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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Little Fountain In Our Very Own Kitchen

The kids and I had a real good laugh yesterday when the faucet in our kitchen sink was accidentally yanked off by our new Cambodian maid. What made it so funny was that when the faucet came off, the water shot up like a little fountain and my maid was all wet…. with the faucet still in her hand. Even I had a good laugh. The faucet has been faulty and loose for months already and had been yanked off many times but we haven’t got the time to get a replacement. I better ask hubby to get a new Hansgrohe faucet that does not fall apart so easily. It’s really inconvenient each time the faucet comes off as I have to wait for my handyman (hubby) to come back from work at night to have it fixed.
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