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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Treating Baby C Like A Doll

Sometimes Alycia and Sherilyn would treat Baby C like a doll. They would hug her tightly, kiss Baby C's face till it's all sloppy with their saliva... yucks!... doll her up and they (especially Alycia) would always insist on carrying Baby C. The other day whilst playing, Alycia insisted on putting her hat on Baby C. I stopped her as the hat was obviously too big for baby's head and was covering her face and eyes. I told Alycia that baby will not be able to see with her eyes covered by the hat and will hit her head on the cold hard floor but she still insisted on putting the hat on baby for she wanted to have a good laugh!

Whilst the 2 cheh chehs had a good laugh at Baby C wearing the enormous hat, Baby C didn't quite like the idea of being monkeyed around and fussed, almost on the verge of crying....

Baby C on the verge of crying here...

BTW, notice Sherilyn wearing the colorful bangles on her hand? Daddy bought them at the Baby Loft shop 2 weeks ago and both the gals (esp Sherilyn) have been wearing them everyday... the whole day - to school, to sleep, to eat! See how vain they are!

Baby C had her first major fall yesterday. Read about it in my health blog.
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