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Monday, January 7, 2008

Alycia's Not Getting Any Better

Alycia's cough is not getting any better. The phlegm has increased and keeps irritating her throat till she keeps puking. Daddy brought her to see the paed again today and the dr. prescribed her with more medicine! She is finishing her antibiotics today but because she's not getting any better, the dr. gave her another bottle of antibiotics and she has to eat it for another 2 days. She was also given a new cough syrup and a new syrup for the phlegm.

One of my readers informed me today that Alycia's constant illness could be caused by moulds in the house. She recently found out that her kids' constant illness and her constant cough were caused by allergies - moulds on the mattress, pillows, bolsters and walls. There could be some truth to it as the paed had told me before that Alycia has sensitive throat and nose and is also allergic to 'something in the environment'. Hubby is thinking of buying the latest Sharp air purifier cum air humidifier but it's freaking expensive at RM1,600! I've just checked the pillows that the gals normally sleep on downstairs and have discarded two pillows that have yellow dots (could be mould) on them. Will be going upstairs to check their pillows and bolsters later to have another round of investigation!
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