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Monday, August 31, 2009

Lunch At Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant @ Chulia Lane, Penang

The first place that the hubs targetted the moment we arrived in Penang last week was his favorite Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant at Chulia Lane, which he has been patronizing since he was a small kid. Established in 1941 just before the Japanese Occupation, this very old Hainanese restaurant is now stepping into its second half of a century, and is now run by the second generation. This restaurant offers a collective variety of food ranging from Straits Chinese and Hainanese cuisine to Baba Nyonya delicacies.

Here are the dishes that we ordered (for you to salivate hehe...):

Stewed pork with salted fish and chillies

Fried chicken with black sauce

Deep fried Lobak

Fried prawns with assam and chicken feet kerabu

Assam 'tau tai chong' (pomfret) fish
This is by far the 'bestest' assam fish I've ever tasted. The fish is really fresh and has not the slightest taste of fishy odor... and the serving is huge and enough to satiate everyone.

We also ordered a stir-fried kailan veggie with chicken breast.

Food for customers seated upstairs are still being brought up using the pulley system in this pre-war shop. If you are seated upstairs, please mind the stairs as the pre-war wooden stairs are really steep and narrow.

All the food was polished off in no time as everyone was feeling really peckish after travelling in the car for about 2 hours. For 5 adults and 2 kids eating, the bill was only RM140, inclusive of drinks and rice. We would definitely head back to this restaurant in December when we make our next trip to Penang.

Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant is situated at 2,Chulia Lane 10200 Penang, Malaysia.
Telephone Number : 04-2614786
Business Hours : 10 am to 2pm, 5pm to 8pm.
Resting Day : Alternate Monday
Payment : Cash
Come early to get a parking lot.

This unassuming pre-war restaurant even has a website at http://shingkheangaun.wordpress.com/!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby Loves Feeding Herself

For the past few days, Baby has been very demanding during meal times. She would only eat if she's given the freedom to feed herself.... and she's really enjoying her new found feat, freedom and independance. She does not only want to hold the spoon herself, she does not even want me to hold the bowl for her. She wants to eat like an adult!

Sweet taste of freedom and independance....

But half the food goes into her mouth and half is splattered everywhere. Post meal-times are really, really messy, everywhere.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

What We Have Been Up To

We are now back in Ipoh at my parents'. We were on the road for almost the entire afternoon yesterday. The hubs, a foodie, drove round Penang to get the 'bestest' Penang food - to Lorong Selamat to get a few packets of 'kar liu' (extra ingredients) char koay teow, to Air Itam to get a few packets of assam laksa, to Macalister Street to get the famous yam cake with dried shrimp floss, to Jalan Burmah to get a few boxes of Him Heang tambun biscuits and I got to gorge on my favorite sweet corn-banana-coconut apam from the man who sold them on his tricycle cart at Jalan Burmah.

After we checked out from the hotel, we took the gals on a ferry ride to cross over from Penang to Butterworth. It was their first ever ride on a ferry and boat. Then we stopped at the Auto City @ Juru and had a very late lunch at around 3pm. After lunch, we drove to St. Anne's Church at Bukit Mertajam again. This time, it was to offer thanks to St. Anne. 3 months ago when Baby was just discharged from the hospital after undergoing 2 major surgeries, we were there to seek help from St. Anne for Baby to be healed from kidney reflux. This time, we were there to offer thanks as Baby has been confirmed free from kidney reflux after the MCUG scan on Thursday! Praise the Lord!

We reached Ipoh at 6:30pm and after settling down, we reheated all the food that we had packed from Penang and had a very satisfying dinner of good old Penang hawkers' food at the comforts of our own home, minus the sweat, dust, fumes and stench from the drains and bustling roads.

The hubs has now gone out to town to pack a long list of Ipoh hawkers' food for his mum and relatives back in KL. There's going to be another binging session today! Thank God I haven't gained a pound though I've been gorging on quite a bit of carbs for the past few days and have not got the time to exercise for 2 days. I finally managed to run for 35 minutes today and I better work-out longer tomorrow to run away the calories that I've piled up.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Enough Is Enough

I have had enough of my maid. Throughout our time together in Ipoh and Penang for the past 3 days, she's been getting on my nerves. I can still tolerate it each time she disobeys me and does things however way she wants, despite me telling her not to.

Yesterday, Sherilyn was happily watching TV in the hotel room when she came and sat next to her, snatched the remote control that she was holding and switched channels. Did I tell you she's hooked on the TV? Another long story to tell on that. She got reprimanded. Next, we had bought a packet of peanuts for the gals to feed monkeys at Botanical Garden. Instead, this control freak clung on to the peanuts and fed monkeys herself. When the gals asked for peanuts, she refused to give. Next, in the car when Alycia wanted to look at a brochure on the Toys Museum, she also refused to give Alycia and was happily looking at the brochure herself. She even had the cheek to chide off Alycia and created a stupid excuse so that Alycia didn't get to see the brochure. The hubs and I were really pissed off with her. All these I can still close one eye and forgive her.

I got so steaming mad with her just now when she hit Baby's hand. She thought I was in the toilet and she gave Baby a monstrous expression on her face, snatched the plastic bag that Baby grabbed and hit her hand. That, I cannot accept. Who is she to hit my Baby? That was not the first time. I had caught her many times giving Baby a hideous and spiteful expression on her face and tried to hit Baby on the hand. But when she realized that I was standing behind her, she turned 360 degrees and pretended to play with Baby.

I now feel like I am keeping a time bomb waiting to explode in my house. I no longer trust her and she gets on everyone's nerves all the time, including my 2 older gals. This is really straining my relationship with her and it's really bad for me as well as for her. If I send her back to the agent, I'm not sure if I can cope without a maid. Moreover, my mil will be away overseas for more than a month soon. Her contract will only expire in April next year. If we decide to get another maid, it would probably take another half a year for the new maid to arrive. Long sigh..... should I keep her or send her back?


I am now all alone in the hotel with Baby, sitting at the hotel office furniture blogging and surfing the net. My parents and hubby have brought Alycia and Sherilyn to Kek Lok Si in Penang for sight-seeing and shopping. Also for them to indulge in the famous Assam Laksa. I decided to stay back in the room as Baby had dozed off. She skipped her nap yesterday and woke up pretty early this morning. I am also a tad worried that she would give me a big unwanted surprise later when we are out shopping as she has not pooped for 2 days. If she still does not poo poo later, I will get our surgeon to give her an enema when we see him in the afternoon. I am feeling really anxious now. Anxious of the whole traumatic procedure that Baby would be going through again later and most of all, anxious of the results of the scan.

Outgrowing Her Shoes Real Fast

Alycia is outgrowing her shoes at an unbelievable rapid rate. Apart from her Crocs which she wears to pre-school everyday, all her shoes are worn less than 20 times, some are even never worn. She is lucky that she has aunts and grandparents who keep buying her shoes but the problem with her is that she is quite picky on her choice of shoes. My mil bought her a pair of white Zara Kids shoes that look like ballerina shoes last year. The shoes were a tad oversized for her then. Recently when I dug out the pair of shoes and asked her to wear them, she refused to. She not only dislikes ballet, she even dislikes shoes that look like her old ballet shoes! It looks as if I have to bring her shopping to get her a new pair of shoes. There ain't many brands of kids' shoes that are nice and priced affordably here. Perhaps I should ask my friend from the U.S. to help me get Alycia a nice pair of MBT shoes when she visits me.

Monday, August 24, 2009

If Only She Would Drink From A Cup

I was at Babyland the other day to get Baby a 3-in-1 cup, i.e. a cup that comes with a spout, a straw and a teat. There were so many brands of 3-in-1 cup that I didn't know which one to buy. Initially I chose a Tommy Tippee cup and that cup was almost RM40. When I was about to pay, I changed my mind and got a Pureen cup instead, which cost way cheaper. I just had a hunch that Baby would resist using the teat, spout and straw (as I had tried in vain to feed her with those countless times) and I didn't want the expensive cup to go to waste.

I was right. When I let Baby use the cup with the straw, teat and spout, all she did was played with the cup, shoke the cup as if it was her new toy and spilled water everywhere. It was back to square one and I ended up spoon feeding her again, looooooong sigh......

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Delicious Lunch At Delicous @ Bangsar Village

We had lunch at Delicious @ Bangsar Village today. Here're what we had:

Beef lasagne - tasty but the portion is a tad too big. A small eater like me will surely get jai (stuffed) easily after digging on only half of this rich and cheesy delight.

Salmon quiche - also too big a portion for a small eater. Though tasty, this is another creamy, eggy and cheesy dish that would make you go real jai very easily.

Seafood linguine for the gals.

Hubby's breakfast set

Spaghetti Carbonara for the gals.

My warm Mediterranean chicken salad with avocado.

Flour-free orange cake with coconut - very delicious and not too sweet, just perfect for a health freak cake lover like me. I ditched the fattening cream.

Chocolate brioche - I find it too starchy, too chocolaty, sweet and creamy.... an empty calorie dessert that is really fei sei lor (darn fattening)!

Hubby also ordered 2 scones with cream and strawberry jam, a tray of warm and delicious croissants with yummy marmalade jam which were polished off in a flash and 2 scoops of vanilla ice-creams.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Terrified Of Green Ant

Baby is absolutely terrified of a remote-controlled green ant that can move forward and backward like a robot and emit robotic sounds. Daddy bought it for her about a year ago thinking that she would like a toy that can move and emit sounds. But she was petrified of the green ant, so much so that we kept it inside the highest cupboard. Recently we fished it out and showed it to her and she's still terrified of it. If she's left on the floor and sees the green ant walking, she would scream and run like a headless chicken... which would send all of us in a loud guffaw! How cruel hor? But it's really, really funny. I should video it one day.

Baby loves banging on my computer keyboard. Though warned dunno how many umpteen times not to touch my keyboard, she would still hit it. Oh well, toddlers her age are all defiant and they love to test our patience, don't they? Aly and Sher were like that too and still are now!

Anyway, to prevent Baby from going near my computer, all I have to do is to place the green ant near my computer table muahahahahaha! And these days, to stop her from going into our rooms when we are outside, all we have to say is "Baby, don't go there. Green ant is there! Green ant, green ant there ooooor...." and she'll run out like a headless chicken, muahahahah!

Yet Another Doodle Pro

I bought Baby a travel-size Fisher-Price Doodle Pro last week. That was the 4th time I bought a Doodle Pro for my gals and I find that the Doodle is one of the best toys for a toddler. Your toddler can practise her writing and drawing skills while her imagination is being stoked. Plus the Doodle is totally mess and stain free. We used to have 2 huge Magna Doodles with magnetic shapes, stencils and colorful washable markers but they were all spoilt. No prize for guessing who spoilt them, I'm sure you know who spoilt them right?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Would You Bring Your Kids For A Holiday Or Shopping At The Mall Now?

569 number of confirmed H1N1 cases in a day ain't no joke. One of the deaths recently involved a pregnant woman who was 34 weeks pregnant. Her fetus did not survive either. Oh my, the number of people infected with A and the number of deaths are really disturbing.

The hubs and I are not taking any chances and we will not be bringing Alycia and Sherilyn along with us to Penang during the school holidays. We will have to cancel the hotel room that we have earlier booked for 2 nights. The gals will still follow us back to Ipoh and will stay at my parents. The hubs and I will travel to Penang with only Baby. Baby is scheduled for an MCUG scan next week at a private hospital in Penang to see if she still has Kidney Reflux after the Ureteral Reimplantation surgery in May this year. I will try to put on a face mask on Baby when we are in the hospital, especially at the pediatric ward. I know she will surely pull the mask off but it's worth a try.

The hubs is so concerned of the A pandemic that he is even reluctant to bring the gals out to the mini market or the pasar malam at our neighborhood. He even suggested that the gals stay home and avoid going to pre-school. We will most likely not even attend church this Sunday since Baby is still having a cough and a slight runny nose. Sherilyn got bitten by the virulent cold bug and she's now having the sniffles too. The hubs is not spared and got bitten as well. He's now sleeping in a separate room.

The holiday in Penang that the gals and I have waited for 3 months will not materialize afterall, sigh.... I am a tad disappointed that our holiday has to be shelved. But the gals ain't really upset as they can stay with koong koong and granny, their ever-indulgent grandparents who spoil them to bits. We were planning to stay at a beach resort at Batu Ferringhi and the gals were so looking forward to it. I hope our holiday at a beach resort in Penang can materialize during the December school holidays. This time, the hubs and I are targetting the new Hard Rock Hotel at Batu Ferringhi. This hotel will only open its doors in September. We passed by this hotel when we were up in Penang recently. It's huge and it's awesome. I heard they are now having a limited-time-only promotion and the room rate for a hillview deluxe room is less than RM400 and this price is really a steal for such a grand hotel at the popular Batu Ferringhi tourist area.

Are you as paranoid as me as well? Have you cancelled any of your holiday or shopping plans? If you were me, would you bring your kids along to Penang during the school holidays?

Kids Sleep The Wierdest Ways

We were out last Saturday afternoon to send Sherilyn to her ballet school and thereafter to the organic shop and lightings shop. It was a hot and sunny afternoon, a weather that would make anyone feel weary and tired. When we reached home, Alycia quietly went into her room without a word, which was very unlike her. I was busy with Baby. When I called out to Alycia later, there was no answer and I knew she must've dozed off. She took me by surprise when I found her lying on the floor face down, hah! I think she was so frazzled that she plopped on the floor in her room and dozed off right away.... and there were 2 surfing boards beneath her!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Homemade Sushi For The Kids

My 2 gals often pester the hubs and their mah mah to bring them to the Japanese restaurant located at our condo for a treat of sushi, California roll or fried udon. So last week, my mil made some sushi and California rolls for them and they were really yummy. My mil even went all out to make her own 'char siew' for the sushi!

Needless to say, Alycia and Sherilyn loved the sushi and California rolls. Even Sherilyn who dislikes rice whacked the sushis in a jiffy!

The homemade char siew that my mil made - very yummy!

First, place the sheet of seaweed on the Japanese bamboo mat. Then lay the cooked Japanese rice, char siew, cucumber and fried egg on the bamboo mat. Also squeeze in some Japanese mayonaise. Actually, you can create your own sushi and whack in anything that your kids love. You can also hide some of the food that your kids dislike inside the sushi. My mil did just that the following day after the success of this batch of sushi.... she put steamed pumpkin (which my kids hate) and my gals whacked the sushi without any complaint!

To make the seaweed crispy, you can heat it up on your gas stove for a short while.... but be careful not to burn the thin seaweed.

My mil rolling up the sushi with the bamboo sheet bought from 100 Yen shop....

Bite-size sushi with homemade char siew, cucumbers, fried egg for my fussy and picky eater, Sherilyn....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Alycia's Spelling List

This is the list of words for spelling given by Alycia's pre-school, until end October 09. From 4 words, they are now given 8-10 words. In October, they will be given dictation too. The pre-school is preparing the kids for Standard 1 next year. Quite tough for 5-6 year olds eh?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Baby is having a quite a bad runny nose and a chesty cough with loads of phlegm. Her appetite is down to zilch and only watery stuff gets to go down her throat - breastmilk and soup. Getting her to drink formula milk powder has never been easy even before she had the flu. With the flu now, oh gawd, I really want to pull my hair and scream each time I spoon feed her formula milk. Barb, you saw how I spoon fed her last week right? It took me a frigging 1 hour just to finish off 2 ounces of Pediasure *long sigh*! My maid and I had to bring her outside to show her the pool, let her ride on her jie jie's tricycle and scooter to distract her so that I can quickly shove the spoonfuls of milk into her mouth. I really want to give up doing that!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Here Baby is given all the forbidden things to play with - my handphone, the remote controls and the cordless phone. So whilst she was happily playing with them, I had to hurriedly shove the spoonfuls of milk into her mouth! But it ain't easy though coz her nose is blocked and she's breathing through her mouth and feeding her too quickly will only cause her to choke and on a few occasions, she even puked! I tell you, this is driving me up the wall and it's frigging tiring and stressful!

My poor little sick kitten with watery eyes, red lips and watery nose.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I had Visitors

I had some visitors at my place on Saturday. This Miss Congeniality who is ever so hark hei, so nice and such a good buddy, who despite feeling weak from taking her meds, came to visit me and brought along gifts for my gals.

Barb with Baby, the ever cheeky and sociable Ashley and Sherilyn.

As expected, Ashley and Sherilyn, the 2 Social Butterflies hit it off instantly and were playing with each other like long-time buddies while Barb and I yakked and yakked. Baby who initially cried when she saw Barb, got along really well with Barb after she had warmed up to that warm lady, kept tugging at Barb and allowed Barb to carry her.

While we were all busy yakking and the kids playing, Baby was busy looking at the cheese cake, hoping to dig her fingers on it.

Recognize the Bumbo boys? At one glance, they really do look alike but at a closer look, they look different. Thanks once again Chin Nee for baking the chocolate fairy cup cakes. I wonder how you manage with your plate full to the brim! You're a supermom!

And this lovely gift for Baby is from Elaine. Barb passed it to me. Thanks very much for thinking of Baby. Would love to have you coming to my place one day. I'm very sure Amber will enjoy herself playing with her new friends and new toys.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Red Bean Paste Ice-Cubes

My mil made a big pot of red bean-mung bean tong sui the other day. There was so much that we could not finish it. So we poured the tong sui into ice-cube moulds and dumped the moulds into the freezer. Now we are enjoying our homemade sugar-reduced red bean-mung bean ice potong. Alycia who loves eating anything that is chilled and cold has been helping herself to these flavored and chewable ice-cubes almost everyday as dessert after her meals!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bye-Bye Porridge

For the past one week or so, it's been a torture for Baby each time she's fed with porridge. Though there's a little Bragg's Amino Acid (a sauce that's similar to soy sauce) added to her porridge, she's still not very much interested in her porridge. She has also lost interest in hard boiled eggs or fried eggs, something which she used to like. Several days ago, my mil made some tomato omelette and I gave some to Baby. Gee, she loved it and my oh my was I glad!! I am always glad when Baby loves her food coz I am still a tad obsessed with her weight. The following day, I cooked tomato omelette for her again and she ate it with much enthusiasm too. Yesterday and today, I made her scrambled eggs (with fresh milk and butter) and she loves it too. Yesterday, she even ate the fried vermicelli that my mil cooked.... which I'd rinsed with some hot water to get rid of the excess oil, soy sauce and black sauce. I think I can say bye bye to cooking porridge for Baby and start her on adult food.

The tomato omelette that Baby loves.

On another note, I had some visitors to my home today. Stay tuned to find out who came!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Alycia Lost Her First Baby Tooth

Alycia lost her very first tooth 2 days ago. That tooth had been a little shaky for the past 1 month and what yanked the tooth out was the handmade California roll which mah mah made, that Alycia was eating during lunch. You know how hard it is to eat seaweed at times right? She must've pulled the seaweed hard with her front teeth and the force yanked out the shaky tooth. She didn't cry or scream but nonchalantly walked into the wet kitchen where I was making orange juice for her and said "mummy see" and showed me her bloody mouth. I was the one who reacted loudly as I was shocked to see blood haha!

Anyway, I told her that the Tooth Fairy will give her a coin or a Ringgit note when she's asleep. I wrapped the tooth up in a tissue paper and asked her to put it under her pillow. From that moment up until the next day, she and Sherilyn asked me non-stop about the Tooth Fairy - who she is, when will she come, how much money will she give, why will she come, how many times will the Fairy give me money?, will the Fairy give me money if I purposely pull out my teeth (LOL!), etc, etc, etc.... they asked me these questions over and over again, aargh!!

I put a Ringgit note under Alycia's pillow when she was napping in the afternoon. When she woke up and checked under her pillow, she was overjoyed to see the note there. But I sort of got her into trouble. When Alycia woke up, I was inside my room feeding Baby. Alycia happily went to mah mah and announced that the Fairy gave her a Ringgit. My mil was stunned and said "ser mok Fairy, na ni you Fairy, sui tek chean? Mummy gei nee ar? Nee nar wor tek chean ar?" (what Fairy, where got Fairy, whose money? Mummy gave you the money? You took my money?) My mil was quite furious and thought that Alycia had created the story because lately the gals have always been asking us for money for their piggy banks. After interrogating and reprimanding Alycia for a while, my poor girl cried! I quickly got out of the room to clear the air but Alycia was sobbing uncontrollably. Haih, my fault. I should have also told my mil about the Tooth Fairy thingy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dad's Birthday Celebration

We celebrated my dad's birthday in advance at Chong Fatt Chinese Restaurant @ Kuchai Lama last Saturday. Here're what we had:

Cold-Hot Combination Dish

This expensive dish is my all-time favorite Chinese Restaurant dish. Whatever combination goes on the plate, I will surely wallop everything and by the time the next few dishes come, I'll be too stuffed.

Braised fish maw with brocolli and fake abalone

This is another dish that I love as I love fish maw and brocolli.

Steamed prawns in Chinese wine, ginger and wolfberries. Steamed prawns go really well when dipped in chilli sauce.

Steamed hoi pan fish

Everyone commented that the fish meat was a tad tough, so tough that my jaw hurt!

Suckling pig

Sharks' fins soup

I find this soup too starchy and only ate 2 spoonfuls. I don't really fancy eating sharks' fins soup anyway.

Fried rice

Only had a spoonful to try the taste as I eat no rice, especially at night. I try to limit my carbo intake to the minimum in the evening. The fried rice was very tasty and tasted like there were loads of MSG in it!

There was also a fruit platter at the end of the dinner and this set menu cost RM600+.

We got dad a chocolate mudcake from Secret Recipe. I find the cake too creamy and sweet for my liking. The cream was more than the sponge cake, thus made everyone felt really jai after digging in the cake. For those of you who have FB me, you can check out the cake-cutting pic in Facebook.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Handy And Light-Weight Shoe Rack

Do you always run out of space to keep your shoes in the shoe cabinet or storeroom? And how you hate to stack your shoes up on top of another? I've found a cheap solution. Get this handy and cheap shoe rack that's made in Japan from 100 Yen Shop:

Now my storeroom looks so much neater and I can conveniently display more shoes on the shoe rack and not keep them in boxes anymore... and I don't have to waste my time searching for shoes anymore!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby C Eating Toast With Black Sesame Seed Bread Spread

My mum was eating toast with black sesame seed bread spread on Sunday. When Baby saw granny eating the toast, she pointed to the toast to tell us that she wanted to eat too. Granny gave her a bite and to my surprise, she liked it, though the black sesame bread spread was sugar-free. The bread was sugar-free too. And she kept asking for more!

Showing the forefinger's up sign (meaning good!)..... and it was tedious cleaning her mouth and teeth after she was done with the toast.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Bib

We were at Babyland PJ last week to get Baby a 3-in-1 cup (sippy cup, cup with teat and cup with straw) and then I strayed again and got another bib with food catcher to add into my collection of bibs hehe.

I got this bib coz I liked the colors too much...

Here's how the bib will look like when it's buttoned up. Sher used to have a bib like this too with another motif and it lasted her more than 2 years.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Binge Eating Weekend

It's going to be a binge eating weekend for me. My parents from Ipoh will be arriving soon, my brother and sil from Singapore will be arriving soon too. My parents have bought all our favorite Ipoh hawkers' food and we will be having those for lunch. My mil is now making kau cee (dumplings)again and she has also made a pot of red bean-mung bean tong sui. Thinking of all those yummy food is making my tummy rumble.... haha, see this fei por, thinking about food all the time! Tonight, we will be having a sumptuous dinner at a Chinese restaurant to celebrate my dad's birthday in advance. Then there will be a cake-cutting and candle-blowing session. Tomorrow there's another round of eating. Oh boy, I can't even sleep a little longer on Sunday coz I have to wake up early to jog those extra calories away!

How's your weenkend going? If you're going to binge eat too, remember to EXERCISE too hehe!

Friday, August 7, 2009


This is yet another post on my maid. Please don't judge me by passing unkind remarks/comments coz you have not seen what kind of person my maid is and what horrid things she can do and had done to us, especially to my kids. If you do not like to read stories about my maid, you can stop reading now.

Remember my earlier post ranting about the hubs and I facing some problems with our maid agent as the agent's former hubby screwed up our maid's application, lost her passport and did not do a host of other things? Well, I think the agent managed to fix the problem. I also mentioned that for the sake of money, we will just bear with our maid and perhaps renew her contract for another year? Well, everyone in the family have had enough of my maid's nonsense and eccentricity. She is just too stubborn and doesn't want to turn over a new leaf, despite umpteen warnings to her.

This morning just as I was entering the house after my morning jogging session, Sher kept calling me and in her birthday suit, ran out of the bathroom to greet me. The maid ran towards Sher and just when she thought I wasn't looking, she pulled a handful of Sher's hair towards her very roughly, as if she were pulling the wings of a chicken that is running.... and with an evil look on her face (which really sent goosebumps all over my body).... to prevent Sher from running and this made Sher cry out in pain. When I saw that shocking act, I yelled at my maid and guess what? This idiot vehemently and persistently denied pulling Sher's hair! How dare she deny it when I saw it with my own eyes. Our maid has a very terrible and irritating habit of denying all her wrong doings even if we saw her doing them right in front of us. The commotion woke the hubs up from his sleep. He was enraged. He told our maid to get out of the house but I stopped him as there is currently a bunch of Indon workers painting the buidling at our condo. This will only give her the opportunity to elope with one of them. He gave the maid a very good lecture and our maid still mati-mati denied pulling Sher's hair!

Yesterday, the maid almost broke my mil's blood vessel. She has a habit of saying "yah, yah, yah" to all our instructions and most times, doesn't even bother to answer us.... which really infuriates me talking to someone who doesn't respond. After my mil had given her very specific instructions not to wash the peanuts in cold water but to soak them in hot water, to which the maid said "yah, yah, yah", she turned back and washed the peanuts in cold water!

Yesterday, the maid gave me a scare and of course sent my temper hitting the roof when she yanked Baby's bib off her neck causing part of the back of Baby's neck to bleed. The skin at the back of Baby's neck got pinched by the fastener of the hard plastic bib (and the skin came off), and poor Baby wailed out in pain. Until today, Baby is still having phobia of wearing her bib.

We have all had enough of this crazy maid's wierd behaviour and stubborness. I can no longer stand hearing her yell and scold my kids the whole day long as if she were their evil stepmum. I have told her many, many times that if she continues to scold and hit them, the gals will only hate her more but she has turned a deaf ear on my advise. Now we all know why her previous employer's mil hit her. I was on the verge of pulling her hair this morning. We will be sourcing for a replacement though it would mean digging deeper into our pockets.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Homemade Shanghai Dumplings

My mil is a great cook. Lately, she's into making kau cee or Shanghai dumplings and they taste really good.... as good as the ones sold in Chinese restaurants. She's going to make another batch this Saturday coz my parents will be here. If you want to try making them, here are some pix and the recipe (though no specific measurement is used):

Get a packet of wheat cake wrapper. She normally gets this one and it's made in Japan and cost RM6.50 a packet for 24 pieces.

Mix the minced pork with an egg (beaten), some sesame seed oil, pepper, oyster sauce, soy sauce, a dash of brown sugar to taste and some watercress that has been boiled.
To test the taste - steam / microwave a spoonful. Then add further sugar, soy sauce or seasoning to taste before wrapping the meat with the wheat cake wrapper/sheets.

My mil wrapping up the kau cees. She uses a dab of water to seal the sheets.

To cook the kau cees, boil a pot of water and dump the kau cees into the boiling water. When the kau cees float to the surface, they are cooked.

Serve the kau cees hot with finely sliced ginger and black vinegar.