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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby C Loves Bread Too

Last Friday, we brought Baby C to consult the pediatric nephrologist and spent almost the entire day at the hospital. After consulting the pediatric nephrologist, we had to consult the pediatric surgeon. As there was a long wait, we went to the cafe to have lunch.

Hubby and I ate chicken chop and fish and chips.

Baby C was fussing and whining as she was sleepy. So I gave her a pinch of the organic wholemeal chickpea buns that I had bought from the cafe. To my surprise, she loved the bun. I gave her another pinch, and then another until I told myself I had to stop as babies are not supposed to eat wholemeal bread. Babies' guts are still immatured and may not be able to digest the wholemeal. So I gave her a pinch of the white bun that came with our set menu. She loved it too. When I got back, I bought a loaf of Gardenia white bread and fed her with it.

Looks like I have another bread lover at home.... which means that I will have another person fighting to have my share of bread soon. But that's good. Serving my kids bread for lunch or dinner is the simplest way out whenever I am busy. They love bread (and so do I) and it's easy job for me!
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