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Sunday, January 6, 2008

We Love Bread

That's our favorite black sesame wholemeal bread fresh from the oven at the bakery. Since I've not been making my own bread lately, we've been buying fresh nice bread from this bakery. They sell black sesame wholemeal bread, walnut wholemeal bread, sunflower seeds bread, cheese and ham bread, dragon fruit bread, red bean bread, yam bread, pandan bread, fuji bread and much more. Anyone who steps into this bakery will surely be tempted to get a loaf of their unique bread.

Some other of my favorites at this bakery are their plain chiffon cake, green tea and red bean chiffon cake, moist and soft cheese cake and banana pie. Very tasty and fresh. Can't wait to go to this bakery later to get myself a banana pie. Fattening but damn shiok!

The bakery even slices the loaf of bread for you after you have picked your choice of bread.
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