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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stubborn Maid

My maid made me fuming mad this morning. As usual we were all rushing to go to church. After bathing Baby C, I put her in her crib and told my maid to watch over her whilst I had a quick shower. I told her not to do anything but to watch over Baby C as I would be done with my shower in a few minutes. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw Sherilyn on a stool, bending over with half her body inside the crib. My maid was bathing Alycia and left Baby C all alone in the crib and asked Sherilyn to 'jaga' (supervise) Baby C. I was irate. My maid has a irritating habit of not listening to what we say and doing things her own way. I was yelling at her coz she had disobeyed me again and she had asked a 3.5 year old toddler to look after Baby C! This is the second time today she asked my 2 older gals to jaga Baby C.

Early this morning, I was busy with something and asked my maid to watch over Baby C. Guess what? She put Baby C on Alycia's bed and asked Alycia to carry her whilst she went to fix the 2 gals milk! I only realized it when Sherilyn came to me and told me "mummy, baby is playing on cheh cheh's bed." I almost flipped when I saw Alycia carrying her on the bed! Maids... you can't live with them, yet can't live with one, sigh.....
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