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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fukuya Japanese Restaurant

We went to Fukuya Japanese Restaurant in Bangsar for lunch 2 Sundays ago. Hubby's friend is a sashimi chef there. The food there was really good - the raw fish and seafood were very fresh. The chicken teriyaki from the Bento set also tasted very good - the skin was very crispy and fragrant.

Soft shell crab maki - very tasty.

Chawan Mushi with Unagi, which comes together with the Bento set.

The platter of raw fish and seafood which made me salivate whilst hubby savoured them.

Hubby ordered a plate full of raw fish and seafood that really made me salivate..... I had a grilled cod fish and the gals had a Bento set. Also ordered many other miscellaneous items. It was the first time my maid ate Jap food and for someone poor from Cambodia who is quite deprieved of food, she enjoyed every bit of the delicious food. The soft shell crab maki was very tasty too. Alycia and Sherilyn loved the California rolls and maki. Even Sherilyn who hates meat ate the soft shell crab maki.

Alycia enjoying her maki.

Sherilyn enjoying the crispy seaweed sheets which the sashimi chef gave her.
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