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Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Maid Is Leaving Soon

My maid will be leaving us on Sunday next week. She seems very happy and appears to start missing Sherilyn. She's carrying Sherilyn quite a bit lately and runs to check on her whenever she cries. I think a close bond has grown between my maid and Sherilyn as she's been taking care of Sher since she was 10 months old. Moreover, Sher sure knows how to melt people's hearts with her cute antics. My maid is also getting very forgetful and dreamy lately. All that's in her mind now is to go back to Indon to meet her daughter and family. I think she has also stopped seeing her Nepalese boyfriend after hubby lashed out on her last month over her boyfriend.

Now my problem is getting a temporary maid while waiting for my new maid to arrive. Really giving me a big headache.
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