ingredients. Her kuihs are all slightly more expensive but really nice and very rich in santan. If only I don't have to worry about my darn waist line, I can really polish off everything here. The hello kitty, flower and shell shaped santan jellies are also very tasty - my gals love them. The slice of cake inside the plastic bag at the top left is blueberry yoghurt chiffon cake - it's really fluffly, soft and tasty. In fact, all her kuihs and cakes are really tasty. The maroon color ang koo on the right is made of beet root and has red bean filling - very tasty, iLike!

Egg tarts and coconut tarts...

... and my favorite swiss roll with kaya and chicken pies.

So here goes my diet *shake head*. Better wake up early tomorrow to jog jog jog! Sunday is another eating day, haih....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby C Loves Beet Root Soup

My sweetie-pie is a soup lover so I make it a point to prepare a pot of soup everyday. She does not fancy plain water much, so one good way of making her drink enough fluids is through soups. Drinking enough fluids is very important for her (or for anyone with frequent UTIs) as it can flush out those pesky bacteria out from her urinary tract. The more she pees, the better, as there are more chances of the bacteria being flushed out through the pee. Of all the soups, her favorite is beet root. Yup, the bright red soup that resembles blood haha! I guess it's because beet root is naturally very sweet and that makes the soup really tasty and sweet. Even my 2 older fussy pots love beet root soup with sweet corns.

Double boiled beet root soup with lean pork, carrots and sweet corns.

Baby loves beet root soup so much that whenever I feed her, it has to be continuously... spoonful after spoonful without any pause, other wise she would scream! If only she would drink her formula milk with such enthusiasm, life would be so much more easier for me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Can Never Get Sick Of Durians

I have been feasting on these every single week for almost a month and I am still not sick of them yet. In fact, I yearn for them very much. Though high in sugar, carbo and calories, I for one can immediately forgo my diet regimen and gorge on them. There is always an exception when it comes to the king of fruits!

Musang King variety... notice how yellow and thick the flesh are. Yums, simply irresistible... even to a health and fitness freak!

For my readers who cannot buy fresh durians in your country, sorry, this post is not meant to tempt you :D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Keeping Baby C Still On Her Chair During Meal Times

Before feeding Baby each of her meal, I need to crack my head to find novel entertainment and toys that will attract her so that she will sit still on her high-chair. She has now gotten bored of most of her toys, as well as her jie jies', so I have to give her OUR toys LOL.... things from the kitchen, remote controls (my mil will freak out when Baby throws the remote controls on the floor lol!), mobile phones (I will freak out if she throws my mobile phone!), the house phone, etc.

Baby is now really cheeky and active and can hardly sit still on her high-chair. When she gets bored during a meal, she will try to remove her bib (telling us that she doesn't want to eat anymore). She will then stand on her chair and try to climb out of the chair.

Baby is still very much fascinated with Alycia jie jie's Marie The Cat multi-button with multi compartments pencil box. But I will only let her play with it during real stressful times like when I spoon-feed her formula. Other meal times, she can remain still for at least 10 minutes coz she still loves her porridge... provided there are toys for her to play on the table.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Pix Of My 3 Angels

Baby joining in the fun and ruckus that her 2 rambunctious jie jies are into....

Baby now knows how to pull the sliding mozzie net to get into the wet kitchen, pull a stool to the window, sit down or stand on the stool and watch kids swimming in the pool below.

And mummy has burnt quite a bit of fat chasing her around all day... that's the plus point of having a hyper-active toddler :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Sunday

After church yesterday, we went to Equatorial Hotel KL to attend my former Ipoh school classmate's baby's fullmoon party. It was good catching up with my former classmates and the gals had a swell time watching the clown sculpture balloons for them and there was also had an entertaining magic show by the clown. My 2 gals had so much fun watching the clown that they did not even feel shy volunteering to be the clown's assistant and went out to participate in the balloon competition and other activities.

The clown was too much of a distraction to the kids and they did not eat much, especially Sherilyn who only ate 3 fishballs and a small scoop of ice-cream. As for me, I ate quite a bit, hehe... afterall, how often do I get to eat in such peace... my maid was feeding Baby C and my gals were having so much fun they did not bother me much.

My first plate of grub, which I shared with my maid. The food and desserts were really good and I gorged on quite a bit of cakes. I'm all set to jog an extra mile today to burn off those piled up calories.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sausages Are A Kid's Best Friend

Whenever I run out of ideas on what to prepare for the gals for lunch, I'll always fix them sandwiches. It could be a simple peanut butter or kaya + cheese sandwich or sandwiches with fried eggs, tuna, ham or sausages. Yes sausages, they are Alycia's and Sherilyn's favorite food and they can never ever get enough of them. But no, they ain't healthy and are loaded with sodium, preservative and food additives. And yes, they can really make my kids shout hooray whenever they come back from school and see sausages on the dining table.

This is what I prepared for Alycia and Sherilyn yesterday.... homemade fast-food... haha coz I only needed 10 minutes to prepare them.

Multi-grain bread with fried egg, hi-calcium cheese and chicken frankfurters.

Since I don't have a Wiener sausage cutter, I cut the sausages with a pair of scissors. I wanted to cut a sheet of seaweed to make eyes and mouth for the octopus' face but my 2 brats were so excited and famished that they could not wait to lay their hands on the sausages the minute they saw the octopus / banana shaped sausages.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Do This Or Else.....

Every single morning, I am bound to have a stressful and blood-boiling time coaxing and hurrying my #2 to finish drinking her cup of milk. She would just be seated on the chair on the dining table or on the couch, staring into space and in a daydreaming mode. Sometimes, she would make me blow my top when she spills all her Milo+milk on the table, on our chair, on our newspapers and everywhere on the floor, aargh! No amount of coercion will make her drink her milk. Most times, I will threaten her with the cane. Let me tell you, I hate to resort to the cane all the time but it looks like that’s the only way to move my #2’s butt. Today, I found a solution haha! I threatened her that if she did not finish her milk by the time I step into the living room (I was inside the kitchen then), she would not be allowed to go swimming or play her tricycle today. Dang, dang, dang… voila, it worked like a charm coz I think it hit her on the right nerve woohoohoohoo! Bingo, bull's eyes! Before I could step inside the living room, she had already gulped down her cup of milk and had hurried to the bathroom to wash up. So I learnt a lesson today. Threaten my #2 to have her favorite activities removed and she’ll obediently toe the line, muahahaha!!

Can't Get The Best Of Both Worlds

After living in a condo for 8 months, I must say that I prefer condo living than living in a double storey house. Apart from the cool condo facilities that we get to enjoy, I think it is also easier to maintain the cleanliness of a condo as the built-up space is smaller. However, there are certain things that I miss about living in a house. I do miss jumping on my trampoline at the porch and sitting at our outdoor chaise lounges while watching my 2 gals play with their tricycle and scooter. Oh well, one can hardly get the best of both worlds, right?

Something Fun In The Bathroom Discovered

Alycia and Sherilyn had just discovered something fun in the bathroom! They discovered that they can twist the shower faucet to change it to ‘water massage’ mode, which in this case, the water will shoot out real fast and hard like some kind of pressure washers muahahaha! And it’s a good thing because now they look forward to taking their shower and I’ve even taught them to shower on their own. This relieves me of at least half an hour a day :)

I Had Supper Last Night

I have not had supper for aeons but last night, I put aside my health freak regimen and had supper consisting of durians and fried noodles (albeit only 1 tablespoon hehe!). In fact, I have been feasting on the king of fruits – Musang King variety for the past few weeks. After all, how often can you indulge in durians right? It’s seasonal and you only get to indulge in them several times a year. I think very soon, I will need to get some Kettlebell workouts to help me rid my jelly belly! Jogging alone can’t do the job effectively. Durians are the king of fatty fruits too and are really high in sugar and calories, I better have some self control or my diet plan will be thrown out of the window.

Sacrifice Of A Mother

I was up at 1:30am again early today. These days, I will doze off at 10ish pm when I put Baby C to sleep. Hours later, I will wake up to get some work done on the computer for half an hour to an hour. This morning, my mind was totally blank and I had absolutely no idea on what to write about cattle supplies, bleh! Instead, I was reading up a lot on UTI prevention for Baby C. Baby, you better be good to mummy when you grow up. Mummy has sacrificed everything just so you will have no more UTI attacks and no more hospitalization stays.

Up Again At Ungodly Hours

It's now almost 2am and I'm up again, hoping to complete some of my online assignments. These days, I can hardly do anything during Baby's waking time. Baby is at a very mobile stage now and is happily roaming the house with her new found feat - walking! She can hardly remain in her playpen these days.

When Alycia and Sherilyn are away in school in the morning, my time is normally spent feeding Baby breakfast, spoon-feeding her formula milk (which takes ages!), bathing her and by the time she is taking her first nap, her 2 jie jies are back from school. When they are back from school, my hands will be tied fixing them lunch, bathing them and coaching them in their homework. If only Sherilyn will just obediently listen to me without whining, complaining and irritating me with her endless whims and fancies and unreasonable demands every single day. My temper will sure hit the roof whenever I hear her whine and her turning a deaf ear on all my instructions, aargh!

My days pass by really quickly these days without me realizing it. When your plate is full to the brim, you won't even realize time ticking away at a frightening speed. Well, it's good isn't it? When you have 3 demanding toddlers, life is never a dull. Ok, back to work.... better stop crapping now.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy Over The King Of Fruits

Everyone in our family loves durian, the king of fruits. Even Baby C likes it! Several days ago, we bought some durians from a nearby mini mart. The durian store was located next to the retail POS systems, right at the entrance of the mini mart. As the guy manning the store priced opened the durian shells, the sweet and tempting aroma of the durian wafted through air and into our noses, exciting our palate. All of us could not wait to get home to lay our hands on the durians and sank our teeth into the durians at the entrance of the mini mart… standing there walloping the durian and oblivious to the by-standers who gave us stares! Before we could pay them, we had already polished off more than half of the durians that we bought.

Darn The Thunder

It’s raining cats and dogs now and there’s also continuous roaring thunder. My 3 kids are napping now and it’s the only time I can sit down in front of my PC to do some blogging, some online shopping or get some online term life insurance quotes but darn it, I have to quickly hurry up and publish this post before my modem or my PC gets zapped by the thunder. What a bummer, it’s my only free time now and I have to shut down the PC, aargh! It looks like I have to pull myself up from bed in the wee hours of the morning again to work on my PC.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blessed To Have 3 Angels

People always tell me that I am blessed to have 3 daughters and I think so too. Tell me, would your son brush your hair and give you a good head and body massage? Most likely no, right? You're lucky if your son doesn't mind massaging mummy from head to toe muahahaha!

I mentioned in my earlier post in my other blog that I am wiped out each day having to walk behind Baby C and be her bodyguard. This fler is now super active and mobile and her energy level is also at an all-time high... and I'm really glad. Anyone who sees her wouldn't believe that this cili padi had undergone 2 major surgeries exactly 2 months ago.

Today I felt tired and sleepy doing nothing but following baby round the house. So I brought baby to her 2 jie jies' room (her 2 jie jies followed suit) and locked the room door. I then lay on the bed and told my 2 older brats to play with baby. When my 2 brats saw me lying on the bed, they happily volunteered to give me a good massage. Alycia quickly dashed to my room to bring my jar of Rosken cream and Sherilyn quickly fetched the hair brush muahahaha. Alycia then started to apply the Rosken cream all over my hands and legs and begun massaging me. Sherilyn who is obsessed with her hair and her Barbie dolls' hair had a swell time brushing my hair... and pulling gobs of hair off my scalp too! As for Baby, she was happily playing with her jie jies' toys and I need not worry much as she was confined to a small room and had no chairs to climb on. After a good 15-minute massage, I felt recharged!

And just for laughs....

Baby still finds thrills playing with my undies. She loves opening my drawer and fish out my undies... and then put the undies over her head, as if she was wearing a tudung (head scarf) or a shawl , muahahaha....

And she loves my grandma's panties best muahahaha.... I used to wear them when I was preggers with Baby.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Nosy Parker

My naughty KPC (nosy parker) ransacking the kitchen drawer....

... first she brought a pack of crackers to the living room and crawled back to the kitchen for more...

... Alycia jie jie said that baby probably wanted to have a picnic on the floor muahahah..... and Alycia jie jie had to close the kitchen door to prevent baby from bringing more junk food to the living room.

This is our typical afternoon at home. Baby will be busy ransacking our things, pressing on our Astro decoder and switching channels (and enraging her 2 jie jies), climbing on chairs, sofa and beds, opening doors and playing with her 2 jie jies' toys. She is now a big distraction to her 2 jie jies coz it's really hard for them to concentrate in their homework and hard for me to coach them as well. But I'm not complaining, I would rather she be a distracter than to lie in bed in the hospital.

Maid Woes - Part III

Called up my maid agent yesterday. Well it seems that my maid's passport that has been sitting at the Immigration Dept has now been located and brought back to her. When I spoke to my maid agent at 6pm yesterday, she has yet to see the passport yet. Now I just hope that the big issue that is screwed up can now be un-screwed and remedied. We have no extra cash for hiring a new maid all over again, which would cost up to RM10k. Even if we have, is it worth the risk taking? It's just too costly and there's no absolute guarantee that the new maid is going to be better than my existing maid. Moreover, changing maids until I finally get a satisfactory one is going to involve way too much money. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I can keep my existing maid.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What Did She Draw?

One afternoon early this week, Sherilyn was supposed to be doing her homework but as usual, this brat was doodling and scribbling on every book that was on the table. I was nagging and nagging at her and then when my eyes caught a glimpse of what she was drawing, I was amazed.

Can anyone guess what my brat had drawn here?





















I think you would have guessed it right looking at the cross and the red color on 'Jesus' hands and feet right? When I asked her why she colored the hands and feet red, she told me it's blood. I think our recent visit to St. Anne's church in Bukit Mertajam must have inspired her to draw this picture of Jesus on the cross. I am really amazed that my brat drew this... of all things.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Being A Mother Is Tough Job!

I used to look forward to the weekend but not anymore now... for weekends mean that I have to be a slave to my 3 gals from the time they rise to the time they retire to bed at night. On weekends, I hardly have the time to sit to have my breakfast. It's worse on Sundays as I will be rushing like a mad lady.... fixing my 3 gals breakfast, painstakingly spoon-feeding baby and coaxing her to drink her formula milk, bathing baby and the 2 older gals... all these to be completed before we make a mad dash to the church. On weekends, my 2 older brats usually refuse to nap in the afternoon though I force and threaten them. By dinner time, they will be so worn out that they could barely open their eyes when seated at the dining table. And Sher would nomally be sitting at the dining table for 2-3 hours, dazed and with food stored in her mouth. Most times, almost everything on her plate that had turned cold and gross looking will end up in the bin.

Now that baby is walking everywhere unaided, I can never leave her alone, not even for a few seconds. Accidents usually happen in a split second just when you are caught unaware. Yesterday she followed me to the toilet and just when I wasn't looking for a second, this brat put her hand into the toilet bowl that was filled with her jie jie's pee (her 2 jie jies have a bad habit of not flushing the toilet), eewwww! I was horrified!

I had just spent an hour doing nothing but followed baby everywhere that she went. My maid is now spoon-feeding her formula milk. These days, I pass this chore to my maid coz baby knows how to bully me. When I'm the one feeding her formula milk, she will struggle and make life difficult for me for she only wants mummy's boops. It usually takes an hour for my maid or me to finish spoon-feeding her ONLY 2 ounces of formula. How terribly pathetic hor? With much difficulties, I can only force feed her 4-5 ounces of formula milk a day. I really want to wean her off my boops but how to when she absolutely hates formula milk?

I'd really appreciate tried and tested effective tips on how I can successfully wean my baby off my boops and get her interested in formula milk.

Friday, July 3, 2009

What Cassandra Has Been Up To Lately

I love to go a-wandering around my home sweet home
and as I go I love to sing a knapsack on my back...
Mama meee.... mama meee, a knapsack on my back.

and I love my ABCs flash cards too....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Surprises From Baby C

Surprisingly, Baby C seems to have a liking for this hard cover book with pictures of real animals.... coz her 2 jie jies did not display any interest in this book when they were younger. Baby C can now recognize a handful of animals and she never fails to make me laugh each time she says "aaaaa....fen" (elephant) when she sees the picture of the elephant. She will also say "bear bear" whenever she sees any type of bears.

Baby C all soaked up in this book of animals.

Today, Baby C surprised me further when she immitated me by saying 'taaa kiu' (thank you). She also said "daiii.......be" (diaper) when I gave her a diaper. She even understands Cantonese, Mandarin and Malay. When my maid asks her things in malay, she will point out to those things. Her latest buzzword is 'pain', 'thoong' (pain in Cantonese) and 'sakit' (pain in Malay). She will point to her hand with her forefinger each time we mention the word pain, thoong or sakit... coz her hand was where the IV line was inserted during her 3-week long stay in the hospital.

These surprises from my sweetiepie are never enough and I can't wait for her to spew out more words each day.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Half A Year Has Gone

Can you believe it? Today is 1st July... which means that half a year has flown past us so quickly. I can't believe that it's almost 2 months since Baby C's first surgery in Penang and in another 2 months' time, I will have to bring her back to the hospital in Penang for the MCUG scan to see if she still has kidney reflux. I absolutely can't wait for time to pass and for her to grow up. Our doctors have told us that many kids with kidney reflux will most likely outgrow the condition as they grow.

So what have I accomplished during the first half of this year? Nothing much but I managed to jump one very big hurdle and that is to see my baby go through 2 major surgeries. Before her surgeries, I often worried and wondered how life would be during my stay in the hospital watching my baby suffer. Well, I'd soldiered on and survived the ordeal, so did my very brave and tough little cookie. I can only pray now that the days ahead of her would be brighter and that she can now lead a normal life. Life for a toddler should be fun... there should be plenty of fun time, plenty of time spent in the park, shopping trips and holidays, right? But for Cassandra, her days revolved around eating supplements, antibiotics, hospital trips and pain. Well, I hope these are all over now.

As for me, the past 1 year or so has been extremely tumultous and I have been so engrossed and obsessed with Cassandra's health issue that I feel my life only revolved around her. I have neglected my 2 older kids, other people whom I love and other things that I love to do. I want to be an all-rounder again from now onwards. I pray that the second half of this year will be a better year for me, my kids, my hubs, my parents and everyone else whom I care for.

So how did the first half of this year go for you?