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Thursday, November 20, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

Things ain't going too smoothly for me lately. Everything seems to go wrong and all the unpleasant things seem to come pouring together simultaneously. When Baby C was admitted to the hospital last week, we went to Pantai Medical Center as this hospital is under our insurer's panel. However, an hour later, we were informed by the hospital that our application for the particular claim had been declined by the insurers. Our insurance agent later informed us that all our claims related to Baby C's UTI will NOT be borne by them as her UTI is caused by Kidney Reflux, which is considered a congenital disorder. Congenital disorders will not be covered by any insurers. I was really disappointed and felt cheated coz when our application was approved a few months ago, our insurance agent informed us that there wasn't any exclusion on her claims. Now, they are telling us that they are not bearing our claims. Sigh.... this would mean extra burden on hubby.

Baby C has been admitted thrice for UTI and each hospitalization cost over RM1,500. I am just hoping and praying hard that Baby C does not require surgery coz her surgery is a very costly one. But looking at her situation, I think surgery is most likely needed. If she gets a few more UTI attacks within the next few months, a surgery to correct her urinary tract is the best solution and the doctor suggested the surgery to be done after her first birthday, if she doesn't outgrow the Kidney Reflux. I wonder if there's ever light at the end of the tunnel....
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