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Thursday, November 27, 2008

What A Day

The only time I can blog is when my 3 monkeys are asleep. Now, Baby C is finally asleep after my maid and I spent almost an hour to feed her 2ml of antibiotics, only to have her puke them out, then I had to feed her the meds again. My mil has taken my 2 older gals out for dinner. Ah bliss.... I love this moment of silence and peace. So quiet and tranquil. I can rest my throat for a short while as I've been yelling at my 2 older gals the whole day and singing and pacifying Baby C. I am now having a headache... caused by stress.... stress because Alycia had a big time meltdown this morning and I almost slapped her (managed to whack her arms)... ah guilty. Headache because Baby C kept puking the antibiotics. I tried it and it's bitter and I felt like puking too. My poor baby. I feel so much heartache seeing what she has to go through.

For 2 nights straight, I had to call my paed to ask him what to do as Baby C kept puking the meds. I finally managed to force it down her throat with some yoghurt. I called my paed again just now and asked him if it's ok to feed antibiotics with yoghurt and he said ok. Ok meh? Yoghurt has life good bacteria and I thought antibiotics cannot go with milk? But my paed said it's ok. I am totally lost for ideas as I've tried everything from grape juice to peach juice, apple juice, pear juice, teething rusk, baby carrots, barley water and only yoghurt does the trick and that also Baby C puked after I had finished feeding her the meds. But at least she could still swallow the meds with yoghurt. Sigh.....
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