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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Organic Tomato Noodles

I've found a brand of noodles that taste just as good as instant noodles - organic tomato noodles by Vitame. I never feed Alycia and Sherilyn with instant noodles but each time my maid eats instant noodles, they would stand next to her and watch her eat the noodles whilst they salivate. A couple of times, they looked so pathetic that kakak secretly fed them with the instant noodles without my knowledge.... and they loved it.... and of course I found out when they came announcing to me proudly that they ate 'maggie mee'. Each time kakak eats instant noodles, they will beg kakak to let them have a spoonful of the 'maggie mee' (that's what they call instant noodles).

This brand of noodles comes in a few flavors - tomato, spirulina, seaweed and spinach at only RM4.90 per pack and are available at Cold Storage @ Gardens.

Organic tomato noodles with stir-fried minced chicken meat and Marmite and organic bok choy.

Here's another healthy meal for your toddlers from Health Freak Mommy!

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