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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blogging Frenzy Days Are Over

Offers from advertisers are pathetically scarce for PR0 blogs lately but I'm too busy to grief over it. In fact, I find that it's a blessing in disguise. I'm just too busy training my new temp Cambodian maid. Though she's hardworking, she's really slow. I have to do some of the house work myself like boiling water, washing bottles, bathing the kids, feeding Sherilyn (which is the most time-consuming as this brat doesn't like to eat and just stores the food in her mouth for hours), etc. Sherilyn still does not want the new maid to feed her or bathe her. I'm having a bad backache now from all the back-breaking tasks of bathing 2 hyperactive kids who won't stay still before, during and after their baths. Plus, I find it hard and painful to squat down now as my belly is getting bigger.

Now that Alycia has gone back to pre-school, I have to coach her in her homework everyday, besides reading to her and Sherilyn. I am really tempted to create another blog in my own domain and let this new blog be free of 3P posts in the hope of earning a good PR but with my 3rd baby arriving soon, I really doubt I will have the time to do that. I guess I will have to put this plan in the back-burner and wait till the end of this year.
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