Health Freak Mommy: Baby C And Her First Taste Of Fish


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Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby C And Her First Taste Of Fish

Baby C had her first taste of fish today. My mil had steamed a fish (ma yau toong) for lunch. I did not deliberately intend to feed her fish today as I was busy rushing to eat my lunch. I had an appointment with my gynae at 2:30pm today. Before having my lunch, I had fed Baby C some organic brown rice and organic banana rice cereal. Baby C was fussing away, so I put her on my lap as I ate my lunch. When she kept staring at my food, I decided to let her try a small pinch of fish and to my surprise, she liked it and gave me and my mil her sweetest smile. I then brought out a small bowl and gave her more fish. She ate and ate without fussing until she fell asleep! Poor baby, she's been jolted up from her nap twice today - once by the darn contractor and another time by her 2 cheh chehs.
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