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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is There Anything Wrong With The Blogspot Server?

Something is seriously wrong with the blogspot server. I’ve been facing difficulty logging in to my blogspot blog and to other blogspot blogs too throughout the day since yesterday morning. At certain times, there seems to be nothing wrong and I could log in without any difficulty but most of the time, the page gets hang. I also cannot upload pix at intervals throughout the day. I have really wasted a lot of precious time trying don’t know how many umpteen times to log in. The technician from Streamyx came this morning and upon checking my line, told me that there is nothing wrong with my line or the pod. And when he was here, coincidentally he could access my blogspot blog and other blogspot blogs without any problem. But when he left, the problem persisted again, bummer! My friend who is a computer technician came this morning to install a surge protector to my computer. When he was here, he could also log in to my blog and other blogspot blogs. Does that sound creepy to you? Is anyone facing this problem too?
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