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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Din Tai Fung Chinese Restaurant

The night before our maid left, hubby brought us all to Din Tai Fung Chinese Restaurant @ Gardens for dinner. This restaurant serves really good Shainghainese food.

This 'siu loong pau' is really tasty. I love the hot soup wrapped inside the skin. You have got to be careful not to burn your lips and tongue when you bite into this pau as the soup inside is really piping hot. There are 2 varieties of 'siu loong pau' - one is meat filled and the other one is meat and crab meat filled. Both are equally tasty.

Another of my favorite at this restaurant - the beef 'la mien'. Very tasty.

This is also one of my favorites - pau filled with steamed minced pork meat - also very tasty.

Our all-time favorite - 'sei kwai tau' or Four Seasons beans, which is actually fried long beans with minced pork and preserved vegetables.

Fried rice with big shrimps and eggs for our maid.

We also ordered a steamed tofu dish. What's special about this simple dish is that the tofu comes with chicken meat floss sprinkled on top of the tofu.

I would rate the food from this restaurant 9 over 10.

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