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Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Am Back

After spending 2 agitating hours in front of my PC trying to connect to my blogs and to certain websites, I finally managed to get some work done. I just hate this 3G wireless internet. Connection is farking unstable and my pages get all distorted. I have to keep disconnecting and reconnecting the line. I can't wait for my Streamyx to be up again.

Anyway, it's way past 12 midnight now. I have a lot to update in my blogs but I better sleep early coz tomorrow is another long day... of unpacking, packing and carrying my little whiny and fussy baby. There have been many people in and out of our new condo lately and she hates strangers. Each time Baby C sees strangers in our condo, she will bawl unless she's being carried by me and no one else! So can you imagine how tough my days have been, having to carry her and she has not been napping a lot too coz her 2 boisterous older sisters have been laughing, screaming and getting all excited over the new condo and their new pretty bedroom.... and they kept jolting her up from her nap... which drives me really bonkers.

BTW, there are supposed to be pix with this post but after waiting more than 15 minutes for the 2 pix to be uploaded and after I had clicked on 'Done', the pix didn't appear in this post! I am giving up and going to bed now.
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