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Sunday, August 2, 2009

All Work And Little Play

Alycia has Ting Xie, Spelling and Ejaan every single week, for the past 5 months. Each day, she has to memorize different words. The number of words for her spelling have increased from a handful to 12 now. On most mornings before she leaves for pre-school, I will go through the Ting Xie / Spelling / Ejaan with her. What boring life for a 5.5-year old kid eh? All work and very little play.... and I even hardly have time to read story books with her now coz the homework load from her pre-school is already taking up all her time.

Here she is practising her Ting Xie just before leaving for school..... with 2 swollen eye lids. Don't know what bit her.... they didn't seem like mozzie bites, maybe some insects or dust mite, I don't know. Her eye lids were swollen for almost a week and now recovering.

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