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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dull Sunday

Today has been a pretty dull Sunday for us. Alycia is still having cough and phlegm (though her fever has subsided) and her medicine is making her feeling sleepy and listless. We did not go to church today and stayed home the entire day. Sherilyn has also caught the virus from daddy and Alycia and has started to cough since yesterday. Her voice has also changed and she sounds like she's got a lot of phlegm. Yesterday when she cried, she threw up a lot of phlegm. I'm just hoping she won't have fever and a full fledge flu. Sher's still very active and has been running around the house and talking to herself as her playmate is sleeping almost the whole day. Just hope the gals will get better by tomorrow. I won't be sending Alycia to school tomorrow as she's still under medication. Planning to send her back to school on Tuesday next week.
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