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Friday, January 25, 2008

What's So Fantastic About J.Co Doughnuts?

I really don't know but each time I go to the Republic Food Court @ Pavillion, the J.Co Doughnut outlet is ALWAYS packed with fans making a long bee line and willing to queue for at least 15 mins to 30 mins for their turn to buy those sweet doughnuts. And hubby is one of the die-hard fans. For an impatient person like him, he is willing to queue up with the rest of the die-hard fans just to get a dozen of those doughnuts laced with sugar, chocolate and cream.

We were at Pavillion on Wednesday and hubby joined in the craze by queuing up for at least 20 mins to get a dozen of those doughnuts. I really can't find anything special about those doughnuts, in fact I find them terribly sweet. I still prefer the old-fashioned doughnuts sprinkled with very little castor sugar but still, I am never a doughnut person. I prefer cream puffs and ice cream.

Do you find these doughnuts tempting and appetizing? I don't know, but I really find them very jelak, just at the sight of them.... and I did not eat any of these. Instead, I ate the 'yau char kwai', 'mar keok', soya bean and tau foo far from the 'Yau Tiow' stall at the Republic Food Court. You should try those instead - very nice... but sinful! I was too busy eating them till I had forgotten to snap pix of them. Next time I will!
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