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Friday, August 14, 2009

Alycia Lost Her First Baby Tooth

Alycia lost her very first tooth 2 days ago. That tooth had been a little shaky for the past 1 month and what yanked the tooth out was the handmade California roll which mah mah made, that Alycia was eating during lunch. You know how hard it is to eat seaweed at times right? She must've pulled the seaweed hard with her front teeth and the force yanked out the shaky tooth. She didn't cry or scream but nonchalantly walked into the wet kitchen where I was making orange juice for her and said "mummy see" and showed me her bloody mouth. I was the one who reacted loudly as I was shocked to see blood haha!

Anyway, I told her that the Tooth Fairy will give her a coin or a Ringgit note when she's asleep. I wrapped the tooth up in a tissue paper and asked her to put it under her pillow. From that moment up until the next day, she and Sherilyn asked me non-stop about the Tooth Fairy - who she is, when will she come, how much money will she give, why will she come, how many times will the Fairy give me money?, will the Fairy give me money if I purposely pull out my teeth (LOL!), etc, etc, etc.... they asked me these questions over and over again, aargh!!

I put a Ringgit note under Alycia's pillow when she was napping in the afternoon. When she woke up and checked under her pillow, she was overjoyed to see the note there. But I sort of got her into trouble. When Alycia woke up, I was inside my room feeding Baby. Alycia happily went to mah mah and announced that the Fairy gave her a Ringgit. My mil was stunned and said "ser mok Fairy, na ni you Fairy, sui tek chean? Mummy gei nee ar? Nee nar wor tek chean ar?" (what Fairy, where got Fairy, whose money? Mummy gave you the money? You took my money?) My mil was quite furious and thought that Alycia had created the story because lately the gals have always been asking us for money for their piggy banks. After interrogating and reprimanding Alycia for a while, my poor girl cried! I quickly got out of the room to clear the air but Alycia was sobbing uncontrollably. Haih, my fault. I should have also told my mil about the Tooth Fairy thingy!

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