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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Daddy's Written Agreement To Bring His Princesses Swimming... Part I

That was taken on the day we moved into our new condo. Our unit faces the swimming pool and the gals' room has a very good view of the pool... and the gals absolutely adore their room. They think it's a hotel and they spend almost the whole day in their room and at the kitchen looking down at the pool. They have been bugging daddy to bring them swimming but it's just not possible as we were all (and still are) extremely busy with the move and unpacking.

When daddy was unpacking the gals' clothes and arranging them into their new closet, Sherilyn quickly fished out one of her old bikinis and insisted to put her bra (that's what she calls it lol!) on.... then ran round the house pretending to snap pictures!

Last night, daddy finally promised to bring Alycia and Sher swimming today. He even signed on an agreement hand-written by Alycia that he will bring her swimming today. As I am typing this, daddy has now brought them swimming. Shall post picture of the agreement soon!
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