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Friday, January 11, 2008

Maid Bummer

Remember I had posted earlier that I have found a maid agency that provides temporary live-in maids? Somehow, I just have a guts feeling that this agency is not reliable. I've been trying to call the owner of the agency the whole of yesterday and I only got a message on his mobile phone saying that "the number that you have dialled is not available".

This morning when I called up his office, his staff was not even aware that he has promised to send me a temp live-in maid on Sunday. She also said that Mr L** is overseas and will only be back next week. I was dumbfounded and just couldn't believe that this Mr L** had left the country without informing his staff about my order. Mr L** had promised me that he will send the maid to my house on Sunday himself! The staff also told me that there isn't any available temp live-in maid at the moment. I was even more shocked to hear that coz this Mr L** had told me earlier that he has a pool of temp live-in maids available at his agency and I can get the maid from him at any time. All I could say to Mr L**'s staff was I could not believe this is happening. What kind of company is this. Does this company even exist? Luckily I have not paid anything.

Now, I am left in a lurch. I have been calling maid agencies almost the whole morning today to look for part-time maids. My Sikh neighbor has given me a contact of the maid agency that she had previously used and I have called and arranged for part-time maids to come every other day (2 hours per session with 2 maids) starting next Monday. I just hope that this maid agency is reliable, else I would have to look for another maid agency again.
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