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Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Streamyx Is Finally Up Again....

.... after 11 long and agonizing days! That's how inefficient our TM Net is, as expected and this is not the first time I suffer as a result of their inefficiency. The last time hubby changed owner in our fixed phone line, my streamyx connection was down for 8 days... and that also I had to call them once every 2-3 hours, every day for 8 days to breathe down their lazy necks. Had it not been me being a pain in their lazy necks, I think they will take forever to get the Streamyx up again.

Anyway, the feeling I had when I got back my Streamyx was one of ecstatic and relief. It felt as if I hadn't eaten for 11 days and could finally eat. It just felt great to be able to refresh my screen, save a document, upload pix, etc. without getting an error message or having to wait for 15 minutes or more to get to a website. However, I could hardly find the time to blog during the day as I still have some unpacking to do. Baby C is also still purging and I have to wash her bum like 10 times a day.... after each poopie business and after she had wet her diapers coz her diaper area is so sore and it's best that I wash it clean to prevent the area from getting sore further and to prevent nappy rash. The only time I can blog is at night, when my 3 monkeys are all fast asleep. Ahh.... what bliss to be able to blog in peace!
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