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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Gifts From Hong Kong Disneyland

These are some of the gifts that Alycia and Sherilyn received from their koo mar during their recent trip to Hong Kong Disneyland:

Princess math flash cards,

Marie The Cat writing pad each for Alycia and Sherilyn

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse remote control car,

More stickers, a pack of card game,

Mickey Mouse pens.

Alycia and Sherilyn are really lucky hor? I wish I too had a koo mar who would shower me generously with gifts all the time!

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Maid Dropped My Birthday Cake On The Car Floor!

Hubby got me this blueberry cheese birthday cake from PJ Hilton when we went to Genji Japanese Restaurant for lunch yesterday. After lunch, we stopped by a nearby mini mart to shop for groceries. Just as my maid was about to alight from the car, she dropped the cake on the car floor.... aiyoh!! I'd not even seen the cake yet and that lady dropped it and we all heard a loud 'thud' sound. My hubby was fuming mad. She's been making far too many mistakes lately and always infuriating us with her disobedience. He hurriedly opened the box containing the cake only to find that most of the fruits and chocolate decor on the cake had fallen off the cake onto the box. One side of the cake got stuck to the box o_O! My hubby quickly separated the cake from the box and quickly tried to salvage the cake. Luckily the cake wasn't smashed but the wordings on the piece of white chocolate had smeared completely. When we got home, hubby spent another 15 minutes fixing the cake and reattached all the chocolate pieces to the sides of the cake and tried to 'straighten' the cake, haiz.....

My disfigured blueberry cheese birthday cake. And don't be fooled, I'm not 30 years old. I'm much older than that. Those candles were there just for Alycia and Sherilyn to blow!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby C Loves Bread

Baby C is just like me, a min pau por (bread lover). If I allow her to choose between biscuits and bread, she will definitely take the latter. Sherilyn is also another bread lover while Alycia is a fan thoong (rice lover). When we had lunch at the Sudu Coffee House @ Hilton Sentral Hotel last Sunday, we kept Baby C still with the buns and Meiji plain crackers (which she did not really eat as the crackers were a tad too hard for my toothless baby) from the buffet counter. She chomped down 1 medium size plain bun on her own!

Baby C will go crazily greedy if I allow her to hold a bun or a slice of bread for she will chuck everything into her mouth and then choke on them!

Check out the video of Baby C calling "cheh cheh" HERE.

Simple High Protein High Fibre Dinner

When Alycia and Sherilyn were in Hong Kong last week, I had very simple meals everyday, lunch and dinner. For lunch, I simply tar pau lunch back when I went jogging in the morning or have toasts. For dinner, I either steam or fry a fish and stir-fried a veggie. But when the girls are around, I have to cook according to what they like. It's never easy coz Sherilyn would ALWAYS want noodles and Alycia wants rice with chicken.

This is one of my dinners when the 2 older girls were away last week :

Homemade pork chop and stir-fried por choy veggie, minus the rice. I never eat rice. Following high-protein, low-carb diet to stay slim mah! I made pork chops enough for 2 meals and ate them for 2 days straight so that I didn't have to cook the next day!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gurney Drive @ Gardens, Mid Valley

We had lunch at Gurney Drive Restaurant @ Gardens, Mid Valley the other day. Gurney Drive offers local hawker delicacies from Penang at almost double or triple the price of the ones sold at hawker stalls. What you get in return for the pricey food are a very clean and comfortable restaurant with a nice view of KL. But the taste of the food? I was really disappointed with not only the taste of almost everything that we ordered. I was also mad that the bak kut teh that I had ordered never arrived. When I asked the waiter, he said he had forgotten to take down our order o_o! As we had already spent over an hour at the restaurant and were disappointed with the food, we left the restaurant and I later had a double cheese burger from McD which I likey!

Kangkong with sotong - run-of-the-mill, nothing to shout about. I prefer the ones sold at hawker centers.

Nasi lemak - satisfactory.

Satay - satisfactory taste. But that's not really what we ordered. The hubs ordered half a dozen of beef satay and half a dozen of chicken satay but only 3 sticks of each variety came!

Popiah - nothing to shout about. The popiah sold at the pasar malam at Taman Desa tastes much better.

Char koay teow - the one served at Little Penang Cafe at Mid Valley Megamall tastes better.

I think it will be our second and our last visit to Gurney Drive @ Gardens. The next time we will go to the actual Gurney Drive in Penang!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby C Keeps Talking

Baby C loves books. Ever since I dug out one of Alycia's first books (which is a hard cover tiny book on fruits and vegetables) last week and gave it to her, she has been flipping and 'reading' the book with much interest. Today Baby C tried to say the word strawberry when I read to her. She kept saying "ta bear yee" and the next moment she said "bear yee". She also said "pear" and "papa" (papaya). She could also point to her biscuits and say "ket". I hope my sweetiepie will start to talk in no time and can join her 2 doting cheh chehs in their conversation!

Baby C trying to talk on the phone.

My sweetiepie's favorite item- the phone.

Disney Stickers

Here are some of the stickers that Alycia and Sherilyn got from their recent trip to Hong Kong Disneyland:

You'll be amazed to see their collection of stickers. The stickers that I had collected all my life as a young girl are no where near their collection. I would have gone crazy over these stickers 20-30 years ago, though I have to admit that I still love stickers :S

Blessed With A Youthful Look

When I was at the gym of our condo a few months back, a man in his fifties who was working out on the treadmill next to mine struck a conversation with me. When he asked me if I was still studying and staying with my parents at the condo, I wanted to burst out laughing! When I told him that I had 3 kids, the man was in total disbelieve. He went “What? You have 3 kids? No joke? If you didn’t tell me, I thought you are still a student!” I tell you, this man’s remarks really made my day, woo hoo! Thanks to my parents’ ‘young-looking genes', many people have been commenting that I look very young and can even pass off as a student, definitely no where near a woman who is in her mid thirties. This is one of the great gifts God has given me and I am thankful that I don’t need botox or the best HGH to help me look youthful.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alycia's Sudden Love For Math

Alycia astonished me yesterday when my daughter who didn't seem to have interest in Math previously asked me to practise doing equations with her. Ever since she mastered the skill of doing mental addition about 2 months back, she's been very proud of her achievement. But yesterday, I don't know what piqued her sudden interest in Math as she kept asking me to set equations for her. First I set some additions for her, then some subtractions. She's still quite confused with her subtraction though. Sometimes she would also get confused with the plus and minus sign.

I put the bigger number in my head, then show 3 fingers... so ten plus three is..... ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen!

Busy doing her additions.

Today she asked me for more equations! Woohoo.... whenever I hear Alycia asking me to do Math with her, I tell you, that's like music to my ears! And she's getting better and better each day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Girls Are Really Lucky

Alycia and Sherilyn are really lucky girls, a hundred times luckier than me when I was young. Not only are they loved dearly by daddy and mummy, they have doting grandparents and aunts who constantly shower them with gifts. See these hair accessories? My sil bought them for Sherilyn in Hong Kong Disneyland recently as my princess wannabe is obsessed with hair accessories. These hair accessories from Hong Kong Disneyland ain’t cheap but this did not stop my generous sil from splurging on them for my princess wannabe. I wished I had such a generous koo mar too who would buy me almost everything that I desire, including a commercial real estate!

Cute stuff from Disneyland...

These hair elastics have a different Princess picture printed on each of them.

I like this best. They are really pretty eh?

Keeping Baby C Still During Diaper Times

I always have toys and other stuff lined up readily on my bed all the time for Baby C to play with coz my sweetiepie can never lie still when I change her diaper, except when she's in a deep sleep. Here's a typical diaper changing moment:

... a phone in one hand and a colorful rattle on the other hand. There were a couple of times that Baby C moved and flipped too much that I could not fasten her diaper at all... and my back hurt like hell from bending it... and I just smacked her on her butt! When she bawled, my heart melted again and I gave her a hug and sayang her again! This mummy's heart will surely melt whenever her sweetiepie cries. I spoil her too much eh?

Pureen Baby Biscuits

I got my sweetiepie a box of Pureen baby biscuits from Jaya Jusco the other day. I was a tad skeptical she would like it as my baby is quite selective when it comes to food, particularly anything that is sweet. Thank goodness my sweetiepie loves the baby biscuits. In fact, even my 2 older girls and I like them as they are really crunchy and taste good too.

The Pureen baby biscuits are made in Italy and are enriched with DHA. It cost around RM14+ a box.

I have the most success with biscuits to keep my sweetiepie still on her highchair during mealtimes, though the aftermath is really messssy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Keeping Baby C Still On Her Highchair During Mealtimes

Baby C can never sit still during her mealtimes. If there's nothing to entertain her or to distract her, she will stand and wriggle her way out from the seat belt and climb onto the table attached to her highchair... and this happens everyday, at every meal! I guess most babies are like this too, right? Is your baby like this too or is mine hyperactive?

Other than flashing cards to her, I keep her still like this :

By giving her a teething rusk to nibble on....

and to let her feed herself with an organic cereal bar. She recently discovered how to pick up her food with her fingers and boy does she love putting the food into her mouth, instead of being fed by mummy or kakak.

But how I hate the aftermath of this.... it's super messy with crumbs strewn everywhere on the table, floor, her chair and on her hair!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Video Of Baby C Giggling

Last night I finally managed to capture on video Baby C giggling when she saw the picture of her 2 sisters on the computer. I had actually captured her on video giggling loudly 2 days ago but when I downloaded it, my maid's laughter and voice overshadowed Baby C's. All that I could hear was my maid laughing and talking loudly... haiz, she spoilt the entire video.


Baby C And Alycia Cheh Cheh

Here's Alycia doing her homework in my bedroom. Eversince we lent our baby cot to one of our relatives, we have been unable to put Baby C into the cot and let her watch TV in the bedroom while I have my shower. So I now get Alycia to entertain her baby sister in my bedroom while I have my shower. The sight of Alycia and Sherilyn never fails to put a smile on baby's face. Alycia and Sherilyn don't have to do much to entertain Baby C. Baby C will self entertain herself and giggle by herself just by looking at her 2 cheh chehs play and talk. Baby finds her 2 cheh chehs really entertaining, amusing her with their antics, laughs and sometimes ruckus.

This is a slice of bamboo charcoal bread with yam kaya. According to the maker of the bread, this bread can detoxify your body! Check out my other blog to find out where you can get this bread and kaya.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dinner At Iketeru @ Hilton Sentral Hotel

We had a pretty late check-in at Hilton Sentral Hotel KL on Friday night, at around 9ish pm. After checking in, we went to Iketeru Japanese Restaurant, a fine dine Japanese restaurant with beautiful interior and landscape and great food. After a big hoo ha over no short pants allowed into the restaurant on a week day, we finally got in. You see, when the hubs made the reservation earlier, he wasn't informed by the reservations staff of the hotel about the no short pants dress code on week days. It's clearly the fault of the hotel for not informing us.

Anyway after the big hoo ha, we finally got inside and ordered our food. Since there were only 2 adults dining, we got a 50% rebate off the total bill as the hubs is a member of the Hilton Privilege Club. It's a rare occasion that we got to eat together, just the both of us. So the hubs ordered a delectable, sumptuous set consisting of:

Appetizer consisting of baby lobster (in yellow cup), scallops, Edamame beans and can't tell what that brown meat is in that little blue plate...

A sumptuous stir-fried lobster...



Kobe beef, one of the world's most expensive beef...

Clear soup served in a Japanese teapot and cup set....

And black sesame ice-cream with fruit cocktail as dessert.

It was a very sumptuous dinner but I didn't eat much since I already had my dinner at home earlier. Total bill was close to RM400 before the 50% rebate.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Tickles My Sweetiepie

Guess what is tickling my sweetiepie here?












Pictures of her 2 doting cheh chehs! I kid you not. When I was looking at the pix of Alycia and Sherilyn taken at Disneyland HK on my PC this afternoon, Baby C who was having her porridge saw the pix and she burst out in loud giggles and said "cheh cheh" while pointing to the PC!! Those giggles were so sweet and cute, as if someone was tickling her. My sweetiepie never fails to giggle whenever she sees pix of her 2 cheh cheh on the PC. I must try to capture her giggling on video one day!