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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Used A Public Pay Phone Today

For the first time in almost a decade, I used a public pay phone today. The Hotlink for my handphone had expired and my ever-busy hubby hadn't reloaded it for me. After church today, we waited for over an hour for him to pick us up. My 2 older gals were jumping about and running everywhere in the church. They were complaining that they were hungry and each of them ate 2 packets of London Swiss roll cake that the Sunday School teachers gave them. Baby C was fussing as she was hungry and sleepy too. I sat on a pew at the back of the church, covered myself with my scarf and nursed her to sleep. Almost everyone had gone home. I was fuming mad with hubby for forgetting to pick us up. When there was still no sight of him and the church caretakers were locking up, I borrowed some coins from the kind caretaker to make a phone call to hubby using the pay-phone. He finally came... and I berated him. One of the things that I absolutely hate most is waiting, especially for my hubs who has a habit of making me wait for him from day one of our pak tor days. Haiz.... Mad day for me today. Mad with my careless maid, mad with my 2 older gals who didn't want to nap and kept screaming, slamming doors and jolting Baby C up from her nap and mad with my ever-busy hubby.... haiz, haiz..... I am going mad soon!
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