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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Long School Holidays

Today is the first day of the long school holidays. I am getting the jitters coz I will have 2 rambunctious brats with me at home 24/7, badgering me for things all the time, especially Sherilyn, my little Miss Whiny. I can’t blame them coz any kid would get bored being cooped up at home for 1.5 months. How nice it would be if we had the money to bring the kids for some Disney vacations in Orlando. I’ll bet I’ll get no whining and fussing from the kids but only laughter and cooperation with me all the time.

These are pix of my little Miss Whiny, who got so sleepy and tired after whining and crying for an hour... that she fell asleep on the floor, with half her head on the mattress lol!

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